Much Like Economy, Westbrook Strapped For A$$

After the benching of Donovan McNabb yesterday, the Eagles are a team in turmoil. Yesterday against Balto, the club lost said quarterback and the game 36-7 - and running back Brian Westbrook nearly lost his pants:

Brian Westbrook pulled down by jock strap against Ravens

(Clay Aiken: Big fan of strapping jocks?)

Speaking of edited photos, remember that Natalie Nelson photo post last week? Read more…

Natalie Really Needs To Close Facebook Account

Apparently Natalie Nelson, the ever-confused USC Song Girl, now has this photo circulating:

USC Song Girl Natalie Nelson Rides The Bulls

It’s on a site called JERSEY CHASER, and I cannot vouch for the pic’s veracity.

Sooooooo, want to see the unedited pic? Read more…

Confused SC Song Girl Once Again Tex-Perplexed

A few years ago there was a bit of a scandal at USC after this picture surfaced following the Trojans loss to Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns in an epic BCS Championship Game at the Rose Bowl.

As you can see in the photo, there is a Song Girl actually celebrating a Longhorns touchdown.

Her name is Natalie Nelson, and thanks to some new photos that have surfaced on the internet it’s starting to look like Natalie didn’t make a mistake at all.  No, it’s starting to look as if Natalie was a Longhorns fan all along. Read more…

Confused USC Cheerleader Marries USC Center Ryan Kalil Hopes To Remember To Put Hands Down Pants Of Right Guy

CONFUSED USC SONG GIRL TO LINE UP BEHIND RIGHT GUY? USC cheerleaders (or Song Girls as we SC fans call them) have gotten a bad rap over the years, but I’m happy to report that Scott Wolf of the LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS has some (supposed) good news regarding Natalie Nelson, the USC Song Girl who was torched by internet-based sports observers for supposedly cheering for Texas’ game-winning touchdown in the 2006 NCAA BCS championship game.

Natalie Nelson Ryan Kalil Marriage USC Cheerleader Texas

Wolf notes Nelson is getting married to former USC offensive lineman Ryan Kalil, who will be going pro this season and is expected to be a relatively high NFL draft pick (there is some disputing of this fact by commenters on Wolf’s blog).

Natalie Nelson Ryan Kalil Marriage USC Cheerleader Texas

Kalil was the center for USC offensive line the last three years, and here’s hoping that Nelson makes sure, unlike a prominent quarterback of the past, she’s got her hands down the pants of the right guy.UPDATE: I talked to someone today who knows Nelson, and the engagement is true. She had previously dated Dallas Sartz for some time, but now is hot on Kalil, and now plans to tie the knot with the USC lineman (after consulting on Ryan’s draft position with Mel Kiper? Hmmm).