Dear Tony G: We’d Rather Yer Wife Go Naked Too

Here’s the Peta ad Tony Gonzalez and his stunning wife October recently posed nude for.

Tony Gonzalez October Gonzalez naked PETA ad

(Canned quotes to AJC here)

Gonzalez is well known for being one of the first NFLers to go vegetarian, so I suppose the ad shouldn’t come as that big a surprise. I’m not a PETA guy, but I think we’re all October guys. My goodness what a stunning woman.

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E! True Hollywood Story To Feature The Cooleys

By now, the story of Chris Cooley meeting his future wife Christy is the stuff of legend: she was a cheerleader, he was a tight end, they weren’t allowed to date, but they started dating on the creep anyway and things - obviously - went well. On one hand, aww. On the other hand, aww damn, she’s a knockout.

Chris Cooley's Wife Photos
(Putting her on TV? Eh, risky decision, E! - viewers might not go for her. Sure you can’t get Susan Boyle instead?)

The producers of the E! True Hollywood Story franchise noticed the story as well, it appears; they’re picking up “NFL Wives” as one of their episodes, prominently feature Mrs. Cooley herself. It’s not exactly unprecedented; E! featured MLB wives last year; we don’t recall any complaints about that.

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