Beasley Admits NCAA Sins, Implicates Huggins

Eric Prisbell and Steve Yanda of the WASHINGTON POST report that as part of a current Maryland Circuit Court case, Michael Beasley recently revealed stunning details about his recruitment to Kansas State and one year-stay at the school.

Bob Huggins Michael Beasley Dalonte Hill

(PDF: See Pages 7-8)

In a counterclaim filed late last month by attorney Mark A. Smith on behalf of Beasley against his former NBA agent Joel Bell, the ex-Kansas State star reported in Montgomery County Circuit Court documents that former Kansas State basketball head coach Bob Huggins hired Beasley’s ex-AAU Coach as an assistant coach for the Wildcats essentially in exchange for Beasley attending the school.

From Beasley’s attorney in court documents dated Sept. 27, 2011:

After (former Beasley AAU Coach) Hill had worked for Charlotte a couple of years, on information and belief, Bob Huggins of Kansas State wanted Beasley, so he offered Hill an assistant coaching job at Kansas State with a salary that ended up being in excess of $420,000. Hill took the job, and Beasley went to Kansas State.

Beasley also submitted to the Maryland Court that the founder of the AAU team he played on before attending K-State, Curtis Malone, was a “runner” for NBA Agent Bell. Beasley further asserted that Malone - via Bell - bankrolled Beasley’s mother’s move to Manhattan so she could be close to her son - among other things.

From Beasley’s court filing: Read more…

Father: Beasley Traded For Looking Like Delonte

Jorge Sedano of the MIAMI HERALD and 790 The Ticket tips us off to some exclusive trade analysis from Michael Beasley’s father, Michael Beasley, Sr.:

Michael Beasley's Father Tweets His Son Traded For Looking Like Delonte West

(Beasley vs. West)

What on earth does Delonte West have to do with his son being traded to Minnesota?
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That Fishing Trip Sure Wore Out Michael Beasley

TMZ has a post-rehab (Oct. 10) photo today of Michael Beasley and a “female companion”

Michael Beasley Asleep On Fishing Trip

(So where’s the purple Gatorade?)

Heat claim Beasley was drankin’ “purple Gatorade”, buying it?

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Backstory? Let Miami Heat staffer Tim Donovan explain: Read more…

Michael Beasley to Be Out of Rehab This Weekend

It’s been quite a tumultuous month for Michael Beasley. The Miami Heat forward has spent most of it in rehab in Houston after sending out some strange messages on Twitter - and putting up a pic with what looks to be pot.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

But it seems that Michael’s time in the safe house is coming to a conclusion. The MIAMI HERALD reports that Beasley could be checking out by this weekend, ready to rejoin his Heat teammates & get back to basketball matters when training camp starts on September 28.

So, is Mike fully rehabilitated?

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Week In Review: Danica to Drop ‘em for ESPN Mag

Danica Patrick could be removing her racing suit to pose for an all-nude (yet tastefully done) pictorial for ESPN The Magazine.

Danica Patrick topless

(Well, it’s a start)

• And the Rick Pitino sex-tortion scandal gets more & more pitiful.

• This FIBA Americas basketball tournament is getting quite rough. If it isn’t Mexico & Uruguay throwing punches & chairs, it’s security hassling Charlie Villanueva & his mother.

• College football players could lose their hotel privileges - for home games. But keeping the kids out of the local Motel 6 could actually be a bad idea.

• Are fantasy sports bad for your relationships? Well, in Texas, it can certainly be bad for your health.

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So Wait, Michael Beasley Was Already In Rehab?

Okay, let’s back the truck up on this one. The whole Michael Beasley saga, the one that started with an unfortunate picture of tattoos and apparently marijuana, then ended with him in rehab on account of depressed Tweets, is a little bit different than what has been initially reported.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

It makes sense, since we interpreted Beasley’s last correspondences as more “poorly worded exasperation” than “suicidal ideations” (and trust that we know the seriousness of the latter). And as it turns out, Beasley was announced to be in rehab this weekend because that’s where he was already supposed to be - not necessarily because he was smoking.

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One Brett That The Nation Can Actually Care About

• The harrowing story of Brett The Goat: From awaiting ritualistic slaughter while tied up in the trunk of a freaky Favre-hater, to his daring rescue by Minnesota auto mechanics & his settling down in the safe haven of a well-known Wisconsin farm.

Brett the goat

Disney & Dreamworks are dueling for the movie rights as we speak!

• Speaking of the other Brett, the SbB Favre Embargo has officially ended. Shall we do it again?

• Punts at the new Cowboys Stadium keep getting blocked by the big HD screen above the field. Whose fault is it - Jerry Jones or the NFL?

• Venice Beach: A great place for spotting topless ladies - and their kids!

• NCAA schools are looking to trim budgets by bringing to a halt the practice of hosting football players in hotels for home games.

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Michael Beasley’s Dad Blames Schedule, Not Team

As you’ll probably recall, word came yesterday that on the heels of his weekend Twitpic of his new tattoos, what definitely appeared to be marijuana next to him, and the subsequent seemingly despondent Tweets*, Michael Beasley checked into a Houston-area rehab clinic with former NBA player John Lucas. Time to get the life back on track? We’ll see.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

It also remains to be seen the extent to which Beasley’s life was off the tracks in the first place, and that’s something that Beasley’s father, Michael Beasley Sr., is now questioning. We’re not sure why Beasley The Elder was on the “Jorge Sedano Show” on 790 WAXY-AM in Miami - maybe because he’s the first result on Twitter when you search for “Michael Beasley” - but there he was this morning, offering a little insight onto a situation that spiraled far out of control in a hurry.

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Michael Beasley Checks Into Rehab Post-Pot Photo

• After a purported pic of pot pops up on his Twitter account, Miami Heat player Michael Beasley has been checked into a rehab facility.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo

• Car accidents? Plane crashes? Stranded in the Canadian wilderness for days? Junior hockey coach Punch McLean has survived it all.

• Will American sports teams soon follow their European counterparts and start banning unruly fans from their games?

Ron Zook takes exception to Urban Meyer’s recent mutterings about the Zooker’s alleged terrible treatment of Florida freshmen.

• ESPN plans on showing this season’s USC-Ohio State football match-up in 3-D. Cringe in terror as Jim Tressel’s sweater vest engulfs you!

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Beasley Enters Rehab After Posting Weed Picture

As we reported on Saturday, Michael Beasley had posted a curious picture on his (now defunct) Twitter account. Setting aside whether you think putting “Super Cool Beas” across your shoulders is a good idea, the larger lapse in judgment here was probably leaving what appeared to be a bag or two of the devil’s weed on the table next to him.

Super Cool Beas Michael Beasley tattoo
(Oh, and those “white rocks”? They’re freaking Altoids. Duh, people; let’s keep the theories in the realm of sanity, here.)

Before shutting down his Twitter feed, he left three frustrated messages, all of which were adorned with a liberal amount of exclamation points. Fast forward to today, and as YAHOO! SPORTS is reporting, Beasley is now in a Houston-area rehab.

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