Nike-Reebok Shoe Feud Leads To Tasered Rapper

Until today, the Shoe Wars were always a metaphor. After all, it’s not like people were literally killed for wearing Nike or Reebok kicks. Or for stompin’ in their A-di-das for that matter. Well, now the shoemakers really have begotten violence, with Cleveland-area rapper Kid Cudi getting himself tasered, according to the blog FAKE TALK, at the All-Star Reebok party on Friday … for trying to wear Jordan brand sneakers on stage.

kid cudi tasered rapper

(The first taser victim on NBA All-Star Weekend: Kid Cudi!)

That’s right, not only is there a rapper named Kid Cudi, he’s dumb enough to think Reebok executives would be cool with him rapping on stage at their party with signature sneakers made by their biggest market competitor. Not a smart cat.

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Snoop Dogg Throws Out The First Pitch In L.A.

Perhaps one of the coolest men to roam the planet, Snoop Dogg, was in Los Angeles the other day to take in a Dodgers game, chat with’s Tara Gore, and throw out the ceremonial first pitch.  The rapper, actor, and friend of LSU’s Les Miles was quite entertaining during his visit and even debuted his new pitch, “The East Side Hook.”

Snoop Dogg First Pitch

During the interview Snoop praised the Manny Ramirez deal, recalled his fondness for some of the old Dodgers, and predicted a Dodgers/Angels “freeway series.”  Check out the interview and the first pitch, conveniently embedded, post-jump.

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