Mom: Cops Thought MLB Son Was Pacman Jones

While traveling with the team to Toronto on Thursday, Baltimore Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was reportedly detained at the Toronto airport for 10 hours.

Adam Jones Mom Reveals He Was Mistaken For Pacman Jones At Canadian Border

While he was in custody, Jones Tweeted that he was “detained by immigration in canada for no false accusations till 5am and appreciate someone from the team making sure were ok NOOOOOOTTTTT.”

After Jones was cleared by Border officials to enter Canada, he Tweeted, “last 10 hours have been a blast…yaaaaay. time to sleep off the bull.

Jeff Zrebiec of the BALTIMORE SUN reports Friday that before the Orioles played the Blue Jays on Friday, “Jones said he wasn’t sure if he was mistaken for Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones, who has faced multiple legal issues. But Jones’ mother, Andrea Bradley, made that claim on her Facebook page.

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Pacman Jones’ CFL Adventure Done In By Ustream

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Pacman Jones‘ Canadian Football League career ended before it began when the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (all hail Buzz and Boomer!) not only decided to pass on signing him, but banned him from their facilities.

Pacman Jones face

Jones was basically in with Winnipeg on Tuesday, and was reportedly only waiting for his passport to arrive before heading across the border for a press conference. But then, social networking reared its head once again. When will they ever learn? (Shakes head sadly). This time, ’twas Ustream that did the damage. Details, plus our inaugural class in the SbB Social Networking Hall of Shame, following the jump. Read more…

Samantha Steele To Make KU Cakewalk Delicious

• Is there really any reason to watch the Fox College Sports broadcast of Kansas vs. Northern Colorado? Yes - and that reason is Samantha Steele.

Samantha Steele

• It’s bad enough Brett Favre can never decide when to end his career, but does he have to try to end other players’ careers with cheap blocks?

Pacman Jones could be taking off for the Great White North. Winnipeg strip clubs already prepared to “Make it snow!” (It’s too cold for rain.)

• Why did Rich Rodriguez tear up during his recent press conference? Maybe because he’s being sued in a real estate deal gone wrong.

• Golf in England deserves a two-stroke penalty for banning beautiful caddy babes from the courses.

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Pacman Jones To Wakka-Wakka-Wakka To CFL?

In terms of the Pacman Jones career arc, we always knew it would come to this, right? From Tennessee, to super-suspended, to Dallas, a sprinkling of pro wrestling inbetween… the next step? Yes, of course, Winnipeg.

Adam Pacman Jones footballs
(Odds that this is actually an elaborate plan to smuggle illicit goods across the Canadian border inside footballs? Better than you’d expect.)

In a move we can’t necessarily describe as well-thought-out, a team called the “Blue Bombers” is close to landing Pacman Jones. We say “close to,” because despite some media reports, the WINNIPEG FREE PRESS is saying the deal isn’t finished yet. What’s holding it up, you might ask? Oh, among other things, the possibility that the country won’t even let him in. That’s always a good sign.

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Lakers Win Due To No Goaltending Call On Gasol?

• The Lakers had a tougher time in Game 2, needing overtime to beat the Magic - and no goaltending calls on Courtney Lee’s final regulation shot.

Paul Gasol, Lakers

• Could Pacman Jones be wocka-wocka-walking back to the Cowboys?

Chad Johnson Ochocinco embraces his newfound “Mexican” heritage by already planning his 1st TD celebration - hanging a pinata on the goalpost & whacking it with an end zone pylon.

• Hope you Memphis Redbirds fans have fun tonight during Stubby Clapp Appreciation Night!

• Recently retired Rodney Harrison rants about how the NFL is turning soft & pansy-esque.

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Cowboys May Be Jonesin’ To Bring Back Pacman

Lord knows there are many to choose from, but my favorite Adam Pacman Jones story has to be the one from August of last year, when he was informed that his NFL suspension was over while dining at Hooters. Yes, an NFL without Pacman seems somehow sad and incomplete — a notion I happen to share with a certain Dallas Cowboys owner, as it turns out.

Jerry Jones, “reached in his private suite” by the FORT WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM during the George Strait concert on Saturday night (there’s some dogged reporting), indicated that Pacman may be coming back to the Cowboys. Can hilarity be far behind? Read more…

Jets Interested In Pacman, Have Severe Amnesia

When we last left Adam “Pacman” Jones, he was appearing on Pros Vs. Joes, admirably not making an ass of himself, and talking about hosting a, um, fishing show. “I make it rain on them trout!” So is this the peaceful end of the Pacman Jones Era? Is this how he fades into Bolivian?

Adam Pacman Jones footballs
(Jones, seen here moments after being ejected from a strip club for “making it hail,” or basically just winging footballs at the strippers.)

Erm, no. According to FANHOUSE,  the New York Jets have expressed interest in bringing in the cornerback/punt returner back to the NFL. And we’ve got to say, this idea is just crazy enough to… be crazy.

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Ice-Wielding Pro Surfer Allegedly KOs 3 Women

I thought surfers were supposed to be mellow and laid-back almost to the point of unconsciousness - like Matthew McConaughey, but more stoned. Well, pro surfer Chris Ward seems to break the mold; he’s allegedly more like the pro surfing version of Pacman Jones. Actually, scratch that: even Jones hasn’t been accused of what the LOS ANGELES TIMES reports about today.

Chris Ward

Ward - ranked No. 32 in the world - is competing in an event in Australia this weekend, but might have a lot more on his mind. An August trial date has been set in Mammoth, CA, over charges he punched three women, knocking one unconscious, during a brawl at a bar in January. The women had allegedly intervened when Ward threatened another woman with a “chunk of ice.”

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Marcus Spears Imitated Pacman At B-Day Party?

It sounds a little crazy, but it’s true. Just after news broke that Pacman Jones made an unannounced — and uninvited — appearance to make it rain at Dallas defensive end Marcus Spears’s birthday party, new photos dug up by TOTAL PRO SPORTS make it pretty clear that Spears was making it rain himself.

marcus spears

(Meet the new Rain Man.)

Evidently a fellow attendee of Mr. Spears’s little soiree was the ones who alerted DanD at TOTAL PRO to Spears’s monetary weather patterns.  So how can we prove that the bills actually flew? Just check out those pics above. You don’t carry around that kind of a wad unless you’re Arabic and avoiding credit, or you have plans to throw some of it around.

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Requiem For A Pacman: What’s Next For Jones?

Rich Gannon. Tim Brown. Priest Holmes. Steve McNair. Adam “Pacman” Jones. Which one of these names doesn’t belong? In a list of former NFL players, it’s looking increasingly like they all belong. Pacman joined the rest of those retirees on Spike TV’s “Pros vs. Joes,” and it might be the last football action he sees for a long time.

Pacman Jones

But don’t think this is a kinder, gentler Pacman. The reality show had its first ever fistfight, and it was instigated by Jones. I can’t help but notice your complete lack of surprise. The details, plus Jones’ plans for the future (fishing show host?), after the jump.

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