Week In Review: McNair Shot & Killed By Mistress

• Police have determined that 20-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot & killed ex-Titans QB Steve McNair, ruling the deaths a murder-suicide.

Sahel Kazemi Thong Bikini Photo Steve McNair Mistress

• Seems sadly ironic that McNair had filmed a PSA about suicide prevention just a few weeks before. And Steve’s wife was reportedly “blindsided” by her husband’s affair.

• Interesting that Sahel had recently put up all her furniture for sale. More interesting that her ex-boyfriend performed a rap about shooting someone.

• During Michael Jackson’s memorial service, Magic Johnson recalls his fondest memory of the “King of Pop” - sittin’ on the floor & eatin’ KFC.

• FIU’s cheerleading squad is saved. Thank you, bikini car wash!

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Examiner Believes Mistress “Likely” Killed McNair

• A Tennessee state medical examiner says it’s “likely” that Sahel Kazemi was the one who shot & killed Steve McNair. But the case continues.

Sahel Kazemi Photo Steve McNairs Girlfriend Photo

• Phillies flatten Reds with a 22-1 drubbing - the worst in Cincy’s history.

• When it comes to major leaguers on rehab assignments treating their temporary minor league brethren to a fine meal, Manny’s a miser.

• The Tampa Bay Rays are suing a man for selling shirts with a supposed similar starburst logo.

• Prime suspect Mark Becker has plead not guilty in the shooting death of popular Iowa high school football coach Ed Thomas.

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“Superstar” Joanna Krupa Has A Super Hot Sister

We’ve been entertained by the amusing antics of Joanna Krupa, as the buxom blonde beauty berated teammate Terrell Owens during their debut appearance on ABC’s “Superstars”. (The network execs must have enjoyed it, too, as the J.K.-T.O. team were invited back on the show even after being eliminated.) If only there was another cute Krupa to care about.

Joanna Krupa Marta Krupa

Lucky enough, there is! Joanna happens to have a sister by the name of Marta - and she’s just as marvelous to admire as her T.O.-trashing sibling. Don’t believe me? Then check out more photographic evidence after the jump.

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