Nate Robinson Loves Seattle; Nate’s Skin Doesn’t

The latest Nate Robinson tattoo features Seattle’s skyline:

Nate Robinson Seatttle Skyline Tattoo

Often thought of doing that myself but being from K.C., inking my cervical vertabrae with couple-eight grain elevators probably not the play.

Knicks Coach: No Interest In Charitable Gestures

Nice video find by Jose3030.FM:

Nate Robinson shoots at the wrong basket, scores for the Nets

(Vid after jump … shot)

That’s Nate Robinson of the New York Knicks today nailing a long shot - into the Nets’ basket. Surprisingly, Knicks Coach Mike D’Antoni wasn’t feeling nearly as charitable as Robinson.

Knicks-Nets game like watching two old people have sex

(Everyone has a fetish these days)

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Week In Review: Erin Andrews Gets Down & Dirty

• Whether you adore her or want to ignore her, Erin Andrews is starting to embrace her popularity more & more - such as posing for a GQ photoshoot.

Erin Andrews GQ 3

• Help wanted: New Mexico football office. Only hot young girls need apply.

• Redskins backup QB Colt Brennan denies reports that he’s Jessica Simpson’s new NFL stud.

Tom Cable shows how rough & tough the Raiders are going to be this season by breaking the jaw of one of his assistant coaches.

• The Dodgers turn to Snoop Dogg to help sell tickets. Fo’ shizzle.

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Jay Glazer Will Not Suffer ESPN’s Mockery Gladly

Jay Glazer will not be bullied by the Boys from Bristol. In fact, the Fox Sports reporter declares, I wouldn’t mind punching one of these guys!”

Jay Glazer

• Wonder if Don Ohlmeyer will mention this in his next ESPN ombudsman column.

• The Knicks’ Nate Robinson Tweets about his recent arrest as it happens!

• For finally signing Stephen Strasburg, the Nationals show their gratitude toward interim GM Mike Rizzo by giving him his walking papers.

• Who would you rather name your new high school after - Alonzo Mourning or Janet Reno?

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Speed Read: Nate Robinson Twitters Own Arrest

And so the NBA Twitter Revolution takes another strange, unexpected turn: Tweeting live, during your own arrest. The New York Knicks’ Nate Robinson is the unlucky pioneer here, as his Twitter followers got a blow-by-blow account of him getting pulled over by police in Brooklyn on Tuesday afternoon, and then getting hauled down to the local precinct for driving on a suspended license.

Nate Robinson

In Twitter posts that have been subsequently deleted by Robinson (but salvaged by the NEW YORK POST), our protagonist at first seems to laugh off the incident as he sits in his car (with passenger Terence Williams of the Nets), presumably waiting for the officer to run his information. But then things get a little more serious. From THE POST:

Robinson, 25, soon announced via a Twitter posting that, “Cops pulled me over cuz my windows were 2 dark (but my windows were down) lol how funny is that.”

Williams posted his own tweet: “being pulled over is so funnnnny now I got to go get him mannnnnnnnn”

Robinson followed up with another Twitter posting: “Iam still pulled over and its been 35 min they have me sit in my truck like I dnt have s#*+2 do lol.”

At 6 p.m., Robinson was arrested and charged with unlicensed operator of a motor vehicle, and taken into custody by cops. He currently is being booked at the 52nd Precinct.

Robinson’s Twitter postings soon after were taken down. Williams also deleted his posts.

If you go to Robinson’s Twitter page now, you can pick up the dialogue as he enters the apology phase. I’m assuming he Tweeted these when he got home that night, and not from a holding cell.

“To All My Tweeps: I was irresponsible earlier when I tweeted about being pulled over.”

“I apologize to the Knicks, my family and fans.”

“I also want to thank the NYPD especially the arresting officer. He was fair and helped process me quickly.”

Then it starts getting weird:

“the media is try n 2kill my name and my image, but its cool only GOD can judge me now, they are make n it seem iam a head case not cool”

God’s going to judge you for a suspended license? That must be from the Old Testament …

Anyway, here on Earth, I’m not sure what’s the bigger imperative for the Knicks; taking away Robinson’s iPhone, or his car (his license has been suspended four times since June, 2008). It’s not very wise to flake on paying your tickets, but it’s even crazier to Tweet your own arrest, especially when you’re a restricted free agent trying to negotiate a new contract.

One of the first things that many high schools did when cell phones became ubiquitous with students was to ban them during school hours. And since professional sports is like high school with money, and athletes are getting themselves and their teams into trouble all the time with technology, it’s inevitable that contracts will soon begin including clauses such as “May not use Twitter while a member of this organization.” It wouldn’t be as hard to enforce as you’d think: One intern with a laptop and no social life could keep tabs on an entire team. The Truth Is Out There.

But what about the contention by Robinson that the media was trying to “kill” his name? Dude, you posted that only four hours after you were arrested. Quick work if it’s true.

Well, at least his car was stopped while he typed. I hope.

Shaquille o'Neal, Chad Ochocinco

Meanwhile, as Robinson lay snug in his bed after washing the booking ink off of his fingertips, Chad Ochocinco was still up, Tweeting into the wee hours of this morning. Mostly he was venting over a KENTUCKYPOST.COM article quoting Shaquille O’Neal as saying that he had better hands than him. Of course it was all a way for O’Neal to plug his new reality show, “Shaq Vs.,” which debuted Tuesday night (I didn’t watch it). But Ocho either didn’t know that, or was playing along with the joke.

Ocho on Twitter:

Why in the hell didn’t yall tell me Shaq called me out Twitter family, he had the nerve to say his hands are better than mine!!! It’s on (about 3:30 a.m., EST)

I been sleep all day after I broke camp now I can’t sleep (about 3:33 a.m.)

WTF!!!! He called me Ochonachos, them is fighting words and that’s the challenge, must see tv=Black Mexican beats Giant man to a pulp!!!!! (about 3:33 a.m.)

Then radio host JT the Brick barges in, but Ocho doesn’t seem to know who he is:

@OGOchoCinco Ocho, make a play in a game that matters and then I will give you love on the radio all night long. Larry Fitzgerald is the NFL

@JTTheBrick who cares and who are you, nice to meet and hear your input but: Child Please!!

Hey Chad, aren’t you in the middle of preseason? Shouldn’t you be in bed?

Erika David Twitter

In keeping with our Twitter theme, here’s Erika David, a rising pop star who Tweeted all her followers to be sure to watch the 7th inning of the Dodgers-Cardinals game on Tuesday night. That’s when she would be singing “God Bless America,” and … oh my Lord. That’s horrific.

The poor woman just had a bad day … it happens. Quit mocking her, James Loney! OK, at one point she forgets the lyrics and simply mumbles. And then the ending … my dog just fled the room. This performance is so bad, it’s good.

Michael Bisping

  • Now we switch you to Michael Bisping’s UFC blog, where the British middleweight announces that he won’t be fighting Wanderlei Silva in the main event of UFC 105 on November 14 in Manchester, England, as everyone expected. Silva, says Bisping, is due to undergo facial surgery. Can we skip the next year of transition and just go directly to way that all sports news will be reported in the future — via each individual athlete’s blog or Twitter account? Why deal with the bothersome middleman at all?
  • The ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH tells us that John Smoltz will sign with the Cardinals today at noon (CT), when and if he clears waivers. The Cardinals will insert Smoltz as their fifth starter, and only have to pay him a pro-rated share of the major-league minimum, about $100,000; with the Red Sox responsible for the balance of his $5.5 million contract.

  • Here’s a pretty humorous Michael Vick comic which HOLY TACO rolled out on Tuesday, an excerpt of which is shown above. But for my money, nothing beats the classic strip MARK TRAIL, which manages to be funny just about every day without meaning to. That’s because the artist, for some reason, insists on positioning the word balloons so that it appears the animals are talking. And, um, sometimes they’re talking from more than one orifice. (Witness below).

Mark Trail

  • Before South Africa’s 800-meter gold medal favorite Caster Semenya can run in the semifinals of the World Athletics Championships in Berlin Thursday morning, IAAF officials must confirm her gender. Yep. Take a look at the link here and decide for yourself; guy or gal? The IAAF will go with your decision.
  • No, you only wish you could parallel park with the expert aplomb of this 5-year-old. Check out the video at this link: There’s about seventy dozen people at my local Safeway parking lot which I have to go slap in the face now. The adjustment at the end is the best part.

  • Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the spelling capital of the world, Redskins running back Ladell Betts gets somewhat of a surprise when an equipment manager sheepishly approaches him during the first quarter of their preseason opener against the Ravens, and tells him he needs to take his jersey. “Actually, I do like Jerome Bettis, but I don’t prefer to have his name on my back,” Betts said. “I wasn’t upset or anything. I think the equipment people felt bad, but I wasn’t mad at them.
  • Wait, 10 hits in one inning? The 2009 New York Mets? I find this hard to believe and must see further documentation.
  • We’re all happy to hear that David Wright says he’s feeling fine, and wants to return to the Mets’ lineup as soon as he is eligible to do so, on Sept. 1. Wright was hit in the batting helmet by a pitch from the Giants’ Matt Cain on Saturday, and the Mets are being cautious; not quite yet ready to give him the green light to play. Of course if Wright had been a fan of The Faith Tones like I am, he’d know that no pitch could ever penetrate those imposing hair helmets. I’m here with my record collection to help in any way that I can, MLB.

The Faith Tones

The Faith Tones, by the way, would have NAILED “God Bless America.”

Was that the worst rendition of a patriotic song you’ve ever heard?

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Boat Recovered & 1 Rescued, NFLers Still Missing

• The boat carrying missing NFLers Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper has been found, and one survivor was rescued. However, the two players and another passenger still haven’t been found.

Corey Smith Marquis Cooper

• Does Bill Belichick treat all his ex-assistants-turned-NFL-head-coaches the same way?

• Speaking of, Eric Mangini is making drastic changes with the Browns - such as moving the video room up one floor at a cost of $500,000.

• DC Comics’ lawyers come down faster than a speeding bullet on the NBA for marketing “Krypto-Nate” T-shirts without their permission.

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NBA’s Newest Kryptonite: DC Comics’ Legal Team

When we attended All-Star Weekend and saw all the trappings that are now required to participate in a dunk contest, we had two thoughts.  First, will next year’s dunk contest cost more to mount than “Cleopatra“?  And second, how did the NBA get away with using so much of DC Comics’ intellectual property (including the Hall of Justice!) without irritating Time Warner?

Nate Robinson dunks over Dwight Howard

(You owe DC Comics 12 cents for looking at this photo)

While we may not know about the former yet (though we hear Michael Bay is helming LeBron James’ first dunk next year), we now know the answer to the latter: the NBA didn’t get away with it.

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Speed Read: Devin Harris Miracle Shot Sinks 76ers

You know who had a good night on Monday? Devin Harris of the New Jersey Nets. Not only did he score 39 points, but he sunk a game-winning half court shot as time expired to lift his team to a 98-96 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday night. The entire play was about as nutty as you can get in the NBA, with Harris having his initial shot blocked before recovering to sink the game-winning basket a fraction of a second before time expired.

Devin Harris

As BLACK SPORTS ONLINE points out, Harris’ shot raised a whole host of questions: was he fouled in the act of shooting; did he travel after recovering the initial blocked shot; and did he really get the shot off before time expired.  Take a look for yourself and be the judge (and please pay attention to Violet Palmer, who emphatically waved off the shot, probably because she’s an awful referee):

As for the 76ers: as THE 700 LEVEL points out, this loss was a microcosm of their season: for the sixth time, they lost a game they were leading with ten seconds to go. So the next time you complain about a close game your team lost, keep in mind that it could be worse - you could be a 76ers fan.

If Devin Harris had a good night on Monday, then the New York Knicks’ Nate Robinson continued his great month of February. Not only did he win the NBA Slam Dunk title by (literally) leaping over Dwight Howard, but he’s been a beast on the court as well. Besides blocking Chris Bosh, Robinson has been on a scoring tear. His 41 points against the Pacers marked the fourth time in the last six game he’s scored 30 points or more, helping lead the way to a 123-119 victory.

Nate Robinson

Meanwhile, not having such a great day or month is Marvin Harrison. It’s hard to imagine the possibly second-greatest wide receiver in NFL history playing for another team than the Indianapolis Colts, but that’s the real possibility after the INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that Harrison is all but certain to be cut by the team, barring a last-ditch effort by team owner Robert Irsay. Then again, if Jerry Rice can play for the Seahawks…

After Jerry Rice, who is the second-best receiver in NFL history?

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Speed Read: Trade Deadline All Hype, No Payoff

This was one of the more highly-anticipated NBA trade deadlines in recent memory, with names like Amare Stoudemire and Raef LaFrentz’ Expiring Contract flying all around. So, of course, it was a given that absolutely nothing of note was going to actually happen.

Raef LaFrentz

(2009’s inductee into the Expiring Contract Hall-of-Fame will continue to not play for Portland this season)

The most hilarious part of all of this is that ESPN set aside an entire hour yesterday afternoon to talk about all the big news that was going down. And then nothing happened, other than some blockbusters like Rashad McCants for Shelden Williams and Larry Hughes for Tim Thomas and The Contract Resulting From Jerome JamesFluky 2005 Playoff Run. So Mark Jones had to sit there and come up with crap to talk about with the likes of Jamal Mashburn and Chris Broussard, while all three looked like they would have rather been making out with Louis Amundson. They even had Marc Stein call in with some “breaking news” that the Knicks were thinking about trading Nate Robinson to Sacramento, then had him call back five minutes later to say it wasn’t happening.

So, what happened? Mostly, Portland decided that they’re OK with what they have, and will take the cap space from LaFrentz’ expiration and a trade exception they acquired for Ike Diogu into the offseason, instead of shipping a few parts to bring in someone like Vince Carter or Richard Jefferson. The Cavs showed some interested in bring in Shaq, but that never really got off the ground. And the Suns backed off on any Amare trades because they’ve scored 282 points in two games since kicking Terry Porter to the curb.

Meanwhile, everyone else seemed scared to make any deal that would add any payroll because of the current economic climate — and David Stern’s recent warning that the salary cap will probably be going down for the next couple of years.

I tuned in just after halftime of last night’s Celtics-Jazz tilt in Salt Lake, and noticed that Michael Rappaport was playing big minutes for Boston for some reason. What the heck was Scalabrine doing in the game? Then I realized that Kevin Garnett wasn’t out there. And while Celtics fans are probably upset about losing 90-85 to the Jazz, they’re much more worried about KG’s strained knee. He’s having it re-evaluated today, but a strained knee could mean anything from a slight hyperextension that will heal in two days to a torn ligament that could end a season. Could another Boston team be derailed by a catastrophic knee injury? New England holds its collective breath.

Kevin Garnett

So, now that we’ve found A-Rod’s drug-enabling cousin, it’s time to figure out what this “boli” crap is that the two were injecting for fun back in the day. Turns out that the substance, called Primobolan, was actually illegal in the Dominican Republic during the time Rodriguez says he and his boy Yuri were supposedly buying it from a pharmacy there. Still is illegal, actually, and all attempts by ESPNDeportes to buy some from different pharmacies were rebuffed.

ESPN cites a Dominican official who says that the drug would not have been for sale in a pharmacy, but could have been found either on the underground market or on the Internet. A-Rod also tested positive for testosterone, which is available over-the-counter in the D.R. So, it appears — and here’s a shocker — that Rodriguez might not be telling us the whole truth here.

Alex Rodriguez

(”Like I said, Yuri and I bought the Ebola from a guy named Manny who ran cockfights in Santo Domingo. It was all totally, completely legal. Manny just got it from the pharmacy and then gave it to us.”)

• Is there anything more simultaneously hilarious and tragic than a big, furry mascot seriously injuring itself? During NBA All-Star weekend, the Bobcats mascot made an impressive H-O-R-S-E shot that glanced off the, uh, groinal region of the Bucks mascot, who was standing on top of the basket. No, that wasn’t the injury. That came when the Buck tried some sort of Shawn Johnson-esque dismount that ended with a torn ACL. BALL DON’T LIE brings us the video from the L.A. TIMES:

Tom Glavine will be throwing 82-mph fastballs that are low and away but are called strikes anyway for at least one more year.

• A bus carrying the Albany River Rats AHL team crashed on the way home from a game in Lowell, Mass. early Thursday morning. Several players and the radio guy were injured, and some of the players might miss significant time, says the AP.

• The first women’s hammer throw Olympic gold medalist ever collapsed and died on Wednesday. What makes this really tragic is that it was only nine years ago that Poland native Kamila Skolimowska won gold in Sydney. She was just 26 years old, and the cause of her death is unclear.

• INSIDE WORLD SOCCER says that L.A. Galaxy fans are not happy that David Beckham is doing everything he can to not have to come back to the MLS. And, as you no doubt know, you do NOT want to make an MLS fanbase angry. That’s a mild displeasure that will haunt Beckham for minutes.

angry L.A. Galaxy fan

• THE ONION says that Nate Robinson is now just walking around jumping over Dwight Howard in his everyday life.

• The Lions needed a new offensive coordinator that would fit well into the Lions legacy. And, as luck would have it, fired Rams head coach Scott Linehan just happened to be available. Can you think of a more appropriate choice?

• FANIQ brings us a three-part video series featuring a guy waiting for a bus with Stephon Marbury. I guess he just happened to find Steph sitting at a bus stop, and asked if he could shoot a couple videos with him. Somehow, this totally makes sense. Here’s part 1:

• The LOHUD YANKEES BLOG says that not only are the Yanks trying to pull some shenanigans with their season ticket holders, but they can’t spell and/or use basic grammar correctly either. Really, this letter is pretty embarrassing coming from a professional sports organization. If George Steinbrenner was still alive, he’d be really angry.

• I swear, you can’t go five minutes without another huge controversy in the world of professional bass fishing. The L.A. TIMES has the story of Kim Bain-Moore, who is the first woman to ever fish in the apparently important Bassmaster Classic. The 50 male competitors are bent that she qualified on a women’s tour instead of the way they did. Because as we all know, a fish can totally tell which gender is holding the pole that destroyed its life.

• I don’t think there’s any really great way to die, but getting shot through the chest with a crossbow is probably not one of the best ways to go.

What Boston athlete injury would be the toughest for his team to overcome?

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NBA All-Star Saturday: Not Easy Dunking Green

It’s something of a cliche: the All-Star weekend is a celebration of sport (laced heavily with a good ol’ dose of American capitalism).  However, moreso than any other sport, the NBA can lay claim to creating an atmosphere of joy around roundball during its All-Star days.

The Pro Bowl exists as a requirement and a paid vacation to Honolulu (which makes Miami next year an interesting experiment).  For the NFL, the Super Bowl acts as the party, though the nasty business of a championship at the end of the fortnight has the feeling of cramming for a final exam, something an All-Star weekend can avoid.

Dwight Howard at the NBA All-Star weekend

Baseball’s turned their All-Star Game into a vocation, demanding that this time it counts.  Why on Mantle’s green Earth would you make it count?  Not everything has to succumb to the gravity of the moment.  For example, turning the home run competition into the Battin’ Death March by ladeling the commercials on thick.

Dikembe Mutombo at the NBA All-Star weekend

(The NHL? Still a rumor, sadly.  Give it time, though.)

Saturday night at the NBA All-Star Game distills all of the fun into one structure for one night only.  Friday’s for the kids; Sunday’s the formality.  Saturday night is where people come to be seen, especially in their green power suits, and no one seems to be affected by gravity’s weak force.

And now a little photo essay about Marv Albert, Wolf Blitzer, Dikembe Mutombo, and a certain phone booth…
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