Mariotti Schadenfreude Attracts Adult Demographic

No surprise that the news of Jay Mariotti’s domestic violence conviction today seems to be appealing to a distinctly adult demographic. (And I don’t mean 25-to-54.)

Porn performer Lisa Ann Tweets about Mariotti conviction

(Nailin’ Jay M.? .. Anyone?)

For some reason though I had her pegged as a Wilbon kinda gal.

James To Post Pix ‘Related’ To Tiger ‘Relationship’

Today former adult film performer Joslyn James posted another email allegedly from Tiger Woods lifelong friend and President of Tiger Woods Design Bryon Bell.

Joslyn James to post photos related to her relationship with Tiger.

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The email, allegedly sent by Bell to James, entails flight arrangements from Seattle to the DC area on the same weekend in 2007 that Woods first played his signature PGA Tour event, the AT&T National at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD.

Here’s a release about those 2007 weekend festivities from AT&T, a company that has since dropped its sponsorship of the golfer.

The email is similar to a communication posted by James allegedly from Bell that included a flight to Charlotte for the former adult film performer on the same weekend in 2007 that Woods was playing a PGA Tour event in the North Carolina city.

In an interview with The Golf Channel last Sunday, Woods said that none of his “inner circle” knew of is extramarital affairs. Bell has been friends with Woods since childhood and has been the president of the golfer’s course design company since its inception.

Tiger Woods Bryon Bell Rachel Uchitel

(Evidence piling up that Tiger has been less-than-truthful?)

James has now posted two emails allegedly from Bell and a series of text messages allegedly from Woods. A new feature added to the James website today is a “photos” area that includes the text, “Coming Soon!”

With that development, I emailed James management to inquire about what will be “soon” posted in that area. Read more…

Pornstar’s Claims About Tiger Now Look Credible

Until today, I had my doubts about the veracity of adult film performer Josyln James’ claim that she had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods while the golfer was married. But based on texts she released Thursday, I’m now inclined to believe her.

Josyln James Text Messages To Tiger Woods Seems Credible

While the obvious attention-getter is the graphic sexual nature of some of the texts, there’s also logistic and personal information from Woods that indicates that he indeed may have had a prolonged affair with adult film performer.

One of those details is this alleged text from Woods cited on a website James just launched:
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Video: Adult Actress Alleges Sex With Tiger Woods

In an online video interview hosted by an adult website on May 26, 2009, adult film actress Holly Sampson alleged she had sex with Tiger Woods.

Holly Sampson Video Admits To Sex With Tiger Woods

She goes into some detail about her alleged experience with the golfer, also noting that her encounter took place at his bachelor party. That presumably means he wasn’t married at the time. Read more…

NBA Player, Porn Star Get Cozy With Twitter Bet

2009 is already assured to go down in the annals of pop culture/tech history as The Year of Twitter. No doubt it’s a powerful tool; not only did it allow one-named celebrities like Shaq and Oprah to connect with their millions of fans, it somehow managed the herculean feat of getting people to actually pay attention to Ashton Kutcher. It’s a tool that, despite its many limitations, has brought people from different worlds together as friends, 140 characters at a time.

Valerie Luxe DaJuan Summers

Detroit Pistons rookie DaJuan Summers (@dsummers35) might not have the celebrity status of Shaq yet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun with Twitter too. While Shaq is busy flirting with David Beckham on Twitter, Summers is off having a Twitter bet with porn star Valerie Luxe, the “baddest, realest, funniest bitch on Twitter” (@ValerieLuxe). Guess what the winner gets…

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Porn Star Beats Up Husband; Gina Carano Next?

It would be nice if Gina Carano could face an opponent with strong fighting skills who could also share her same sex appeal. Because as far as gals that can kick your ass, Gina’s quite a looker (despite Kit Cope’s criticisms). Well, we may have finally found Gina’s match in porn star Stormy Daniels.

Stormy Daniels

As Rick noted in this morning’s Speed Read, Ms. Daniels was arrested last Saturday on charges of domestic battery. Stormy - who’s known off the set as Stephanie Gregory Clifford - reported became upset at her husband over an unpaid bill & began throwing things at him.

But Stormy denies erupting into a raging tempest toward her better half. Why, it was all just a wacky misunderstanding!

(As you would expect, more stunning pics of Stormy after the jump.)

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Stern: Mary Carey-Melky Cabrera Have Sex Tape

MARKS FRIGGIN reports that yesterday, sex-for-money performer Mary Carey appeared on Howard Stern.

Melky Cabrera-Mary Carey  Sex Tape

(Howard Stern claims he’s seen Cabrera, Carey having sex on video)

During the visit, Stern claimed that he saw a video of Carey having sex with Yankees outfielder Melky Cabrera. I wasn’t able to find any such production online, but I do remember seeing Carey in a vid a couple months ago - as she attemped to communicate with a shirtless Cabrera in a random hotel room. Hmmm.

Mary Carey Jason Smith

(Athletes having sex with Mary? Get on the back of the train)

So, did they indeed have sex?

Mary Carey Sixers

(See a pattern developing?)

And how did Cabrera, who speaks spare English, end up ensnarled with a porno parasite like Carey? (Video after the jump.)

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How Is Sam Rutigliano Connected With This Girl?

If you know me at all, then you know that my eternal quest has been to find some connection between former Browns head coach Sam Rutligliano and porn. Today I am happy to announce, mission accomplished! Thanks to the lovely lady below, in the future when you think of porn (and you will), you can also think of Rutigliano, who once teamed with Jerry Falwell to sue the NCAA for not letting his Liberty University players pray in the end zone following touchdowns.

Catalina Cruz Sam Rutigliano

Catalina Cruz (pictured) is a porn actress and Cleveland native who was interviewed on Monday by radio station 1560 The Game in Houston. In looking over the transcripts on SPORTS RADIO INTERVIEWS.COM, I found out that her mother once worked for the Browns, as the secretary for the head coach when Rutligliano was there. Irony, thou art awesome and good.

(Also awesome & good: More Catalina Cruz photos after the jump.)

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Philadelphia 76ers Like Porn Stars With Big Jugs

Here’s some screen caps that were emailed to me a while back. They’re from the waning moments of Orlando’s 106-100 win over the Sixers at the Wachovia (What the hell is it now?) Center on Feb. 28.

Mary Carey Sixers

Yeah, it was a tough night for 76er Theo Ratliff that evening (0 points), but at least he was heartened by a possible postgame rendezvous at Bookbinders down on Walnut?

Mary Carey Sixers

Or was that a late check-in at the PHL Airport Sheraton?

I haven’t posted the screen grabs until now, as I was searching out the possible identity of the large-lunged lovely who caught Ratliff’s attention.

Her identity and more pics after the jump.

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Porn Star Says MLBer Pat Burrell Was “Immature”

Patrick Berkery of PHILLY BURBS has a fun note for us this morning:

Porn Star Sophia Rossi says Pat Burrell is immature

(Hopefully she was referring to his personality)

Porn star Sophia Rossi told Howard Stern this morning that she slept with Pat Burrell and that the former Phillies LF was “immature.”

Wow, can you BELIEVE THAT? Unreal! I mean, who knew that someone actually still subscribes to Sirius?

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