Former Auburn Coordinator: “All They Do Is Pray”

David Cross once said, “The South has a certain kind of ignorance that is deeper and truer, more unwavering and steadfast in ignorance than the rest of the country has. And just for a lack of a better term, let’s call it Southern Baptist.” While we’d never criticize another man’s religion - if God tells you to do something, y’know, you do it - there’s few places where the Southern Baptists roll thicker than Alabama.

Jay Jacobs Auburn
(”‘Forever and ever, Amen.’ Very good. Now, let us pray.”)

That, then, takes us to Auburn, the scene of much tumult over the last year or so. Before Gene Chizik nearly caused a riot by taking the reins of the program, there was another controversial addition to the coaching staff: offensive coordinator Tony Franklin. Franklin was tasked with bringing the spread to the Auburn offense, a move that failed so spectacularly that he was canned seven games into his Auburn career. Franklin finally talked about his time there to the MONTGOMERY ADVERTISER, and sweet bearded Moses, do they ever like to prayRead more…