Jennifer Braff Nude Photos Escape Gaze Of Age Of Love Viewers And Media

“AGE OF LOVE” OLDSTER WAS NUDIE MODEL FOR PLAYBOY: By now you probably now about the frightfully inane “Age of Love” fake reality show wrought on us by NBC. In the program’s recent finale, former competitive tennis pro Mark Philippoussis picked a 20-something aspiring “Blind Date” contestant over 48-year-old Jennifer Braff.

Jennifer Braff Nude

In the aftermath, LOS ANGELES TIMES reporter Robyn Norwood proudly describes Braff as an “executive assistant to Lakers owner Jerry Buss,” who “made an impressive showing by finishing second to a 25-year-old.” The gist of the mention of Braff focuses on Philippoussis, who is described by Norwood as “awkward and unsophisticated.”

Jennifer Braff Nude

Braff: “I went on a TV show and the guys kept saying he was a little dense and kept trying to get me to say it.

Shocking that NBC TV executives would throw Philippoussis under the bus behind his back, eh?

Jennifer Braff Nude

Not so shocking is the media ignoring Ms. Braff’s “professional” past - as a nudie model. She has appeared in Playboy on multiple occasions and has also shown up hawking autographed photos at L.A.’s porn convention “Glamourcon” all well before her mainstream TV debut.

Funny how that didn’t make it into any of the MSM media mentions and NBC press releases. We wonder how all the middle-America housewives who lived and died with Braff’s weekly travails on the show would have felt if NBC had let them in on its dirty little secret.