Vick Falsely Accuses Giants Of Being Sore Losers

After the Philadelphia Eagles stunned the New York Giants 38-31 Sunday night, Michael Vick claimed to the media that the Giants lacked sportsmanship by immediately leaving the field after their devastating loss.

(Video below)

While speaking to the assembled media, Vick said, “I have a lot of respect for the New York Giants, I just thought, to walk off the field at the end (of the game), that didn’t show a lot of sportsmanship.

Bad enough Vick is claiming to be an arbiter of sportsmanship, considering his previous propensity for slinging obscene gestures at his own fans. Now Vick is completely misrepresenting the facts when it comes to his opponent’s postgame behavior.

After the game Sunday, Nick Laham of Getty Images shot this photo with the accompanying description. Read more…

Michael Vick: “I Would Love To Get Another Dog” has a new interview with Michael Vick in which he says he’d like to once again own a dog.

Michael Vick Top Dog Philadelphia Daily News Headline

During a video interview, Vick said that owning a dog would be a “big step” in his rehabilitation. Read more…

Audio: Emmitt Position On Vick Gets Blowed Out

Las Vegas sports radio titan Steve Cofield today sends along some audio of Emmitt Smith analyzing the future comeback of Michael Vick on ESPN-TV in 2007.

Michael Vick Emmitt Smith

“Like Parcells said I’m not sure he will play at the quarterback position and if I’m a general manager and I’m looking at Michael Vick right now, spending a year and a half, to two years or three years away from the game, I cannot have this guy as my quarterback.

“First of all he had a lot of issues trying to grasp the offense, go through the reads and find the right receivers in the first place. Let alone now spending three, three years or whatever many, however many time, how much time he’s away from the game trying to get that back when he come back it’s going to be very, very difficult.

“BUT, this is a guy who is very athletic. You can bring him in, have him play some kind of position on the football field whether it be punt return, kickoff return, third down wide receiver. Possibly even running back. Like to run the ball anyway so give him a chance at that.”

So despite last night’s stunning performance against the Redskins, Vick still hasn’t earned the Rite of Patches. Or Rice of Passage, for that matter. Read more…

Philadelphia Media Refuses To Roll Over For Vick

Today, the day after Michael Vick’s bizarre return as starting Eagles quarterback, the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS featured a large photo of Vick with the headline, “TOP DOG: In a Shocking Turnabout, Reid Names Vick Starter.

Michael Vick Top Dog Philadelphia Daily News Headline

(Inset: Aug. 14, 2009 - Day after Vick signed with Eagles)

Obviously Vick’s past mistreatment of dogs has zero to do with his current football fortune, so was the Daily News headline inappropriate?

If the NFL was only about football, yes. Read more…

Jersey Sore: Reid Makes Fan Remove McNabb Uni

Les Bowen of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS reports from Eagles training camp this morning that head coach Andy Reid reportedly ordered a fan at the team’s practice to remove a Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey that he was wearing while standing on the sidelines.

Andy Reid asks fan to take of McNabb Redskins jersey

(Fierro is reporter from ALLENTOWN (PA) MORNING CALL)

The fan, Jim Devlin, was a friend of a guest of the team that had been granted sideline access.

Eagles fan Jim Devlin, of King of Prussia, was directed to remove the Donovan McNabb Redskins jersey that he was wearing on the Eagles sideline at training camp this morning by security.

Devlin said that security told him that coach Andy Reid wanted the jersey removed. A team spokesman said he was unaware whether the directive came from Reid.

Devlin was on the sideline, not in the stands, on a guest pass, provided by friend Frank Deutchki, of Schwenksville, who is with him. A team spokesman said guests with sideline passes are supposed to be screened at the gate.

Devlin was surprised but also really angry. He was curious what other fans’ reaction would be so he also wore the jersey to Sunday’s Phillies-Mets game.

Deutchki now has the jersey in a bag, with Devlin wearing a red T-shirt.

Two things on this. Read more…

Philadelphia Eagle Lineman Has Lap Band Surgery

Philadelphia Eagles backup right guard Max Jean-Gilles missed a practice today at the team’s facilities because of a scheduled surgery.

Max Jean-Gilles Lap Band Surgery

(Photo is six years, 50 pounds ago)

Lap band surgery.

Jean-Gilles, who has reportedly tipped the scales at as much as 400 pounds, has been nagged by constant injuries since he was drafted out of the University of Georgia in 2006. Injuries that he and the Eagles attribute to his weight. reports Jean-Gilles and his wife “researched” the prospect of lap band surgery, talking to friends of the family about it. And today was the day Jean-Gilles went through with procedure, which he hopes will help him lose “50 to 80 pounds very quickly.”

Sounds healthy! Read more…

ESPN Confirms Satellite Radio Still In Business

Caller pretending to be the Eagles’ Brian Westbrook last night pranked ESPN SportsCenter.

Flomax’s guerrilla marketing is getting a little ridiculous.

Photos: Ryan Howard’s NFL Cheerleader Girlfriend

Ryan Howard’s new girlfriend is Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader Krystle Campbell. A photo of Howard holding an anonymous woman’s hand in Miami last week was posted by

Krystle Campbell Photos Ryan Howard's Girlfriend

(Are those zippers?)

A Bossip commenter (#92) and subsequently identified the woman as Campbell, who Howard has reportedly been dating for a few months.

Krystle Campbell Photos Ryan Howard's Girlfriend

(Video link)

Campbell was previously profiled by the DELAWARE COUNTY TIMES.

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Behold: Dubya-Emmitt Summit At Cowboys Game

I’m still trying to find a screen grab, but you’ve no doubt seen it live; NBC’s shot of George W. Bush and Emmitt Smith seated next to each other and chatting it up in the owner’s box just before the start of tonight’s playoff game in Dallas.

Bush, Emmitt Twitter

The Twitter Machine is racing at this hour as speculation runs rampant as to what these legendary wordsmiths might have been discussing. The answer is shrouded in mystery. But one thing is certain: while we’re currently only at halftime of the NFC Wildcard struggle, we already have a loser: The English language.  Read more…

Video: Philadelphia Eagle Is Confirmed Flightless

Highlight of my NFL Sunday comes from Enrico at

Eagles Mascot Swoop Struck Down By Sniper Phire Phrom Philly Phan

(Concussion update from Andy Reid forthcoming)

Video of Philadelphia Eagle mascot Swoop apparently struck down by sniper phire phrom Philly phan tripping while on the Eagles sideline.

Worst sideline mascot performance since Bobby Bowden’s last game at Florida State.

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