Ron Artest’s SI Photo Shoot Hottie Avci: Abstinent

I was just admiring Natalin Avci’s Twitter background image - in which she’s featured on all fours in bra and panties on a bed - when I read one of her latest Tweets:

Natalin Avci Ron Artest Sports Illustrated Photos Pictures

“I know the Lord is gonna reward me for all the sacrifices I’ve made for my family, career & remaining abstinent!”

The last 48 hours have been a touch trying for Ron-Ron, so I highly advise he not click-through.

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Solo Photo Of Natalin Avci From Ron Artest Shoot

Arash Markazi, who penned an epic piece recently in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED about Ron Artest, gives us another photo of Natalin Avci from Artest’s frightfully prescient photoshoot:

Natalin Avci Ron Artest Sports Illustrated Photos Pictures

And to think I was just about to leave the house, damn you Markazi!

Natalin Avci Sizzles On (Who’s Ron Artest?)

As we revealed last week, for the photo shoot on a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED article, we’ll all be treated to one of the choicest dimepieces the world’s ever seen. Also, next to her will be Ron Artest, who we’re told plays the “basket’s ball.” Never heard of him, really, and haven’t we already talked about him enough? Yes, we have, and let’s talk about Natalin Avci instead.

Ron Artest Natalin Acvi 2
(Ho. Lee. S**t.)

Natalin, as you’ve probably deduced, is the friendly young lady seated next to Artest (how’s that even pronounced? Like “artist,” or with the accent on the second syllable? Seriously, never heard of this guy ever).

Ron Artest Natalin Avci Sports Illustrated Photos

(Inset photo)

We can talk more about her in a little bit, but first five words you’ve been waiting for: More pics after the jump. You’re welcome.

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