Moss Makes It w/Miss KY; Eight Belles’ Revenge

SbB’s back from the Virgin Islands to the not-so-virgin South Beach.

Randy Moss has his own dirty Derby with Miss Kentucky USA.

Randy Moss Alysha Noel Harris

• Meanwhile, Mike Tirico gets the runaround from a PETA spokesperson when trying to ask a question about the Eight Belles tragedy.

• But the fallen filly is getting her revenge, thanks to this heavy horse in England.

• A Chicago columnist blows up over blow-up dolls in the White Sox clubhouse.

• That writer needs to relax. May this baby buy you a beer?

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Pics: Randy Moss Bends Over Miss Kentucky USA has a couple recent randoms of Randy Moss bending over a hottie at the Kentucky Derby last weekend:

Randy Moss Alysha Noel Harris

The freakee in question is identified by TMZ as “Miss Kentucky USA”, but of course, the website doesn’t have the time or inclination to actually find out her name - or unearth any other photos.

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