Body Paint Photo Of Cheerleader Fired By Colts

Last Thursday former Indianapolis Colts cheerleader Malori Wampler filed a lawsuit against the team contesting her November 15, 2010, termination by club.

Malori Wampler Nude Photo

(Click-through photo is not-safe-for-work. Obviously.)

Wampler was fired after a Colts fan forwarded the club photos of her wearing only body paint at a 2010 Playboy Magazine promotional event.

According to the lawsuit, before Wampler took a job with the team she notified the Colts of her previous employment with Playboy - and the nature of that employment. The complaint also states that after Colts officials were informed of that fact, they determined that Wampler’s past employment by Playboy “was not an issue.

But rather than merely contest the veracity of the team’s decision to fire her over the photos because it allegedly violated club policy, in the U.S. District Court filing Wampler’s attorney Kimberly D. Jeselskis also claimed, “The Colts terminated Wampler because of her sex” and “the Colts terminated Wampler because of her race and national origin.

More from Wampler attorney Jeselskis in the U.S. District Court filing:

  • Wampler met the Colts legitimate performance expectations.
  • Wampler was treated differently than other “similarly situated” male and female employees.
  • As a result of the Colts discriminatory acts, Wampler has suffered and will continue to suffer monetary damages and damages for mental anguish and humiliation unless and until the Court grants relief.
  • The Colts acted with malice or reckless indifference to Wampler’s civil rights thereby entitling her to punitive damages. Wampler is entitled to recover reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in this action.

Wampler claimed sexual discrimination in the lawsuit primarily because Colts players were not dismissed from the club despite engaging in off-field behavior that was allegedly much worse than what the Colts cited in firing her.

Wampler claimed racial discrimination after citing in the lawsuit instances where caucasian cheerleaders were not fired despite, again, engaging in off-field behavior that was worse than why she was apparently let go by the team. (Wampler is Indonesian.)

So what exactly does Wampler want from the Colts? From her attorney’s court complaint: Read more…

Miss. State Playboy Cheerleader: Vh1 Reality Pilot

Three weeks ago I reported that a current Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley had modeled nude in November for Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

After my report, Mississippi State subsequently released a statement about the 18-year-old, with a school official indicating that since Corley had posed for Playboy before she enrolled at MSU, she had been allowed to remain on the MSU cheer squad. (Mississippi State officials were also not aware of her nude modeling when she was offered a cheerleading scholarship.)

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Wednesday I got in touch with Corley for an update on her situation at State and with Playboy - among other things.

Corley on her future with Playboy: Read more…

Miss. State Statement On Cheerleader In Playboy

Dr. Bill Kibler, Vice President of Student Affairs at Mississippi State, has released a statement regarding the school’s reaction to MSU cheerleader Taylor Corley posing nude in Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos


“If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall.”

As I reported Monday, Corley remains a current member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

In talking to several sources this morning about the situation, I’ve learned why MSU chose not to remove Corley from the school’s cheerleading squad.
Read more…

Current Mississippi State Cheerleader In Playboy

Taylor Corley is a freshman at Mississippi State from Atlanta.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

She’s also a current cheerleader for the school who recently appeared nude in Playboy magazine.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Corley posed for the magazine under the name Taylor Stone, with her Playboy images first surfacing in November.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

So has Corley’s nude modeling affected her status as an official representative of Mississippi State? Read more…

19-Year-Old Charged With Stealing Sizemore Pics

Joy Powell of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that a 19-year-old Minneapolis woman has been charged with stealing nude photos of Grady Sizemore from the Sizemore’s Playboy Playmate model girlfriend, Brittany Binger.

Grady Sizemore Brittany Binger

(Password Allegedly Hacked To Steal Sizemore Photos)

The suspect, Leah M. Ayers, was “charged on Tuesday with breaking into a model’s e-mail account and stealing racy photos of Cleveland Indians baseball player Grady Sizemore, which were widely posted on the Internet last year.”

Ayers has officially been charged with two counts of unauthorized computer access, which is a classified as a gross misdemeanor in Dakota County, Minnesota.

So how did Ayers allegedly hack into Binger’s email account? The cops went CSI on the case. Read more…

Governing Body: UCF Lacks Skinstitutional Control

Much has been made the past few days about a recent photo shoot involving a former Playboy magazine model that took place in the Univ. of Central Florida football team’s locker room.

Shanna Marie McLaughlin

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The ORLANDO SENTINEL recently reported that UCF football coach George O’Leary gave a local magazine, called Axis, authorization for the shoot with model Shanna Marie McLaughlin.

The Sentinel reports:

After video of the photo shoot appeared on the Internet Saturday, a school spokesman said that university officials would be reminding employees about the university’s standards.

UCF associate director of athletics Joe Hornstein then released this formal apology:

“An employee without proper authorization allowed access to our football locker room. By the time the video of the shoot was brought to our attention, it had already made its rounds via the internet.

“Let me make this clear, UCF does not condone the photos and the video. We have spoken to the employee in question and we will speak to our entire staff to make sure that this does not happen again. To any fans who were offended by this, we sincerely apologize.”

When reading the Sentinel’s report and in consideration of McLaughlin’s “modeling” career, the mind can’t help but run wild as to the content of the shoot. Read more…

Lid Blown Off Pete Rose Girlfriend’s Nude Photos

Pete Rose’s long wait is finally over.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

(3 Words: Abortive. Sports. Merchandise.)

You can stop dialing Bob Costas, Rose hasn’t been cleared for Cooperstown.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Remember Rose’s lovely Asian girlfriend Kiana Kim, who I was first to bring to your attention last year? The same girlfriend who when she first met Rose at a car dealership two years ago thought he played for the Redskins?

She’s nude.

Read more…

Adrian Peterson, Fiancée Both Posed For Playboy

Adrian Peterson enjoyed lotsa notable, public accomplishments during his decorated Oklahoma football career. But while he was still enrolled at Norman, he authored one virtually unknown feat that some of you may end up cherishing more than his trampling K-State.

Adrian Peterson Girlfriend Ashley Brown Nude Photo

In 2006, Peterson was named to the Playboy All-American team. As part of the honor he posed for a photo that appeared in September ‘06 issue of Playboy Magazine. The very next month, in the October ‘06 issue of Playboy, his current fiancee Ashley Brown posed nude for the magazine’s “Girls of the Big 12″ issue as an Oklahoma coed.

Brown posed under the name Ashley Thompson and later made public appearances on behalf of Playboy in Oklahoma to promote the 2006 issue.

Adrian Peterson Girlfriend Ashley Brown Nude Photo

I checked around with some NFL, Twin Cities and OKC media sources today about the couple and it turns out Peterson started dating Brown his freshman year at OU. She now lives with him in Minneapolis and was most recently spotted with the NFL player during a trip South Africa before the World Cup.

The couple has been engaged for some time but Peterson hasn’t announced the news to the media. A 2007 story about the Peterson and Brown by WCCO radio referred to her as Peterson’s girlfriend. Read more…

Pete Rose And Playboy Girlfriend On Howard Stern

If you read SbB, you know all about Pete Rose’s hot asian girlfriend Kiana Kim. Here’s some links to refresh your memory.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

Kiana’s Playboy pictorial apparently is coming out next month, so Rose asked his way on the Howard Stern Show today to promote it.

As you would imagine, there’s way, WAAAAY too much information about their sex life during the interview. You’ll want to read this Stern fan site’s interview summary on an empty stomach.

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Video Photos Pictures Playboy

Most of the interview is garden-variety Stern, but Rose hits a new low with his extensive referencing of Joe Dimaggio’s not-so-little fellow. *shudder*

Again, if you’re about to tap into a 64 oz. of Muscle Milk, cap it big bruh …

Howard came back and said that Pete Rose was there with his hot girlfriend. He said that they apparently have sex multiple times a day. Howard said Pete is looking great. Howard asked how old he is. Pete said he’s 68 going on 15. Howard said hello to Pete’s girlfriend Kiana Kim too. Read more…

Video: Playboy Hotties Making Out At NBA Game

Got an email late last night from a staffer at Playboy tipping me to a ‘candid’ video they ‘obtained’ from a Chicago Bulls NBA game.

Playboy Chicks Make Out At NBA Game

(Wake up Lasorda)

The vid looks about as spontaneous as infomercial audience reax. But like all you Billy Mays1 fanatics, doesn’t mean I ain’t buying.

Read more…