Blog Jam: Upgrading The Oregon Football Jerseys

  • CAMPUS SQUEEZE goes Mr. Blackwell on college football fashion, listing the “The 11 Ugliest College Football Jerseys.” But Oregon’s hideous jerseys can be upgraded simply by adding this young lady to their roster. Not only will she help improve the look of the team, but she’s also got the tools to run the spread offense.
  • After less than one year, the Mark Teixeira era in Atlanta looks to be coming to a close. With this decision to put Mark on the market FANHOUSE believes the Braves have given up on 2008, meaning for a second straight season fans will have no playoff games in Atlanta to not attend.
  • CNET reports that the New York Police Department has stripped an officer of his gun and badge after footage of the cop bodychecking a bicyclist was found on YOUTUBE. If guys in the NHL bodychecked like this, the league would have themselves a TV deal on a channel people actually get. The video that earned the officer desk duty after the jump.

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