Former NY Knicks Captain, NBA Star Is Homeless

Tim Povtak of AOL FANHOUSE has the latest on former NBA star Ray Williams, who played 12 years in the league, once captained the New York Knicks and scored over 10,000 points in his career.

Ray Williams

The 55-year-old Williams now lives in the Miami area, where he spends most of his days selling fish that he catches off a local pier.

With Williams, we get the garden-variety story of how he lost his money - living beyond his means for a time, eschewing a yearly NBA pension for a $200,000 lump sum and being victimized by a “real-estate scam.”

But what’s most interesting about this particular situation is that Williams has never had substance abuse issues. While no one sets out to be homeless, it appears that Williams made a reasoned, conscious decision to live life on his own terms. Read more…

Amare Stoudemire Nude ESPN Mag Pic: Digitized

Here’s a photo of Amare Stoudemire from ESPN The Magazine’s annual “The Body” Issue:

Amare Stoudemire Nude ESPN The Magazine photo

1 for the ladies.

NYK Dolan-Owned Outlet Reports LeBron To Miami

Suddenly the star reporter of the LeBron James saga is New York Knicks beat writer Alan Hahn of NEWSDAY, who by all accounts is a quality journalist.

James Dolan Owns Knicks and NewsDay

Hahn in the past 18 hours has broken the main media’s two most-cited LeBron James developments:

1) James is holding his “Decision” show in Greenwich.
2) James is going to Miami.

Previous to those scoops, Hahn hadn’t been at the forefront of the reporting of the much-followed story.

Though what makes Hahn’s late-in-the-game scoopage so interesting isn’t what he’s reporting, but who his boss is. Read more…

Cleveland: Photos, Video Of LeBron Meeting Scene

Here’s a photo of the LeBron meeting scene in downtown Cleveland inside the IMG building. The shot came just as James was about to sit down with the owners of the New Jersey Nets, Mikhail Porkhorov and Jay-Z.

Jay-Z and Mikhail Prokhorov at LeBron meeting

Here’s a banner, via Brian Windhorst of the CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, that was strategically placed outside the IMG offices where the meetings are taking place:

The AKRON BEACON-JOURNAL also has video of the comings and goings of the various parties involved. Read more…

Curry Can’t Pay $570,000 Loan - At 85% Interest

The only thing harder for Eddy Curry right now than getting on the court for the Knicks is paying his bills. That’ll happen though when you take out a personal loan for $570,000 - with an 85 percent interest rate.

Eddy Curry

Curry, hoping for court-ordered relief from a 2008 loan that has now ballooned to $1.2 million thanks to interest, was recently ordered by New York State Supreme Court Justice Jane Solomon to pay lender Allstar Capital $75,000 a month plus interest.

Of the loan, Allstar lawyer Donald David said, “He never paid any portion of it.

Solomon also cleared Allstar Capital to seize two 2009 Range Rovers and a 2009 Rolls-Royce Phantom convertible owned by Curry. That leaves Curry with nine cars, most of which are driven by relatives and his entourage.

In response to Solomon’s judgement, Curry’s legal counsel argued that he couldn’t pay the $75,000 per month to Allstar because of his current bills, which include:

$30,000 a month in “household expenses”
$17,000 a month to relatives and “dependants”
$6,000 a month for his personal chef
$350,000 he owes Juwan Howard
$1,075 a month in cable and satellite TV service
The unpaid mortgage on his Chicago mansion Read more…

NY Daily News: No Shame When Begging James

Frank Isola of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has a story today on the chances LeBron James could leave Cleveland for the Knicks.

New York Daily News URL Asks Lebron To Ditch Cleveland

(Thrilla from Zilla)

“Ditch that dump” didn’t make it into Isola’s copy or the headline. Maybe that part of the URL was leftover from the last Daily News piece on what it’s like to live in the Bronx.

Clips Take Caps Lock Out On Isiah Thomas Report

UPDATE (5:15p ET): Ramona Shelburne of reports that the Clippers are denying they are considering Isiah Thomas for a position with the club.

Clippers deny interest in Isiah Thomas

Shelburne adds: “This feels like story came from Isiah… Can’t see why the Clippers would want to pay $10 mill worth of coach next year.”

ORIGINAL POST: Jeff Goodman of reports Friday:

Isiah Thomas Mike Dunleavy Donald Sterling

NBA Hall of Famer and current men’s basketball coach at Florida International University Isiah Thomas has emerged as one of the candidates to run the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to a source close to the situation, the Clippers have reached out to Thomas — who coached the Indiana Pacers and also the New York Knicks — to take over coaching, general manager and president duties.

He would replace Mike Dunleavy, who was relieved of his coaching duties earlier this week but remains the general manager.

Goodman’s report is all the more delightful when you consider that 11 months ago, Dunleavy said on the record that he turned down Thomas’ offer to work for the Clippers for free - in any capacity!

Lisa Dillman of the L.A. TIMES:

Thomas is doing what he can to try to get back into the game, and with his daughter set to attend Loyola Marymount, he offered to work for the Clippers without getting paid because he is still receiving money from the Knicks, Dunleavy said.

“Isiah came to us,” Dunleavy said in a telephone interview Thursday morning. “I wasn’t going to be a jerk and say, ‘I can’t talk to you.’ But there’s no position in the organization for him.”

While Dunleavy may sound like he’s somewhat sympathetic to Thomas, to reveal that Thomas was willing to work for free was clearly a low blow.

Then there’s January, 2008, when Dunleavy slammed Thomas for running the Knicks into the ground.

Read more…

Knicks Coach: No Interest In Charitable Gestures

Nice video find by Jose3030.FM:

Nate Robinson shoots at the wrong basket, scores for the Nets

(Vid after jump … shot)

That’s Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks today nailing a long shot - into the Nets’ basket. Surprisingly, Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t feeling nearly as charitable as Robinson.

Knicks-Nets game like watching two old people have sex

(Everyone has a fetish these days)

Read more…

NBA Preseason: Coach Won’t Leave After Ejection

Pini Gershon, coach of Euroleague team Maccabi Tel Aviv, did the impossible today: he got me to mention a Knicks preseason game.

Pini Gershon Refuses To Leave Court At Knick Game

(Love the wink)

After picking up his second technical foul of the game between the clubs this afternoon at MSG, Gershon refused to leave the court. The game was halted when the officials noticed Gershon continuing to “linger near Maccabi’s bench.”

When the replacement refs couldn’t get him to leave, a rabbi entered the scene. Really. Read more…

Week In Review: Erin Andrews Gets Down & Dirty

• Whether you adore her or want to ignore her, Erin Andrews is starting to embrace her popularity more & more - such as posing for a GQ photoshoot.

Erin Andrews GQ 3

• Help wanted: New Mexico football office. Only hot young girls need apply.

• Redskins backup QB Colt Brennan denies reports that he’s Jessica Simpson’s new NFL stud.

Tom Cable shows how rough & tough the Raiders are going to be this season by breaking the jaw of one of his assistant coaches.

• The Dodgers turn to Snoop Dogg to help sell tickets. Fo’ shizzle.

Read more…