Mayweather Jr. Hanging Up The Gloves For Good?

Is Floyd Mayweather Jr. stepping out of the boxing ring once and for all?

Floyd Mayweather sombrero

LARRY BROWN SPORTS punches up the announcement the prima donna pugilist published on Friday, in which Floyd says he’s swearing off the squared circle - and he means it this time. Read more…

Biggio Back In Baseball As Son’s H.S. Head Coach

After a career that’s spanned 20 years, it’s hard for Craig Biggio to stay away from the diamond. So the ex-Astros great is coming back to baseball - as head coach for his son’s high school team.

Craig Biggio leaping

(Craig leaps at the chance to become a high school head coach)

The HOUSTON CHRONICLE reports that Biggio is expected to be named head honcho for St. Thomas, a Houston-area private school where his oldest son Conor plays both baseball and football.

For Biggio, he won’t be stepping into an unfamiliar situation - and it’s not like he’s getting a bad team. Read more…

Even Peyton Thinks Brett’s Not Done With the NFL

Even though he already gave his tearful goodbye - enraging conservative radio shrews everywhere - many fans (and blogs) still don’t fully believe that Brett Favre has finally fled the Frozen Tundra once and for all.

Brett Favre Peyton Manning pointing

(“You Da Man!” “No, YOU Da Man!”)

And now you can add one more doubting Thomas to the crowd - or make that, a doubting Peyton. Read more…

World’s Top Women’s Tennis Pro Retires Abruptly

The world’s #1 women’s tennis player, Justine Henin, tossed her racket in her bag for the last time professionally, retiring immediately with a week before the French Open. We can think of numerous reasons to avoid France, but this is rather extreme.

Justine Henin

(And now there is.)

While some may choose to speculate about a Hingis-esque retirement party or a Jordan-like trip to field hockey, we prefer to compare it to yesterday’s news that Annika Sorenstam will be stepping out in her relative prime as well. We believe we’ve tracked down the reason for both women to bail on their respective sports at such an odd time.

Read more…

Sorenstam Feeling Like Favre, Decides To Retire

Annika Sorenstam is packing up her putter & storing away her seven-iron. The golfing giantess announced that she’s retiring from the links, effective at the end of the season.

Annika Sorenstam Brett Favre

During a news conference Tuesday, the 37-year-old Sorenstam said she got the inspiration to complete her career after watching another long-time playing athlete call it quits - Brett Favre: Read more…

Wooo! Congresswoman Moves To Honor Ric Flair

Your tax dollars at work: PRO WRESTLING TORCH slams down news that U.S. Representative Sue Myrick (R-NC) spent time on the congressional floor Tuesday to read a statement honoring the recently retired Ric Flair:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Ric Flair speech without the “WOOO!”, which Myrick happily supplies at the end of her pontification at the podium.

But those that follow pro wrestling know that Flair’s permanent retirement from the ring is about as likely as Brett Favre really bidding a final farewell to football. Just ask Terry Funk.