Video: Jerry Sandusky Smoking Gun NBC Deleted

On November 15, 2011, NBC’s “Today” aired a video clip from an interview between Bob Costas and Jerry Sandusky.

Bob Costas and Jerry Sandusky: The Smoking Gun

During the interview, Sandusky said to Costas:

“I didn’t go around seeking out every young person for sexual needs that I’ve helped. There are many (children) I didn’t have — I hardly had any contact with.”

For whatever reason the Sandusky remark, which came off as an attempted confession, did not air during excerpted video clips from the same interview the evening before on MSNBC’s “Rock Center.” (Nov. 14, 2011.)

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NBC Takes Olbermann Off Sunday NFL Broadcasts

Multiple media and network television sources confirmed to me Thursday that Keith Olbermann will not appear on NBC’s Football Night In America Sunday evening NFL broadcasts this season.

Keith Olbermann

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Some members of the FNIA cast and crew were made aware of the news Monday at a preseason production meeting in New York City. Afterwards, the cast and crew adjourned to Yankee Stadium to watch the Yankees-Blue Jays game. Read more…

Michaels: ‘Sooner Or Later 69 Will Be In Your Face’

It’s one of broadcasting’s great truths: Sooner or later, if you’re on the air long enough, you will have your Howard Cosell moment. Cosell, of course, had his a career’s worth of work nearly obliterated by one unfortunate phrase during a 1983 Monday Night Football game, when he blurted during an Alvin Garrett scamper, “Look at that little monkey run!” Fans of the Redskins’ wide receiver, who is black, were not amused.

Al Michaels

What Al Michaels’ faux paux during Sunday night’s game between the Vikings and Cardinals lacked in racial undertones it gained in hilarity, as at one point he noted of the Vikings’ Jared Allen (who wears No. 69): “Sooner or later, 69 will be in your face.” Indeed. Get that audio to Canton, pronto. And the porn hall of fame, is there is such a thing.

Audio following the jump. Read more…

Oops, Someone Screwed Up: I Have My Own Blog

So through a series of mixups and comic blunders, someone has given me my own sports blog. It’s over at, and it launches tomorrow at 9 a.m. Title: Out Of Bounds. No, I don’t know the exact url (they tell me very little), but it’ll be promoted on their front page, I’m told. No need to knock; just come right in.

Out Of Bounds logo

I should also say that this doesn’t mean I’m leaving SbB … on the contrary, once I get things situated in the new place, I’ll be here more than ever. I know that makes you happy … (hey! Who threw that brick?) Leaving SbB at this juncture is quite inconceivable, frankly. This site is going places; Brooks willing it to greatness through sheer heavy lifting and thought control. No one on the web is close to touching what he’s accomplished over the past nine months, and I want to continue to be a part of that. The vibe here is electric. He is the lightning thief.

So, that’s what’s happening. Above please enjoy a screen capture of the Out Of Bounds logo, never before seen in the wild. No, I have no idea what’s going on in it, or who those people are. All I can tell you is that if that’s a Kansas City Chief there on the left, soon he will either be suspended or traded to Yahoo.

Notre Dame Games Could Be Moved To Versus

As you’ve probably heard, Comcast is in heavy negotiations to acquire NBC for roughly eleventy kerjillion dollars, give or take a kerjillion or threeve. What effect that would have on NBC’s sports programming seemed to be of minimal concern… until you realize that Comcast also owns the Versus Network, and boy would they like to have some good content on that channel, seeing as how DirecTV reportedly called it “a glorified infomercial”. You probably already know where this one’s going.

Jimmy Clausen on Vs. Network
(An Irish fan’s dream come true!)

According to the SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL, if NBC gets swallowed up by the cable giant, Notre Dame’s probably one of the first big sports programs headed to Versus. And the school and its fans can complain until they’re hoarse, but Notre Dame’s the first to blame; after all, a move to cable is already in their contract.

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Video: 30 Rock’s “Tennis Night In America” Promo

A little confession: I’ve never really gotten into 30 ROCK. Yes, I’m told at least once a week that it’s the funniest show on television and that Tracy Morgan is a comedic genius. I’ve just seen the show about 4 times - trust me, I tried to get into it - and each time, it was just all right, but not enough for me to get invested in it (though I howled for about five minutes straight after this line).

Tennis Night in America

That, however, may change.  30 Rock may have won me over with this clip of character Jenna Maroney’s “TENNIS NIGHT IN AMERICA” intro from last night’s show. There’s little subtlety in the allusion to the insipid Faith Hill spot for NBC’s actual FOOTBALL NIGHT IN AMERICA, but that’s par for the course with 30 Rock. Video is after the break.

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Harrison Tells Tom Brady To “Take The Skirt Off”

For those who can’t bear to subject themselves to the NBC studio shows, what with Football Night in America being so overproduced it makes T-Pain seem “gritty” by comparison, you probably missed Rodney Harrison continuing his crusade to turn himself into the court jester of today’s crop of NFL television analysts*.

Tom Brady in a skirt
(”Plus, dude, purple totally clashes with the uniform.”)

In this instance, Tom Brady had just thrown a pass in the pocket when he was hit in the knee by Terrell Suggs (and rather lightly at that), prompting a 15-yard roughing the passer flag at Brady’s demonstrative request. Afterward, Harrison took what should have been an interesting debate about the new NFL rules protecting the quarterback in the pocket and instead turned into an OMG controversy about just Harrison, Brady, and “manhood.” Oh, great. Awesome. Video of the play in question and Harrison’s “controversial” remark after the break.

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Cream Cheese Causes Coach To Cancel Twittering

• Who would have though cream cheese on bagels would be the downfall of George Mason coach Jim Larranaga’s Twittering career?

Jim Larranaga George Mason cream cheese bagel

(”Go away! You’ve caused me enough trouble!”)

• Broncos fans boo Jay Culter on his return to Denver. And the way Kyle Orton has been playing, expect a lot more booing from Mile High this year.

• But there’s plenty of cheering at NBC, where Sunday’s Broncos-Bears matchup netted the highest ratings for a preseason game in five years.

• Holy subterranean living! Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger is building himself a batcave down in New Mexico.

• A Louisville-area high school football coach is facing homicide charges after one of his players collapsed & died during practice.

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Bears-Broncos Prove A Ratings Bonanza For NBC

So who came out ahead in the deal that sent Jay Cutler from the Broncos to the Bears? Easy answer so far: NBC. Sunday’s Bears-Broncos game scored a 7.3 overnight rating and 12 share; NBC’s highest-rated preseason game in five years. Read more…

Ohlmeyer’s First ESPN Column Is Mighty Lengthy

I wonder how things would have been different with The Empire if the Death Star had hired an ombudsman. Darth Vader would not have curtailed his strangling of subordinates, I fear. The ombudsman’s office would have been tiny, probably right next door to the garbage compactor. And speaking of that, Don Ohlmeyer began his reign as ESPN ombudsman today, rolling out his debut column in which he tackled (eventually) the network’s non-coverage of the Ben Roethlisberger sexual assault civil case.

Ben Roethlisberger, Don Ohlmeyer

Ohlmeyer, the venerable television director/producer who had legendary stints at NBC and ABC, apparently thinks he’s getting paid by the word; and who knows, he may be. His first column for ESPN is a massive tome, reminiscent of the Russian classics, or my phone book. Eventually, toward the end, he gets to what we all want to read: ESPN’s recent handling of Roethlisberger. After thousands of words laying the groundwork, he gave his verdict.

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