VA Arts Org To Honor ‘Inspirational Hero’ Vick

The Southeastern Virginia Arts Association’s (SEVAA) First Annual Black-Tie Honors Gala on March 26th in downtown Norfolk should be a lively affair.

(”You say controversial, I say inspirational”)

From the SEVAA’s press release on the black tie affar:

This year also marks the first year of SEVAA’s Annual Black Tie Honors Gala, which is organized to honor those individuals that have made significant contributions to the positive image and progress of African-American culture in the Hampton Roads community.

We are extremely proud to honor Attorney Carl C. La Mondue and NFL Superstar Michael D. Vick as our first annual honorees. Michael D. Vick has epitomized the meaning of “hero” not only by his unparalleled accomplishments on the gridiron, but more importantly, by his relentless resilience in overcoming the obstacles he has faced in his career, defying the odds and nay Sayers, and becoming a true example of life success for all to emulate.

So what’s SEVAA’s motivation for honoring such a controversial figure?

SEVAA President Michael Muhammad told WTKR-TV’s Jummy Olabanji that he doesn’t consider Vick controversial.

“Since he was released from federal custody, Michael has been more than an example of how to redirect your life after troubled times.

“You say controversial, I say inspirational.” 

But from additional details provided by WVEC-TV in Norfolk and WTKR, SEVAA’s first-ever ‘Black-Tie Honors Gala’ might not be all about the appreciation of the arts - with the “inspirational” Vick merely a sidelight. Read more…

MLBer: ‘Something Bad Needs To Happen’ To Vick

Animal rescue advocates Mark and wife Jamie Buerhle were profiled today by Scott Merkin in a piece published by

Mark and Jamie Buerhle

(Merkin Tweeted quotes before deleted them from piece)

As part of the story, Chicago White Sox Pitcher Buerhle said of notorious past dog abuser Michael Vick:

“He had a great year and a great comeback, but there were times where we watched the game and I know it’s bad to say, but there were times where we hope he gets hurt. Everything you’ve done to these dogs, something bad needs to happen to these guys.”

Buerhle’s raw, unfiltered feelings about Vick no doubt offended many who read it.

Check that.

Buerhle’s raw, unfiltered feelings about Vick no doubt offended many who read it before editors deleted the entire quote from the story.

After the censorship, added the following line to the bottom of the story: “This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

I’m a dog lover myself, but would like to think that the majority of the population would agree that wishing harm on someone in that circumstance is wholly inappropriate. Read more…

Vick Falsely Accuses Giants Of Being Sore Losers

After the Philadelphia Eagles stunned the New York Giants 38-31 Sunday night, Michael Vick claimed to the media that the Giants lacked sportsmanship by immediately leaving the field after their devastating loss.

(Video below)

While speaking to the assembled media, Vick said, “I have a lot of respect for the New York Giants, I just thought, to walk off the field at the end (of the game), that didn’t show a lot of sportsmanship.

Bad enough Vick is claiming to be an arbiter of sportsmanship, considering his previous propensity for slinging obscene gestures at his own fans. Now Vick is completely misrepresenting the facts when it comes to his opponent’s postgame behavior.

After the game Sunday, Nick Laham of Getty Images shot this photo with the accompanying description. Read more…

Michael Vick: “I Would Love To Get Another Dog” has a new interview with Michael Vick in which he says he’d like to once again own a dog.

Michael Vick Top Dog Philadelphia Daily News Headline

During a video interview, Vick said that owning a dog would be a “big step” in his rehabilitation. Read more…

Audio: Emmitt Position On Vick Gets Blowed Out

Las Vegas sports radio titan Steve Cofield today sends along some audio of Emmitt Smith analyzing the future comeback of Michael Vick on ESPN-TV in 2007.

Michael Vick Emmitt Smith

“Like Parcells said I’m not sure he will play at the quarterback position and if I’m a general manager and I’m looking at Michael Vick right now, spending a year and a half, to two years or three years away from the game, I cannot have this guy as my quarterback.

“First of all he had a lot of issues trying to grasp the offense, go through the reads and find the right receivers in the first place. Let alone now spending three, three years or whatever many, however many time, how much time he’s away from the game trying to get that back when he come back it’s going to be very, very difficult.

“BUT, this is a guy who is very athletic. You can bring him in, have him play some kind of position on the football field whether it be punt return, kickoff return, third down wide receiver. Possibly even running back. Like to run the ball anyway so give him a chance at that.”

So despite last night’s stunning performance against the Redskins, Vick still hasn’t earned the Rite of Patches. Or Rice of Passage, for that matter. Read more…

Philadelphia Media Refuses To Roll Over For Vick

Today, the day after Michael Vick’s bizarre return as starting Eagles quarterback, the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS featured a large photo of Vick with the headline, “TOP DOG: In a Shocking Turnabout, Reid Names Vick Starter.

Michael Vick Top Dog Philadelphia Daily News Headline

(Inset: Aug. 14, 2009 - Day after Vick signed with Eagles)

Obviously Vick’s past mistreatment of dogs has zero to do with his current football fortune, so was the Daily News headline inappropriate?

If the NFL was only about football, yes. Read more…

Marcus Vick Was Driving White Escalade In 2004

Last Saturday the HAMPTON ROADS DAILY PRESS reported that a former childhood friend of Michael Vick, Quanis Phillips, was identified as being shot in the leg outside of Vick’s 30th birthday party late last Thursday night at a restaurant in the Virginia Beach area.

Michael Vick bought white Escalade for Marcus Vick in 2002

(Police: Vick birthday party shooter drove white Escalade (not pictured))

Phillips, who was admitted to the hospital after the shooting, was a co-defendant in the dogfighting case that landed Vick in federal prison for 18 months.

Shalamar Davis, who attended the party, told the Daily Press that Phillips was the shooting victim. “His friends were dragging him around the corner and blood was everywhere,” she said.

So far other witnesses to the shooting have “refused to talk” and Michael Vick’s lawyer has said his client was “long gone” from the scene before the shooting occured. The NFL quarterback has since been interviewed by police on the matter and reportedly is not a suspect in the criminal investigation.

Police though have not exonerated Vick’s brother Marcus, who was also at the party. Read more…

NFL Draft Left Quite An Impression On Gammons

Peter Gammons Tweeted this from his account yesterday:

Peter Gammons Tweets About Sarah Palin

(Myron Rolle: Taking Back Gammons Country)

Gammons also previously Tweeted about Tim Tebow’s Super Bowl ad: Read more…

Dallas Drug Dealer: He Supplied Vick With Steroids

Thanks to a new government memo that links Michael Vick to steroids, the DALLAS MORNING NEWS today published allegations from convicted Dallas drug dealer David Jacobs that he supplied Vick with steroids.

David Jacobs Alleges He Supplied Vick With Steroids

(David Jacobs said he supplied Vick with steroids) 

The Dallas outlet did not publish Jacobs’ claim until obtained a government investigation memo that quotes a DEA informant linking Vick to steroids.

A Drug Enforcement Administration informant told agents that Michael Vick once spoke about steroids and human growth hormone with a dealer, telling the man that he “liked his product,”

During the FBI’s investigation of Vick for running a dog fighting operation, TSG reports:

A federal prosecutor asked Vick about a December 2006 Atlanta Falcons team party during which the alleged conversation about steroids occurred. “Vick was reportedly overheard telling” the dealer (whose name was redacted from the memo) that he “liked his product.”

Some have speculated that the informant who ratted out Vick was in fact Jacobs, who oversaw a huge steroids trafficking ring until he was arrested in 2007. After his capture, Jacobs made his claims about supplying steroids to Vick to the Dallas Morning News.

A year later, he committed suicide.

Based on Jacobs’ claims to the DMN, Vick may be extremely lucky that the drug dealer took his own life.

Read more…

2007: Tiger Dissed Vick For ‘Waiting’ To Apologize

Ryan Ballengee at the excellent golf blog finds ESPN video of Tiger Woods criticizing Michael Vick in 2007 for waiting too long to apologize to the public about his dogfighting operation.

Tiger Woods Dissed Vick In 2007 For Waiting To Apologize

“If you made that big a mistake, you’ve got to come out and just be contrite, be honest and just tell the public that ‘I was wrong.’”

“Waiting a long time got a lot of people polarized. … If he would have come out earlier, he would’ve diffused a little more of it.”

In case you think that’s actually an SNL script, there’s video of Woods making the comments after the jump - plus a very interesting new tidbit about Woods caddy Steve Williams.

Read more…