PGA’s Moore Dumps Sponsors’ Logos And Clubs

You have to hand it to PGA golfer Ryan Moore. He may not be winning a lot of tournaments, but he’s performing with class. And, by doing so, he’s performing a lot better, too.

ryan moore no sponsors

(No PING, no problems.)

In his fourth year on tour, Moore — the former UNLV All-American and U.S. Public Links and U.S. Amateur champion — had been heavily sponsored by Ping since starting his professional career, but decided to stop using sponsored clothing and clubs this year to help him, “go back to playing golf because I loved playing golf.” As reported in USA TODAY, the results have been mixed, with Moore improving on the course while turning heads with his choice of apparel, whether the reviews are good or bad, as you can see from the quote below:

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All U.S. Resources Drained, Daly Invades Europe

Now that poor play has overcome Americans’ penchant for beer-gutted “everymen” who make Joe Sixpack seem athletic and cultured, John Daly will be taking his act to the European Tour.  Having outlasted most of his PGA Tour performance exemptions and now relying on a dwindling few sponsor invitations in the States, Big John needs a continent where his novelty act still carries some weight.

John Daly

(Will this repair our international image, or should we have sent a gift basket?)

Europeans, long known for their tolerance of boorish American slobs, will surely be dazzled by their new import.  Seeing a man who can break his weight in kilograms on the links will no doubt delight Britons, Spaniards, Germans, and the like.  Some factoids about Daly’s current golf game after the jump. Read more…

In Tiger’s Absence at Ryder Cup, Boo’s The Man

Boo Weekley’s aw-shucks, fun-loving ways are All-American, but he just may be a better social fit with the hard partying Europeans during this week’s Ryder Cup. He’s already produced a bevy of quotes in the run-up to the annual woodshedding of American golfers. Maybe he’ll even help produce a rare victory.

How’s a discussion about hunting, pants and silk undies, for starters?

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New Rule Keeps Golfers From Finishing Tourneys

A new PGA rule designed to limit congestion on the green is causing golfers to turn red.

Three Stooges Golf

ESPN’s Bob Harig writes about the new “MDF” designation - which stands for “Made (cut) didn’t finish”. This year, the PGA is further limiting how many players can continue in a tournament.

Previously, the top 70 finishers were allowed to continue - including all those golfers who were tied in the top 70 rankings, meaning more than 70 usually played on. But with the new rule, no more than 78 golfers will get to advance to the final rounds.

So, for those tied in 70th place, they’ll still be officially counted as having made the cut and get their tourney paycheck, but will have to stop playing. And their names one the leaderboard will be accompained by the letters “MDF’.

Many linksmen were loud in their criticism of the new rule.

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ESPN Headline For The Love Of Rod

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY grabs this actual headline from

ESPN A-Rod screen grab

• Speaking of A-Rod, VEGAS WATCH wonders who’s going to pay $350 million for a 41-year-old infielder.• Pete Dougherty of the ALBANY (NY) TIMES UNION doesn’t like all the dunking on SportsCenter’s Top Ten.

• 100% INJURY RATE broadcasts how Nike is selling the Olympics in China:

Chinese Olympics haircut

• STEROID NATION tees up news that the PGA is getting tough on drug use.• RUMORS AND RANTS has some suggestions on who should replace Lloyd Carr.