Pole Dancing Mormons Make Push For Olympics

When we last saw the Mormons, they were attempting to murder love. Having succeeded on that, they’ve apparently moved on to more pressing concerns: getting pole dancing into the Olympics.

Pole Dancing Mormons

From CBS 2 in Salt Lake City comes this report of the newest craze to sweep Utah: pole dancing for fitness. If you remember this fad being big a few years ago, you’re right; I like to picture Utah kind of like the Middle East, where it takes about 20 years for pop culture to spread. The new Pat Benatar cassettes are just hitting Tehran now. (Video of Mormon housewives in spandex, at your own risk, after the jump.) Read more…

QB Young Breaks With Mormons On Gay Marriage

Forget Obama vs. McCain. The real battle Tuesday is between Jeff Kent and Steve Young (and, I guess, the thousands of people who would be affected by Proposition 8). The former 49ers quarterback is speaking out against and giving money to defeat the controversial measure that would ban gay marriage in California. Making it even more interesting, he is breaking with the Mormon Church on the issue.

Steve Young

Young is a direct descendant of Brigham Young (I guess technically making him a legacy at BYU) and a very visible member of the LDS church, even starring in Myths & Reality, an informational video on the church. (I could totally embed it, but I wouldn’t ask you to watch a 10-minute video on the Mormons. It’s here, if you really want.) So it’s all the more impressive that he’s willing to go against its official stance for something he believes in. Giordano Bruno was executed for less than that.

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