Mother Nature Rains on Politically Incorrect Parade

The Lowell Spinners planned on giving out pink potholders to the first 250 ladies who attended Thursday night’s game against the State College Spikes, as a part of the Red Sox affiliate’s “Politically Incorrect Night” promotion. Unfortunately, no women showed up. The lack of females was not a result of the ladies being too busy burning their bras in protest of the promotion, or because they were stuck in the kitchen.

Sexy Chef

Another woman with a little bit of power seemed to be offended by the antics of the Class A team and was able to step in and have the game canceled. Mother Nature dumped precipitation all over New England last night, causing the game and the promotion to be rained out.

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Twins Pitcher Liriano Calls for Union Investigation

In what seems to be a bit of a bold move, the agent for young Twins ace Francisco Liriano is so upset the pitcher is still toiling in the minors that he’s contacted the players’ union about possibly filing a greivance against the Baggy-Domers.

Ken Rosenthal from FOX SPORTS reports that Greg Genske, Liriano’s agent, is specifically looking into whether or not the Twins are purposefully keeping him in the minors as a way of extending the length of time they’ll retain rights to Liriano.

Let’s let Ken explain the legal mumbo-jumbo. Take it away, Ken!

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MLB Tells Little League Not To Use Team Names

Now that the merchandise menace from the Cape Cod League has been neutralized, Major League Baseball can get back to more important items on their agenda - like threatening to sue an Illinois Little League over using MLB team names without expressed written consent.

Money talks Bud Selig listens

(When money talks, Bud listens)

WBBM in Chicago pitches up foul news that baseball teams in the town of Tinley Park had to face a financial ultimatum from Bud Selig’s office over their uniforms - pay to use their names & logos, or pay for it in court.

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Minor League Pitcher Traded For Ten New Bats

John Odom, who had spent three years at San Francisco’s Class-A affiliate, was traded to an independent minor league team on Tuesday…for new baseball bats.

baseball bats

No, not “bats in the lineup.” Ten actual baseball bats.

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Bobblefoot Salutes Sen. Craig’s Stall Adventures

Oh, those wacky St. Paul Saints have done it again! The minor league team that brought the world the Michael Vick dog chew toy has come up with a new novel giveaway - and it’s certain to be flush with success.

St. Paul Saints bathroom bobblefoot

The latest lunacy from the minds at Midway Stadium is this bathroom bobblefoot - much like the bobblehead, only it’s the other end of the body that bounces. The collectible features a pair of feet sticking out below a bathroom stall, with one of the feet spring-loaded so it taps.

The Saints say the giveaway is in honor of National Tap Dancing Day. But Bob von Sternberg of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE knows that the keepsake is a subtle shot at a certain sullied senator: Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Port-A-Potty Run At The Preakness

• FRIENDS OF THE PROGRAM knows that nothing personifies the pageantry of the Preakness like running across port-a-potties while dodging beers.

Preakness Port-A-Potty Run

• We earlier served up the story on how Jared Allen’s KC bar would fare with the DE being traded to the Vikings. Now the KANSAS CITY STAR follows up that the ex-Chief’s establishment has closed its doors.

• BABES LOVE BASEBALL conjures up another edition of Voodoo Sabermetrics - this time starring Ken Griffey, Jr. Maybe they’ve discovered what a changed man he is.

• David Warner of AOL FANHOUSE tunes in to see that we’re one step closer to ESPN The Ocho.

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“Bull Durham” 20th Anniversary - A Sequel Soon?

Writer/Director Ron Shelton was back around some old stomping grounds on Wednesday, helping celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of the most well-known sports movies to hit the silver screen.

Bull Durham movie poster

The movie, of course, is “Bull Durham“, Shelton’s cinematic masterpiece about the lives, laughs & loves in the world of minor league baseball. Ron had returned to Durham, NC, to partake in the celebratory festivities honoring the film.

But during a luncheon, Shelton mentioned the possibility of a plan that’s death to many a memorable movie - a sequel! Read more…

B-Ball Team Krunks Foes With 194-Point Pounding

The East Kentucky Miners hit the mother lode Sunday, as the minor league basketball team finished their game only 6 points away from bucketing 200.

East Kentucky Miners cheerleaders mascot

(The East Kentucky Miners’ Diamond Girls, with Hard Hat Harry)

OUR SPORTS CENTRAL bounces up news that the pride of Pikeville crushed the Atlanta Krunk 194-115 in CBA action, with eight different Miners digging up double-digits in scoring.

It is nice to see the Continental Basketball Association still alive, rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the Isiah Thomas years. Read more…

Justin Timberlake’s Next Film Role Minor (League)

KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi reports that Justin Timberlake’s next film role will be a minor one - a minor league one, that is.

Justin Timberlake Corpus Christi Hooks

The pop star-slash-actor-slash Pepsi punching bag will be portraying a minor league baseball player in the upcoming movie “The Open Road” Read more…

Vegas Hockey Squad Awash In Alternate Jerseys

Hockey teams have traditionally worn (and sold) only home & road jerseys. But in the last few years, many franchises have added an alternate uniform or two to the lineup, in an effort to spice things up on the ice & move out more merchandise to the fans.

However, the Las Vegas Wranglers may have overdone it a bit.

Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys

The LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL skates over news that the minor league club has shown off up to 15 different jersey designs during its brief 5-year existence. Read more…