Raw Video: Richt Calls UGA Behavior “Horse—-”

Last night - via WSMV-TV in Nashville - I posted video from the postgame, on-field exchange between Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin and Georgia Coach Mark Richt.

(Raw Video Source: WSMV-TV Nasvhille)

During the heated, essentially one-way conversation, Franklin slammed UGA Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham in attempting to explain the ensuing altercation between the two teams following Georgia’s 33-28 win over the Commodores in Nashville.

WSMV has since released more of the exchange between Franklin and Richt - and Franklin and another Georgia assistant coach.

The video includes subtitles to identify what Franklin and Richt said in real time. Transcript:

Franklin: ”36 [Shawn Williams] comes up, after a tough game, talking — to me!


Franklin: ”Rubbing our face in it right after the game!

Richt:He’s a dumb—.

Franklin:And then your coach when I tell him about it, then he goes after me and the fight starts.

Richt:That’s what I thought happened, I apologize. It’s horse —- horse —-.”

After complaining to Richt, Franklin then vented his spleen to a Georgia assistant coach:

Franklin: Hey, 36 after a tough game, come over and going to talk —- in my face after the game. That’s not how my guys do it!

While Franklin has a point about the behavior of Williams, if that’s in fact what happened between the Georgia player and Vanderbilt coach, perhaps his enthusiasm for making accusations to the Georgia coaching staff should’ve instead been channeled into avoiding a further altercation by getting his team off the field.

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Did Richt Call UGA Player, Asst Coach ‘Dumbass’?

A postgame scene on the field between Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin and Georgia Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham last Saturday has led to Grantham being reprimanded by UGA AD Greg McGarity - with the SEC mulling possible punishment for the UGA DC.

(WSMV-TV Nashville: Richt-Franklin video source)

Though videotape of the incident between the two coaches suggests Franklin may deserve at least some blame for instigating the altercation.

Before Grantham admittedly went Dusty Rhodes on Vandy’s main man, Franklin can be seen on video pointing at and shouting in the direction of Georgia football player Shawn Williams  - but only after Williams is 10 yards away with his back turned and Grantham is conveniently within earshot.

With that in mind, a case can be made that Franklin waited to get the attention of Grantham, or any member of the Georgia coaching staff, before the Vandy coach loudly complained about Williams while gesturing in the player’s direction.

Video from a WSMV-TV report in Nashville also showed Franklin throwing Grantham under the bus in his explanation of what happened to Georgia head coach Mark Richt, who actually seemed to sympathize with the opposing coach by responding, “that’s what I thought happened. I apologize.”

And as first noted by Clay Travis of OutkickTheCoverage.com, it sounds like Richt may have also referred to either a Georgia player or Grantham as a “dumbass” as Franklin was describing what allegedly led to the altercation.

So what dastardly act by the Georgia players angered Franklin enough to call out UGA player Williams in front of Grantham?

Franklin told Richt that the Bulldogs were, “rubbing our face in it after the game.”

Glad to see Vandy got their man.

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Crowell Single Demand Changing UGA Gameplan?

Running back Isaiah Crowell was as celebrated a signing as Georgia football coach Mark Richt has experienced since he arrived in Athens.

Mike Bobo and Mark Richt: Are they allowing Crowell to hold UGA offense hostage over jersey number dispute?

(Will Crowell refusal to give up #1 cost speedster Smith offensive touches?)

But if the man charged with mapping UGA’s game plan Saturday against South Carolina is right, Crowell may actually be speeding Richt’s Georgia coaching demise rather than solidifying it.

On Tuesday at his weekly press conference Richt was asked if he planned on using speedy starting UGA cornerback Branden Smith, who played both ways his first two seasons but did not appear on offense last week against Boise State, on offense Saturday against South Carolina. Richt:

“Between Branden Smith and [Brandon] Boykin we do want to continue to use them on offense with Richard [Samuel] and Isaiah [Crowell], and that’s probably going to be the majority of the carries.”

One small detail: Smith, a junior, wears #1, the same number claimed by Crowell when he granted the Bulldogs an intercollegiate audience last February. A team can have two players with the same number, so long as the similar digits remain on opposite sides of the ball. But if Smith and Crowell line up astride on offense, duplicate numerals are not be allowed.

Such numeralogics aren’t lost on Richt, Smith and Crowell - with all three indicating in recent months that the matter would somehow be resolved if offense again was possible for the same Smith who torched South Carolina for a 61-yard touchdown run in 2009.

But on the same day Richt confirmed he hoped “to continue to use” Smith as a two-way weapon, UGA offensive coordinator Mike Bobo on Tuesday flatly maintained that Crowell and Smith would not be appearing on the field at the same time and that there was “no solving” the duplicate jersey number issue between the two. Bobo: Read more…

Richt Responds: House Sale ‘Christian motivated’

Early Wednesday I reported that Georgia football coach Mark Richt was selling his $2 million lake house near Georgia’s Lake Hartwell.

Mark Richt Lake House For Sale

Richt was asked about my report later in the day by Chip Towers of the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION and revealed that the offloading of the pricey property was based in the coach’s Faith. Read more…

Exclusive: Richt Newly-Bought $2M Home For Sale

It’s no secret that, outside of a certain sweater-vested gent in central Ohio, the highest profile college football coach in danger of immediately losing his job is Georgia’s Mark Richt.

Mark Richt Lake House For Sale

Normally I don’t subscribe to a coach putting a home up for sale as a sign of anything, but in this case, it might be applicable.

On May 17 Richt put his lake house up for sale. Though this is no ordinary second home.

Richt is asking $1,990,000 for a Lake Hartwell compound which features eight bedrooms and was reportedly purchased by the Bulldogs coach only two years ago.

On June 10, 2009, David Ching of the ATHENS BANNER-HERALD noted of Richt’s abode: Read more…

Saban Sausage Factory Facing Expiration Date?

Last week at an alumni gathering in Greenville, S.C., Georgia football coach Mark Richt spoke out against his SEC coaching colleagues by sharply criticizing the recruiting tactic known as oversigning.

The practice includes head coaches signing more players than there are scholarships available, then using various, stealth tactics to essentially cut current players deemed as non-productive.

Or, in some cases, a player who was promised a spot as a recruit, and who turned down other schools, ends up without a scholarship.

The most infamous purveyor of such techniques is Alabama’s Nick Saban. Why?

1) He regularly oversigns
2) He hides player scholarship information from the media under false pretense (federal privacy laws do not govern such information)
3) He makes a lot of money
4) Alabama makes a lot of money from its football program

Though thanks to the media, and coaches like Richt, the Tide may be finally turning against Saban and his compatriots in the practice.

During his talk to Georgia fans last week, Richt said of oversigning:

“If you bring them (recruits) in in the summer, and you work them and you let your strength staff work with them, and you kind of decide which ones you like the best, and you tell five of them, ‘Hey we know we signed you, and we expected you to be able to come in, we don’t have space for you, we’re really sorry about that but we don’t have space for you – you’re gonna have to leave and come back in January.’

I think that’s an awful thing to do, I think that’s the wrong thing to do. And it’s nothing that we’ve done since I’ve been at Georgia.

“These other coaches have been over-signing, trying to grayshirt, trying to make sure they never come up short of that 85 (scholarship limit) number. But in doing so have they done it in an ethical way, which is what you’re asking. And I’d say not. That’s why the NCAA is trying to change its rules. ..

“.. There’s been a bit too much of the winning at all costs in college football. And I hope the tide turns in the other direction.”

On Feb. 2, 2011, college football recruiting signing day, Saban went out of his way to defend his oversigning to the media, reading off prepared notes as he defended himself:

Here’s part of Saban’s statement:

When you look at the numbers without knowing all the facts and internal information, I think that is a little premature and unfair.

So how does one procure such facts?

Good question, as Saban blocks, some say unlawfully, such “internal information” to the media that is otherwise volunteered to the public by virtually every other similarly situated school in the country.

Or you can ask former BIRMINGHAM NEWS reporter Ian Rapoport, who had this infamous exchange with Saban on April 14, 2008, about Alabama player scholarship information:

Rapoport: “The numbers is issue. First, do you know, is Colin Peek on scholarship?

Saban: “I don’t know. You ask me, do I know…

Rapoport: “I think you do know.

Saban: “You’ll have to ask somebody else. … You’re asking the wrong guy.

Saban later admitted to the reporter that the player was indeed on scholarship.

More from the conversation:

Rapoport: “How are you going to handle the numbers and when do you start to worry about it?

Saban: “I’m not worried about them. It’ll all work out. I mean, the whole thing has a solution to every issue. You don’t put yourself in a position where you don’t know what’s coming, then have to take it in the chops. Aiight? We know how it has to be managed, and it will be managed.

Saban: “And you don’t need to call me and ask me to write a column for you, and I won’t call you and ask you how to manage our numbers. How’s that?

Rapoport: “So you’re not going to tell us?

Saban: “I’m not going to tell you what? It’s none of your business. Aiight? And don’t give me this stuff about the fans need to know, because they don’t need to know.

Rapoport: “I would never say that.

Saban: “Don’t even ask. Aiight?

As an Alabama football beat writer who had to face Saban ever day that season, Rapoport played off the exchange as playful in his report of the conversation. But the video may suggest otherwise. At the very least, Saban got his point across.

On 2/2/2011, Saban said of the criticism of his oversigning: “When you look at the numbers without knowing all the facts and internal information, I think that is a little premature and unfair.”

When Saban was asked point blank about “all the facts and internal information” on 4/14/08, the coach replied: “It’s none of your business.

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Source: OU Coach Leading Candidate For Canes

Tim Reynolds of the ASSOCIATED PRESS broke the news late Saturday that Miami Hurricanes football coach Randy Shannon had been fired and that Miami Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt, who made the call to jettison Shannon, would meet the media about his decision Sunday at 1pm ET.

Kirby Hocutt Brent Venables

(Canes AD, OU Coach were K-State teammates)

After firing Shannon, Hocutt said in a statement, “Our expectations are to compete for championships and return to the top of the college football world. We will immediately begin a national search

The PALM BEACH POST reports, “offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland has been told he will be named interim coach,” while UM Offensive Coordinator Mark Whipple has also been fired.

The Post reports candidates for the job may include former Univ. of Miami quarterback and current Georgia coach Mark Richt and perhaps current Texas Tech coach Tommy Tuberville, who served as a UM assistant under Dennis Erickson.

Former Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach actively pursued the Miami job in 2006 when Shannon was hired by University of Miami President Donna Shalala and then-athletic director Paul Dee. Read more…

Video: Fairley Bloodies UGA QB With Facemask

Sunday I posted the most egregious cheap shot of the football season, a blindside spear delivered by Auburn’s Nick Fairley into the back of Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray.

Another example of overt dirty play by Fairley came earlier in the game.

After Murray delivered a pass in the first quarter, Fairley took multiple steps before driving the quarterback into the ground. While Murray was on his back, Fairley used his facemask to gouge the chin of the quarterback. Murray’s resulting bloody wound had to be bandaged by Georgia medical personnel.

Certainly that play wasn’t as bad as the spear Fairley delivered to Murray later in the game (above), but the conduct was still unacceptable and was yet another illustration of Fairley’s dirty play during the game and this season.
Read more…

Source: “UT may encourage Mack Brown to retire”

Longtime DAILY OKLAHOMAN columnist Berry Tramel sources a speculative piece on Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp soon replacing Mack Brown as the team’s head coach - but later dismisses his own source.

Mark Richt Will Muschamp Mack Brown

A Texas source said over the weekend that UT might encourage Mack Brown to retire, that the ‘Horns might be ready to commence with the Muschamp era. Not because of any dissatisfaction of Brown, but because of a belief in Muschamp. That’s the extent of Texas’ devotion to Muschamp, who is in his third year as the UT defensive coordinator and has been designated Brown’s successor.

The apparent impetus behind such talk is the shaky status of Georgia coach Mark Richt. The thinking is, if the Dogs come calling for Muschamp, Texas might try to throw in with its defensive coordinator instead of its current head coach.

Tramel makes the case that Muschamp-to-Georgia is a logical summation:

But it would make perfect sense for Muschamp to go to Georgia job, which is a great job and a great fit for Muschamp. Muschamp, 39, grew up in Rome, Ga., and was a walkon safety at Georgia before entering coaching. Muschamp was a successful defensive coordinator at LSU and Auburn, so his SEC roots run deep.

So Georgia seems the likely school to come calling for Muschamp in 2010. Georgia fell to 1-4 with a loss at Colorado, and suddenly Richt’s hold on the job seems perilous.

But after raising the possibility of Brown’s ouster via a “source“, Tramel takes a reverse personal course in his blog post. Read more…

Richt Decline Traced To 2005 A.U. (After Urban)

For those wondering what is wrong with Georgia football, I’m not sure Mark Richt is the problem.

Mark Richt

(What It’s Come To: SEC Champs or 1st Down @ Mississippi St?)

When Richt was coaching the Bulldogs without Urban Meyer at Florida, Nick Saban at Alabama and Les Miles at LSU, Georgia was stellar in the Southeastern Conference from  2001-04. In those four seasons, Richt won two SEC Championships while losing in the SEC title game another year.

He was an impressive 42-10 over and 22-8 in the league and it looked like UGA was finally on the brink of breaking through the glass ceiling that’s forever plagued the Bulldog program.

Then Florida hired Meyer.

Since Meyer took over the Gators, Richt is 26-17 in the SEC and 49-20 overall. Above average numbers until you find out the Dogs have gone 2-7 in their last nine conference games and 0-3 in the SEC to start the 2010 season. (Longest losing streak since 1990 - my senior year at UGA. Yay.)

Richt is 1-4 against Meyer with Georgia now 3-17(!) in the past two decades against the Gators. But wait, there’s always the most recent two meetings between Georgia and Florida, in which the Dogs were outscored 90-27 in two losses.

Despite that appallingly lopsided 20-game segment, Georgia still holds a 46-39-2 edge in the series. In other words, Florida has no absolute right to football dominance over its biggest rival. Georgia has had equally impressive runs over the Gators the past century, but thanks to Steve Spurrier and Meyer, the balance of power has shifted dramatically - for now.

Last Saturday, which Richt called, “obviously” the lowest point in his decade-long tenure at Georgia, the Bulldogs were embarrassed 24-12 by an also-ran Mississippi State team led by Meyer protege Dan Mullen.

Worst than the result though, at least to me, was Richt’s hollow comments about Georgia’s offensive strategy against the MSU defense after the game. Read more…