Video: Mississippi State Outfielder Flips Off Crowd

Mississippi State baseball player Brent Brownlee was suspended for one game by Bulldogs head coach John Cohen Monday morning after the outfielder made an obscene gesture on the field immediately following a game yesterday in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Brent Brownlee Flips Off Fans Video

After left fielder Brownlee caught the final out in a 5-3 MSU win over Arkansas Sunday afternoon, he directed a single-finger obscene gesture in the directions of fans as he jogged off the field. Read more…

Infamous M-State Tapes Do Not Include Newtons

In the past week a Huntsville, Alabama-based radio talk show host named Scott Moore has been touting the upcoming release of audio tapes he claims may further incriminate Cam and Cecil Newton and Auburn and Tennessee with the NCAA.

WZZN 104.5 The Zone Huntsville Scott Moore

(Moore confusion from Barrett Sallee of

Here’s a sampling of Moore talking about the “tapes” today on the Chuck and Chernoff Show on 680 The Fan in Atlanta:

“Is Cecil Newton shopping his son around on these tapes? The answer to that is, yeah, he is. … Cecil said that there are offers from Tennessee on there (on the tapes) and offers from Auburn. That’s according to Cecil Newton.

“Cecil’s shopping him around, and the sentiment there is, I believe we’ll be able to show and prove that Cam knew what was going on.

“What I’ve said is true, the tapes exist of Cecil shopping him around.”

On his own show on WZZN-FM in Huntsville last week, Moore said of the tapes:

“The bottom line is these numbers that we keep hearing about — this $150,000 offer from Tennessee, this $180,000 from Auburn — those came from Cecil Newton (to Rogers on the tapes). They didn’t come from Auburn or Tennessee, they came from Cecil Newton. He’s the one that said these offers were made to him.

“What I’ve heard is offers… (Newton) saying on these tapes that these offers were from Tennessee for $150,000 and a $180,000 offer from Auburn. I heard him say that, I’ve seen the text messages. And they exist, that’s the bottom line.”

Moore claims he acquired the tapes from former Mississippi State football players and current boosters John Bond and Bill Bell. It was Bond who first reported details of alleged impropriety involving Mississippi State’s recruitment of Cam Newton to the school’s athletic department.

Bell later reported to that former Mississippi State player Kenny Rogers contacted him on behalf of Cecil Newton in order to solicit Cam Newton’s football services to MSU as part of a pay-for-play scheme.

Today I talked to a source who has spoken to both Bond and Bell on multiple occasions, most recently about Moore’s claims involving audio tapes allegedly in their possession. Read more…

Libya’s Gadhafi a Breeze After Sly Croom Regime

Thanks to a report today from Stephanie Gosk of NBC Nightly News, we know millions of Libyans continue to stage a rebellion against the country’s tyrannical leader, Moammar Gadhafi.

Mississippi State fan in middle of Libyan Revolution Crowd

(Libyan Revolution Inspired By Allah, Johnie Cooks)

And one Mississippi State fan.

Read more…

Legendary MSU Voice Steps Down After 58 Years

Today is a sad day for Misssissippi State fans, the state of Misssissippi and the SEC.

Jack Cristil

(Jack missed one football game in 58 years!)

Last night at the close of the MSU-LSU basketball broadcast, the school’s longtime football and basketball voice Jack Cristil announced he was stepping down after 58 years behind the mic in Starkville.

Here’s the text of Cristil’s remarks: Read more…

MSU Booster Bond to Tell All If Cam Gets a Pass?

Earlier today I broke the news that NCAA investigators were in Louisiana Monday taking a hard look at the football recruiting practices of Auburn University.

Cecil Newton was at the BCS Championship Game

(Bond: No NCAA Justice For Auburn To Spring More Media Leaks?)

At the center of that NCAA investigation is Sean Nelson, a so-called “street agent” who may have unduly assisted Auburn football coaches in the recruitment of Trovon Reed and Greg Robinson.

Another possible concern for Auburn on the NCAA investigatory front involves ex-Mississippi State football player and now-notorious college football recruiting go-between Kenny Rogers.

It was Rogers’ now-admitted solicitation of funds from a Mississippi State booster on Cecil Newton’s behalf that led the father of ex-Auburn quarterback Cam Newton to admit to NCAA investigators that he had been a willing participant in a scheme to offer his son’s football services to Mississippi State in exchange for a cash payment.

Today I learned that for that past month representatives of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel have repeatedly asked Rogers for a sitdown interview to further discuss his involvement with Cam Newton’s recruitment. Recently, Rogers agreed, and will be interviewed on March 1 with the visit to air on a yet-to-be determined date.

That date of the Rogers interview on HBO may depend on the cooperation of former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond and ex-MSU player and booster Bill Bell. HBO has also been pressing them for sitdowns the past month, but so far neither has agreed to participate. Read more…

Miss. State Playboy Cheerleader: Vh1 Reality Pilot

Three weeks ago I reported that a current Mississippi State freshman cheerleader named Taylor Corley had modeled nude in November for Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

After my report, Mississippi State subsequently released a statement about the 18-year-old, with a school official indicating that since Corley had posed for Playboy before she enrolled at MSU, she had been allowed to remain on the MSU cheer squad. (Mississippi State officials were also not aware of her nude modeling when she was offered a cheerleading scholarship.)

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Wednesday I got in touch with Corley for an update on her situation at State and with Playboy - among other things.

Corley on her future with Playboy: Read more…

Miss. State Player Now Suspended For Tweets

Early Thursday I noted a critical Tweet sent out by Mississippi State guard Ravern Johnson after a 75-61 loss to Alabama on Wednesday.

Ravern Johnson rips Rick Stansbury on Twitter, Renardo Sidney agrees

Johnson wrote on his Twitter account, which has since been deleted:

“Starting to see why people Transfer. You can play the minutes but not getting your talents shown because u watching someone else wit the ball the whole game”

Johnson teammate Renardo Sidney then re-Tweeted his Twitter entry moments later in what could only be construed as an endorsement of Johnson’s Tweet.

Today Mississippi State officially announced Johnson has been suspended for the team’s game Saturday against LSU.

Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury previously announced yesterday that all MSU players were now banned from having a Twitter account.

Today Brandon Marcello of the JACKSON (MS) CLARION-LEDGER provided more background on Johnson and Sidney, including additional Tweets from their accounts Wednesday night that were directed at Bulldog fans: Read more…

Media: Twitter Separates Strong From The Tweet

Last night a garden variety SEC basketball game played out between Mississippi State and Alabama in Tuscaloosa. (In coasting to a 75-61 win, the Crimson Tide completed a season sweep of the Bulldogs.)

Ravern Johnson rips Rick Stansbury on Twitter, Renardo Sidney agrees

(See update on new story development at bottom of this post)

In past years, the game would ultimately be of no consequence, but thanks to Twitter, we were let in on a team secret after the game that added exponentially to interest in the game.

After the game, Mississippi State senior guard Ravern Johnson offered little more than platitudes to the credentialed media in Tuscaloosa. But later, Johnson later took to his Twitter account to reveal his true feelings about Wednesday’s proceedings.

Johnson tore into coach Rick Stansbury with this Tweet:

“Starting to see why people Transfer, you can play the minutes but not getting your talents shown because u watching someone else wit the ball the whole game shooters need to move not watch why other coaches get that do not make sense to me.”

It gets worse. Read more…

Miss. State Statement On Cheerleader In Playboy

Dr. Bill Kibler, Vice President of Student Affairs at Mississippi State, has released a statement regarding the school’s reaction to MSU cheerleader Taylor Corley posing nude in Playboy.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos


“If she had identified herself as an MSU Cheerleader or used any of our marks, then the university might have pursued action. However, she was not identified as an MSU student or a cheerleader. The university did not pursue any action when this came to our attention last fall.”

As I reported Monday, Corley remains a current member of the school’s cheerleading squad.

In talking to several sources this morning about the situation, I’ve learned why MSU chose not to remove Corley from the school’s cheerleading squad.
Read more…

Current Mississippi State Cheerleader In Playboy

Taylor Corley is a freshman at Mississippi State from Atlanta.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

She’s also a current cheerleader for the school who recently appeared nude in Playboy magazine.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

Corley posed for the magazine under the name Taylor Stone, with her Playboy images first surfacing in November.

Taylor Corley Stone nude cheerleader photos

So has Corley’s nude modeling affected her status as an official representative of Mississippi State? Read more…