Brog: My Smoked Meat At Bar Le Stud In Montreal

I know I’ve already gone on n’ on about Montreal’s culinary delights, but Saturday, besides being enraptured by Frank Beckmann’s Michigan-Miami (OH) calls on my rental car Sat radio, I did what most Montrealers do on an idle, early September Samedi:

Montreal Food, Poutine, Smoked Meat Sandwich, Bagel at Bar Le Stud

Watch tennis at Bar Le Stud while gnawing on smoked meat sandwiches and bagels - and polishing it off with some angioplasty-inducing Poutine. Oh yeah, and hang out with SbB Girl Wendy: Read more…

Brog: $15 To Check Any Bag Now? Thanks United!

I’ll keep this short. I’m flying from LAX to Montreal today, and will be in Canada through the weekend with a SbB Girl. We’ll cap the trip by hitting the V Festival on Sunday in Toronto - on my birthday. Happy #29 to me!

SbB Girl Crystal playing hockey in Toronto at Hockey Hall of Fame

(It’ll be SbB’s second visit to Canada and Toronto this weekend)

So check back for pics from our adventures this weekend. Read more…