Condo Building Installs Elevator To Lure Jordan

Michael Jordan recently bought the top floor of a downtown Charlotte condo building for $3,147,616. The dwelling’s penthouse level was previously made up of two units, which Jordan is joining together. List price for the units combined was $3.4 million.

Michael Jordan The Trust In Charlotte

This is Jordan’s first permanent residence in Charlotte, which is (apparently) another sign of his increased commitment to the city after buying the local NBA franchise.

But what exactly sold him on his new North Carolina abode, which previously served as a bank building and is now called “The Trust”? Read more…

We All Buy Property; Michael Jordan Buys Privacy

Former GOLFWEEK reporter Cary Lichtenstein blesses us with photos of Michael Jordan’s new Jupiter Hampton Inn home in Jack Nicklaus’ Bears Club golf course development.

New Michael Jordan Mansion Photos

The 28,000 sq. ft., 11-bedroom home is flanked by its own two-story guard house, guest house and pool house spread over three acres.

Total cost: $12.4 million. Lichtenstein:

Probably the most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beaches. MJ’s total commitment when furnished will probably exceed $20m.

What is surprising, comparing Jordan’s piece of land to Tiger Woods’, (click here to see Tiger Woods’ Jupiter Island home) is that Tiger put together 3 parcels on Jupiter Island so that he has frontage on both the ocean and the Intracoastal.

It would be interesting to see what the Jordan home resells for, being that its location, while great for MJ’s privacy, is not ideal for resale to the trophy and yacht buyer.

Jordan’s reported, “usual routine is to play golf from sunrise to sunset,” on The Bears Club course. For that privilege, Jordan paid a $350,000 initiation fee and $25,000 in annual dues. Club membership was capped at 250 members.

New Michael Jordan Mansion Photos

“Starter” homes in the development begin at $4-5 million with the largest estates priced around $20m.

Jordan clearly is paying a premium for privacy and security and could care less about resale value. Last year the co-Owner of The Bears Club, Tucker Frederickson, alluded to Jordan’s motivation in selecting the property: Read more…

Heir Jordan: MJ Under-21 Son Blows 50K In Vegas

Unless you’re the Sultan of Brunei, the sons of Michael Jordan had a better weekend than you.

Marcus Jordan blows 50K in Vegas

20-year-old Marcus Jordan and 21-year-old Jeff Jordan, who started school this morning at UCF and play for the Knights basketball team, weren’t shy about informing us of their adventures in Vegas last weekend.

In fact, 20-year-old Marcus felt the need to detail the financial damage his father’s black card he suffered from a Vegas nightclub. Read more…

Michael Jordan’s Son Clowns Kobe During Game 7

Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, a freshman basketball player at the Univ. of Central Florida, became rather opinionated last night when the NBA Finals Game 7 telecast featuring the Lakers and Celtics aired a graphic showing a statistical comparison between his dad and Kobe Bryant in NBA Finals series.

Marcus Jordan Clowns Kobe About Comparison To Father Michael

After he saw the graphic and heard the game broadcasters discuss the comparison, Marcus Tweeted from his Twitter account: Read more…

Video, Photos: Michael Jordan’s Daughter Jasmine

Last night we caught a glimpse of Michael Jordan’s 17-year-old daughter Jasmine at the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Finals game.

Michael Jordan Daughter Jasmine Photos

Couldn’t much tell her resemblance to her father in the Versus video and various snapshots from fans, but here’s some personal photos of her that are a dead giveaway.

Michael Jordan Daughter Jasmine Photos

Jasmine doesn’t play basketball.

Michael Jordan Daughter Jasmine Photos

Instead, she’s a member of the “pom-pom squad” of her high school.

Read more…

Jordan Paid $25M Cash For Charlotte Franchise

Last week the media went nuts over a report from Michael Ozanian that claimed Michael Jordan bought the Charlotte Bobcats from Robert Johnson for only $175M - after Johnson originally paid $300M for the team.

Michael Jordan Worst Jeans Ever

More alleged details from Ozanian on the deal have since emerged. Read more…

ESPN’s Celebrity Journos: Proficiency, Interrupted

If you asked NBA observers about Michael Jordan’s legacy as a league executive, most would first chuckle and then say it’s a good thing he’s now an owner.

Michael Wilbon, Rick Reilly, Tony Kornheiser

Apparently not Jordan friend Michael Wilbon though. On ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption yesterday, he responded to co-Host Dan Le Batard calling Jordan a “pretty terrible executive” thusly:

I know Michael wanted to be an owner. Not a GM. A GM is not what he’s signing up for.”

When one broaches Jordan’s front office aptitude the past decade, the conversation cannot avoid his astonishingly incompetent performance. In disregarding that, Wilbon did a disservice to his credibility as an NBA analyst. But the PTI host is far from the first media member to allow a personal relationship with a subject color his on-air conduct.

Though the irony of ESPN’s highest profile, old school journalists is that the more famous they become, the less reliable their resulting work. Work that also largely pales next to their pre-ESPN resume. Read more…

CNBC: Michael Jordan Will Not Attend Tiger Talk

Though not citing a source, Darren Rovell of CNBC reports this morning:

Michael Jordan will not attend Tiger talk

Despite rumors, Michael Jordan will NOT be at Tiger Woods‘ news conference today.” Read more…

Can Michael Jordan Pull Off This Look With You?

Here’s a shot of Michael Jordan last night in Miami Beach:

Michael Jordan Worst Jeans Ever

What’s cooler:

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Like Tiger Woods, that’s what happens to your judgement when everyone around you is paid off.  Dude is quiet obviously trapped in an opposite day bubble.

LeBron: Only Substance Is Right-Handed Bullrush

Today we got the news that LeBron James wants to doff his #23 in order to facilitate the number being retired by the league. Instead, James claims he will soon switch to #6. James says the move isn’t about marketing or merch, it’s about remembrance. About honoring the legacy of Michael Jordan.

LeBron James

One small problem: #6 was worn by a NBA player every bit as influential as Jordan, a player who won nearly twice as many championships as Jordan and who changed the way the game was played. The player? Bill Russell. Oh yeah, and there’s the little matter of Julius Erving’s personal digit too. Like he didn’t have something to say about how the NBA game is played today?

Jordan’s number should not and will not be permanently retired, because if it is, you can get busy mothballing dozens of numbers of players who were just as influential as Jordan. And it goes without saying that Jordan is no Jackie Robinson, something that is apparently lost on the embarrassingly myoptic James.

Brooks on ‘Bron is…

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James’ numbers game is one more fake news story that he’s manufactured for the sadly dogmatic media. Much like his recent, ridiculous claims that he’s tired of the speculation regarding his impending free agency. Jim Rome had an epic take on that yesterday, via ESPN’s Jim Rome is Burning:

But while Rome’s relentless beatdown of James brought me tears of joy, James claim that he cared more about winning than money elicited tears of laughter. Read more…