Embezzler Buys New Boobs, Texas Tech Tickets

Meet the NaukamsAnna M. and Eugene III, who will get my vote for the Embezzlers Hall of Fame when they become eligible in five years. Not only did Anna Naukam allegedly steal $461,586 from the state of Oklahoma in her capacity as director of a child welfare advocate agency, but she then made in rain, Oklahoma middle-aged woman style.

Anna Naukam Texas Tech boobs

Among stuff allegedly purchased by Anna with the ill-gotten gains: Cosmetic breast surgery and Texas Tech football tickets. Guns Up! Plus, her son’s tuition at the University of Oklahoma. Keep in mind that this was taxpayer and donated funds intended to help children. Read more…

Stun Gun Cheerleader Mom Sentenced To 5 Years

It’s confirmed: Using a stun gun to zap a cheerleading coach in the neck is probably not the best way to get her to let your friend’s daughter onto the team. It happened in April of 2008 in Warr Acres, Okla., where LeShawn Fisher attacked cheerleading coach Bethany Lorenz in the parking lot of Putnam City North High School. With a stun gun. Hey, she just wanted her to listen to reason!

LeShawn Fisher

Fisher said she was trying to talk to the coach on behalf of her friend, Julie Ann Bell, whose daughter had been cut from the cheerleading team. Fisher craftily approached Lorenz in the parking lot as the latter was getting into her car, then used the old “Look at that over there!” ruse before applying the Zzzzzppptt! Was that wrong? Should I not have done that? On Wednesday, Fisher was sentenced to five years in prison for the attack. Bell was acquitted in a separate trial. Hmm; the wheels of stun-gun justice seem to turn slowly in Oklahoma. Read more…

Texas Tech Not The Cinderella Story You Thought

Remember the 2004 baseball playoffs, when everyone was suddenly getting on the Boston Red Sox bandwagon because they were such a great story, composed of a bunch of scrappy, rambunctious, gritty players? And do you remember how everyone conveniently forgot the fact that the Red Sox had the 2nd highest payroll in baseball,  taking away some of the “Cinderella” imagery? Well, Andy Staples of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED wants to make sure we don’t make the same mistake with the upstart Texas Tech football team.

Mike Leach

(Coach Mike Leach needs some bling on his fingers)

Yes, Texas Tech currently holding the number two ranking in the country is a fun little story, especially because the school doesn’t necessarily get a lot of attention for their football team. But before this Saturday’s much-anticipated “David vs. Goliath” contest between the Red Raiders and fifth-ranked Oklahoma, SI.COM goes and plays the role of killjoy, bringing our attention to the fact that Texas Tech has spent a whole bunch of money on their football program.

Even more than Oklahoma!

Read more…

David Stern to Present Sonics Owner To Oklahoma Hall of Fame

STERN TO BE AT SONICS OWNER’S ENTRY INTO OKLA. H.O.F.: David Stern seems to have his mind made up about the Sonics’ possible move to Oklahoma:

David Stern

The SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER reports that the NBA commissioner will be “presenting” Sonics owner Clay Bennett into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame on Thursday night.Bennett has already filed with the league his intentions of moving the Seattle basketball club to the Sooner State.

Stern’s appearance for Bennett indicates that Clay should get the moving trucks ready. The commish has more or less given up his attempts at keeping the team in the Pacific Northwest.

Stern earlier lamented how the city of Seattle has “no heart whatsoever for assisting a Sonics team,” as they thwarted attempts to use taxpayer money for a new arena.

With Stern’s show of support for Bennett, it looks like Kevin Durant & crew will soon(er) be saying, “So long, Starbucks. Hello, barbecue.”