Ladies, A Free Final Four Ticket - With One Catch

How much would you pay for a ticket to the Final Four this weekend? $400? $500? How about not paying a thing? THE WORLD OF ISAAC has uncovered a deal for you cheapskates out there: someone on Craiglist is giving away a free ticket to the games at Ford Field this weekend. But, like anything that’s free, there are a few catches.

Hot Michigan State fans

First, you have to be an MSU fan. Fair enough, but specifically, you have to be a “female hottie.” And, oh yeah, the person giving you the free seat would expect you to do a few things as well. Specifically, he would like you to “spoil me for spoiling you.” He doesn’t specify exactly what he means, but I’m guessing it’s more than a foot rub and treating him to a hot fudge sundae at T.G.I. Friday’s after the game.

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Blog-O-Rama: Rip’s Beard Runnin’ It Amish Style

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC trims up some styling news of Pistons player Rip Hamilton sporting a new Amish look.

Rip Hamilton Amish beard

Dan Patrick’s radio show turns one today, and who better to help celebrate the media milestone than Charles Barkley.

• WITH LEATHER can’t understand why roof surfing hasn’t caught on yet.

• The ANCHORAGE DAILY NEWS reports that Barrow, Alaska - the first town to host a high school football team above the Arctic Circle - is about to host the first high school football playoff game above the Arctic Circle.

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ATTN Shaq’s Kids: Lose The Michael Jax Masks

I’m sad to report that the NBA offseason is rapidly coming to a close, so all the random Shaq attacks are likely to come less frequently.

Shaq's kids breakdancing

WORLD STAR HIP HOP has this innocent, yet kinda creepy video of Shaq and his kids dancing. (video after the jump) Read more…

Rip Hamilton Jersey Owner, Come Into The Light

So sayeth the good Rev. Martez Warren Sr. who recently relaxed the dress code at his church to welcome sports uniforms at service. Reports the FLINT JOURNAL: This was Jersey Sunday, an effort to relax the normal routine, lure young people to church and address the violence hitting the congregation’s northwest Flint neighborhood.

I’m not sure of his views on religion, but when Rip Hamilton uniforms show up at a church service, here’s guessing he approves. Read more…

Rip Has ESPN’s Diaper-Changing Performance

KING CARTOONS has this wonderful graphic recently provided by ESPN detailing a performance by Rip Hamilton:

Flomax Rip Hamilton

(Oh, did we mention, it’s SPONSORED BY FLOMAX)

Game changer? We were actually thinking more along the lines of diaper changer. Those cubicled kids at ESPN need to cook up some graphics for Red Kerr and Heinsohn if they really want market penetration.

Speaking of unwitting endorsers, Mark Murphy of the BOSTON HERALD reports on the pill popper Dr. Feelgood of the Boston Celtics: Coach Doc Rivers. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: What’s To Do Now?

• FIREISIAH.COM has a special message for its faithful visitors:

FireIsiahCom message

• Ever wonder what fried turkey testicles would look like on your dinner plate? Darren Rovell of CNBC is happy to oblige.

• CHRIS OLDS’ SPORTS STUFF finds Danica Patrick’s marketing machine celebrating her first win by offering a commemorative t-shirt, watch, & autographed copies of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

• DETROIT BAD BOYS jogs over news that Rip Hamilton wants to race the Pistons’ trainer.

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Blog-O-Rama: Meet The Australian Allison Stokke

• Move over, Allison Stoke - WITH LEATHER via FAN IQ finds a new pretty pole vaulter that’s raising the bar - awesome Aussie Melanie Adams.

Melanie Adams

• THE BIG LEAD punches up word that the UFC wants you to vote - or else.

Rob Drake trades his chestplate for a laptop, as he blogs about life as an MLB umpire.

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