These Goats Would Like To Play Through. Thanks

Great … something else for Charles Barkley to hit. A golf course in Canfield, Ohio, is going green and helping to “save the environment” by maintaining their courses entirely with goats. And in case you’ve never seen a goat driving a John Deere riding mower, I can tell you they’re very good.

Of course the goats will actually eat the grass, keeping the course manicured and tidy as only goats can. And the restrooms — spotless. It all sounds like a scheme that Carl Spackler would dream up, but owners of the Kensington Golf Course say that when they factor in fuel, labor, and equipment maintenance, the goats are saving them thousands of dollars.

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HS Football, Naked Phone Molestation And You …

A football player at Willard High School in Norwalk, Ohio, is not only in trouble for racing around the team locker room nakedly molesting other players — for the second time — but also for apparently texting during his court appearance so various friends could blog about the case.

Willard High, home of the Crimson Flashes (this is true) does not put up with lockerroom shenanigans, especially when it includes a football player tearing a telephone receiver off of the wall, placing it in his Speedo and telling younger players “It’s a sex line. It’s for you.” Read more…

HS Football Game Interrupted By Airplane Crash

Across the country this weekend, high schools trotted out the latest iterations of their football teams in scrimmages for fans and family to watch before the seasons start. Usually, the only noteworthy things to happen at these scrimmages are brief glimpses of a new offense or a new quarterback or whatever.

Plane Crash
(Oh, that ain’t good.)

Not so at Harrison High School in Ohio, where the crowd at a scrimmage witnessed a small plane crash in a gravel field next to the field during the middle of the game.

Hang on, that bears repeating: A plane crashed next to a football field while a game was going on. Video of witnesses’ reactions, which is amazingly not them yelling “HOLY S**T” over and over, is after the jump.

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HS Track Coach Double Faults With 17-Year-Old

So for those of you keeping score at home, here’s what a 35-year-old high school track coach from Ohio did when caught in the back seat of a car in a state of undress with a 17-year-old girl on Tuesday. A: Claimed that he was also 17! (fail) B: Argued with cops. (fail) C: Tried to run away. (tasered & fail)

Lauren Meadows

Not a good night for Northmont High School teacher and track coach Loren P. Meadows, who was arrested by Clinton County sheriffs deputies early Tuesday morning after he was discovered parked with a 17-year-old Englewood girl, both partially undressed. Read more…

The Man Is Against Squirt Guns And Naked Teens

Seniors in high school are facing the last few months of life as a worthless teenager held down by the shackles of parental oppression. After they graduate from high school, they will move on to a life of being a worthless adult held down by the shackles of The Man and the banality of this existence that we call life. Of course, at this time the student’s are also finding themselves suffering from a sort of cabin fever. There’s a whole world out there waiting for them, yet for a few more weeks they’re stuck listening to Mr. Stuckey yammer on about the importance of the Periodic Table of Elements.

Don’t rob these young Ohians of their boyhood dreams

So these students must find ways to set themselves free, and for many of them across the country, particularly Ohio, they’ve resorted to the game of Senior Tag. Basically Senior Tag is a game were students align themselves into teams and then run around town shooting each other with squirt guns. It’s all good, wholesome fun except in some cases. Turns out the police in Ohio aren’t big fans of the rule that says a player can’t be eliminated if they’re naked.

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People In Ohio Don’t Have Their Priorities In Order

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but there’s an election coming up in a matter of weeks.   Apparently we all have to elect a new President for this country.   It’s a pretty important election, as the United States is going through a rough time right now.   There is still the ongoing situations in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention the developing problem in Georgia (the one next to Russia, stupid), and that whole deal with our economy going down faster than Paris Hilton on some random guy she just met.

Now, if you’re like me, you live in a state where your vote doesn’t really matter.   Illinois is a blue state and will continue to be a blue state.   Still, there are some states that will be incredibly important in the election, and they’re known as swing states.   One such state is Ohio, and it’s entirely likely that Ohio could end up deciding who the next President of our country is.    So it’s a good thing the fine folks of Ohio have their priorities straight.

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Brady Quinn Gives Game-Worn Jersey To Family In Memory of Daughter

QUINN SENDS FAMILY JERSEY IN MEMORY OF DAUGHTER: Say what you will about Brady Quinn and all his goofy pictures floating around the Internet. When it comes to important matters, the Cleveland QB has a heart:

Brady Quinn Browns

FIRST AND 10 INCHES has a personal story about Brady coming through for a family in mourning.A sister of one of the site’s close friends was tragically killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving morning. As the site explained, the woman was a life-long Browns fan - even eating a dog bone in her younger days to prove her team loyalty:

Never saying an unkind word about anyone – although I can remember a few choice thoughts on Charlie Frye, but in hindsight they may have been warranted – she was truly one of a kind.”

The victim was from Dublin, OH, the same hometown as Quinn. Brady found out about the story, and although he never met her, he had a gift delivered to the woman’s family.

It was Brady’s game-worn jersey from week 2 of the season, with a signature reading, “To the [Redacted] Family, in memory of [Redacted]. – Brady Quinn.”

Such a generous act wasn’t the first time Brady reached out to fans in times of trouble. Earlier this year, 11-year-old Quinn fan Dyan Orr was suffering from a terminal bone disease.

Dyan Orr

When Brady heard of the young girl’s condition, he sent the young girl an autographed jersey. And in what she called the greatest moment of her life, Quinn called Dyan to talk to her in person.Sadly, Dyan passed away last June. Her family has a website in her honor to help find a cure for her diseases.

School Donates $15,000 For Rival Cheerleader’s Heart Transplant

RIVAL SCHOOL SHOWS HEART IN HELPING CHEERLEADER: When is a football defeat not such a big deal? When your opponent helps out one of your hospitalized cheerleaders:

Savana Coffman cheerleader heart transplant

The WILMINGTON (OH) NEWS-JOURNAL reports that Coldwater defeated Clinton-Massie 63-14 in Ohio high school playoff action. But before the game, Coldwater showed their warm hearts, as the Cavaliers presented a $15,000 check to the family of Savana Coffman.The 15-year-old Clinton-Massie cheerleader has been in the hospital since November 14, when she underwent a heart transplant. Learning that Savana’s family had no insurance, Coldwater students helped raise thousands of dollars to pay for her medical expenses.

The CINCINNATI ENQUIRER adds that Savana’s mother, Tabby, also received the same transplant over a dozen years ago.

With this show of generosity, hearts are beating strong for mother, daughter, and the Coldwater community.

To learn more about Savana’s condition or to donate, visit her Savana Smiles website.