Sexy Jockey Makes My Jockeys Feel A Little Tight

This is Maylan Studart. Even in the garish colors of a jockey’s silks, she’s still giving the crowd at Aqueduct Race Track something to look at. She only made her New York debut a month ago, but if Danica Patrick can make people care about IRL, then Studart is a superstar in the making. And here’s why she’s better than Danica: she’s actually good.

Maylan Studart

Studart, a 19-year-old from Brazil (of course), has won five of her first 15 races at Aqueduct, including a 51-1 longshot on opening day. And, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but she’s not too bad to look at. Perhaps those horses ahead of her parted so the jockeys could get a better look at her pulling away.  (Oh, you better believe there’s more pics after the jump.)

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