Stanford $$$ Flushed Down Coach’s $70K Toilet?

• While Stanford suffers through athletic budget problems, football coach Jim Harbaugh gets himself a new $70,000 private bathroom & shower.

Jim Harbaugh golden toilet

• The SEC is certainly a selfless b-ball conference. When the players aren’t giving up scholarships to allow other people onto the team, their coaches are giving up raises so they can afford team trips to Australia.

• UConn is taking the first steps to curtail catastrophic cheerleader injuries.

• Schools aren’t sold on Bud Light’s plans for college-colored Fan Cans.

• Are fantasy sports a nightmare for relationships & fan allegiances?

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NAACP Planning Pro-Vick Rally Before Thu. Game

It’s obvious a lot of folks in Philadelphia are flustered by the fact that the Eagles are giving Michael Vick a second chance at an NFL career. The Vickster is set to make his debut for the Iggles this Thursday in an exhibition game against the Jaguars at Lincoln Financial Field.

Michael Vick Eagles

As you would expect, a big protest march is being planned to take place at the Linc before kickoff. As you might not expect, the planned march will be pro-Vick.

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Parents Concerned About Bikini Bar Next to School

• A bikini-themed sports bar in San Antonio is all set to open for business - right next door to a prep school.

Bikinis Sports Bar

• A blown whistle blows the chances of the Detroit Red Wings tying up Game 3 against the Anaheim Ducks.

• NBA tells Buckeye benchwarmer Mike Titus to take his name out of the upcoming Draft, “or else”.

• The NAACP will honor L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling with a lifetime achievement award. Elgin Baylor must be thrilled.

• A lot of Pens fans are teased by a text message mistake telling them they won four free tickets to an upcoming playoff game.

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NAACP To Honor Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

There have been many opinions about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling during his time running the team. The most common one being that Sterling is cheap and couldn’t care less about whether or not the team was winning, just as long as he was running a profit. He never signed the big free agents, or kept any of the team’s young talent anytime they began showing some promise.

Sterling has quieted some of these complaints in recent years by trying to re-sign players like Elton Brand and bringing in others such as Baron Davis. Then after essentially firing longtime general manager Elgin Baylor last October, he was hit with another criticism after Baylor filed a lawsuit against Sterling saying that he was a racist and that he had a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure” within the organization. Well, Elgin’s lawsuit just took a pretty big blow. The NAACP is honoring Sterling with a lifetime achievement award.

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NAACP: HS Player’s Shotgun Death Not A Suicide

Updating a story from last week, the mystery behind prep football star Billey Joe Johnson’s death only deepens. Johnson, you might recall, was killed after apparently sustaining a self-inflicted shotgun wound during a early morning traffic stop on December 8.

billey joe johnson

Since then, many people have tried to piece the story together, often with nothing more than hearsay, rumors, and idle speculation. Joining that fray is the NAACP, who announced that they do not believe Johnson’s death was a suicide:

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