‘Rudy’ Making Movie About Wayne Newton Shrine

Norm Clarke of the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL has some delightful news about Rudy Ruettiger, the walk-on Notre Dame football player who inspired the feature film, “Rudy”.

Wayne Newton and Rudy Ruettiger


Clarke reports, “Ruettiger has been involved in shooting a documentary of the transformation of (Wayne) Newton’s Casa de Shenandoah ranch into a Graceland-style tourist attraction.


You heard Norm right, Ruettiger apparently has a television “production company” in place to film Newton’s quest to establish his 38-acre Vegas estate as a local landmark - which the entertainer announced to his bewildered neighbors seven days ago.

The LAS VEGAS SUN also reports that a week ago Newton met with residents of his posh neighborhood to sell the concept on them, and that “a documentary crew from Rudy Ruettiger’s production company recorded the meeting. Ruettiger, of ‘Rudy’ film fame and a Henderson resident, has been working on a Newton doc over the past few months.

Of the project, the Sun added:

His home is in a rural neighborhood preservation area. Though final plans haven’t been submitted, County Commissioner Steve Sisolak said that, based on a meeting with Newton and others, plans could include a dinner-theater for 300 people and a souvenir shop. The theater and shop would go on the land north of Sunset Road.

As Sisolak said it was described to him, a bus would take tourists to the property north of Sunset, then shuttle over to see Newton’s expanse — Newton’s team called it “Graceland West,” but the commissioner wasn’t sure if that is an official name. Afterward, tourists would shuttle back for dinner and a Wayne Newton show.

A “rural neighborhood preservation area” is code for very, very rich people who want complete privacy. The same people Newton was confronted with last week.

So how did the meeting go? You won’t have to wait for Rudy’s epic feature film presentation to find out, thanks to the Sun. Read more…

It ‘Appeared’ Spartan Clock Expired Because It Did

After screenshots of the Spartan Stadium play clock registering :00 before Michigan State scored on its game-winning play against Notre Dame began circulating on the web postgame, the Big East released a statement on behalf of its conference officials who worked the game.

Michigan State Field Goal Formation :00 On The Play Clock

(Both the call and the officiating methodology is wrong on the play)


After review, the conference believes that the game officials correctly applied the proper mechanics and guidelines that are in place to determine, in a consistent manner, when a flag should be thrown for delay of game.

The responsibility is assigned to the back judge, who in this situation was standing beneath the upright. Proper mechanics dictate that his focus be directed to the play clock as it approaches zero. When the play clock display reads zero, he must re-direct his attention to the ball. At that time, if the snap has not started, a flag will be thrown for delay of game. If the snap has begun, no flag will be thrown.

Under these procedures, there will always be a small amount of lag time between the time the clock reads zero and the time the back judge is able to see the football. On the play in question, this lag time created the situation where it appears the play clock expired just before the snap. We believe the snap occurred well within the normal lag time for the back judge to make this determination. This play is not reviewable under current NCAA rules.”

It appears the play clock expired just before the snap”?

It “appeared” the play clock expired before the snap because it did. The long snapper had not moved the football when the Spartan Stadium play clock reached :00. Watch for yourself: Read more…

ND AD: ‘Not Impacted’ By Moves, No Big 10 Talks

Brian Hamilton of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE gets reaction from Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick on recent changes in the Big 10, Pac-10 and Big 12.

“There’s been nothing at all that’s happened that directly impacts us or our evaluation of what’s going on.

“We continue to be focused on trying to do what we can to maintain our football independence and ensure the long-term viability of the Big East. Those two things aren’t impacted by the events of this week.”

Swarbrick did indicate though that ND’s situation could change. Read more…

2009: Willingham Paid More Than Weis By N.D.

Brian Hamilton of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE has a breakdown today of the 2009 Notre Dame paycheck of Charlie Weis.

Tyrone Willingham Charlie Weis

Weis earned $649,090 from Notre Dame, including base salary, bonuses, “other” income, deferred income and non-taxable benefits. But the table for “compensation from unrelated organizations” offers insight into the areas of true windfall.

After going through additional payments to Weis from outside soucres, Hamilton noted:

And ex-football coach Ty Willingham remained on the university payroll, so to speak, for yet one more year, earning $650,000 from Notre Dame — $910 more than Weis was paid, officially, by the school.

Willingham, who was fired by Notre Dame five years ago, was also fired by the University of Washington two years ago.

So could that mean that Willingham is also still getting paid by Washington? (Oh hell nah.)

Read more…

Report: Big 10 Officially Extends Mizzou An Offer

Longtime Kansas City radio and television personality Kevin Kietzman, citing “multiple sources,” reported today that the Big Ten has officially extended an invitation to Missouri to join the conference.

Report: Missour to join Big 10

The WHB-AM afternoon talk show host also reported that Nebraska, Notre Dame and Rutgers have been offered spots in the league.

On Missouri, Kietzman has specific details:

In order for the University of Missouri to join the Big Ten, the Missouri Board of Regents will still have to approve the move. Sources close to the governing body say the Big Ten has told officials that Mizzou could add $1.3 million per month in revenue to the lucrative Big Ten Television Network.

Big Ten representatives have also told Missouri officials they would like to have the entire expansion process wrapped up this summer with a formal announcement coming no later than July. Read more…

Big East Coach To Notre Dame: Football Or GTFO

For the first time ever, it appears that Notre Dame may be serious about committing its football program to a major conference. Of course, the Irish are already full-fledged members of the hoops-centric Big East, save football. Now Notre Dame is reportedly considering the Big 10 as a landing spot for its entire sports program, including football.

UConn 33 Notre Dame 30 Scoreboard UConn Coach Randy Edsall

(UConn’s Edsall, Big East: First On Scoreboard, Last In Boardroom)

With that news, UConn football coach Randy Edsall, who was reportedly a candidate for the Notre Dame football coaching position before Brian Kelly was hired, thinks it’s time for the Big East to demand that the Irish either commit fully to their present conference or cut ties completely with the Big East. Read more…

Report: Weis Fired As Notre Dame Head Coach

UPDATE: Firing is official. If the Irish play in a bowl game, ND receivers coach Rob Ianello will serve as acting head coach.

Rich Cimini and Dick Weiss of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS report:

Charlie Weis

Charlie Weis is out as Notre Dame head football coach, a source close to the program told the Daily News.

The report adds that if Notre Dame players vote to go to a bowl game, “it is unlikely Weis will coach the team in that game.Read more…

South Bend Report: ND AD Indeed Wants Stoops

ND beat reporter for the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE Eric Hansen reports that Bob Stoops is indeed the top choice of Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick for the Irish football coach job.

Bob Stoops Doesn't Deny Interest In Notre Dame

A university source (I know I hate that, but I have to) has Oklahoma’s Bob Stoops at the very top of ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick’s wish list.

Hansen notes the possibilities “He’s Irish. He’s Catholic. He’s Midwestern. … There are rumors that Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione, with whom Stoops has a strong relationship, may be in the mix at Michigan. Breaking in a new AD may not be all that appealing to Stoops. Stoops’ twin boys and daughters love Norman, Okla., and have passed the age when moving is no big deal.

Hansen’s only negative: “Wife Carol is a powerhouse in the cosmetics business for Mary Kay.

Apparently Hansen hasn’t seen the women of South Bend (My father, brother and cousin all went there, I know.)

Recently, the CHICAGO TRIBUNE floated the possibility that Notre Dame is interested in Stoops, and here was the coach’s response:

“There’s nothing to talk about. Notre Dame has a coach and I’ve got a great job and you know, people just make stuff up. I don’t need to comment on that. If there’s some basis to anything I’d gladly comment on it, but just some guy makes something up, I don’t need to comment on that stuff.”

That rhetoric should alarm OU fans. Far from a denial.

Hansen has four other candidates, and Brian Kelly isn’t as prominent on Swarbrick’s list as you might think. Read more…

Game Over: Clausen’s South Bend Home Is Sold

UPDATE: The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has updated its story by reporting it got the entire thing wrong.

The CHICAGO TRIBUNE has news that will extinguish any talk of Jimmy ClausenCharlie Weis. coming back for his senior season at Notre Dame, with or without

Jimmy Clausen sells his South Bend home

Century 21 real estate agent Kathye Currey reports to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE that Clausen’s home in South Bend has been sold: “It has an accepted offer on it right now. It was for sale, it listed on the middle of July of this year. And it just went pending last week. Pending (means) the sellers have accepted an offer on it. It’s sold. It just has not closed with the title company yet.

Jim Clausen, Sr., the owner of the home, which is “steps from the Notre Dame campus”, could not be reached for comment.

Jimmy Clausen hides eye during practice

You’ll be happy to know that we also have a photo of Clausen from practice yesterday, in which he hides his black eye with a tinted visor. Read more…

Clausen Hides Black Eye, Weis Off Of Recruiting

Eric Hansen, Notre Dame football beat writer for the SOUTH BEND TRIBUNE, Tweets from ND practice today:

Jimmy Clausen wore visor at practice to hide black eye from reporters

Hansen also noted that, “ND players are off limits to the media this week. The next time we’ll hear from them or Weis is late Saturday night.”
Then there’s this from AOL FANHOUSE reporter John Walters, who was also at ND practice:

Jimmy Clausen hides eye during practice

ESPN’s National College Football Reporter Joe Schad also reported earlier today perhaps the most ominous sign about Weis’ sure-fire demise.

Read more…