NCAA-Tainted Rapper Hosting Auburn ‘Players’?

Last night I reported that a sales manager who works at The Hotel at Auburn University, Ari Turnbull, was promoting a party that was being touted as a chance for fans to “party” with Auburn football “players”.

Auburn Party features Luther Campbell

Since I published the report last night, the mention of Auburn football players has been removed from the the promotional Facebook page but not the fact that a $50-to-$750 cover charge is required to attend the party.

Bad enough that someone affiliated with Auburn University would be promoting such an event, considering that person is Facebook friends with numerous current and former Auburn football players, but perhaps even worse, at least from an NCAA rules perspective, is the notorious host of the party.

From the current, revised Facebook promo page for the party:

Uncle Luke (Luther Campbell) from 2 Live Crew is flying in from Miami to celebrate Auburn’s 2010 National Championship! Phenomenal entertainment, tons of dancing, light snacks and fabulous company.

In 1994, Dan Le Batard and Ken Rodriguez of the MIAMI HERALD wrote of a NCAA investigation that would eventually lead to significant NCAA sanctions for the Miami football program: Read more…

Hottie Who Owned Apolo Ohno: Suited and Booted

Apolo Ohno is like your driver license. Every four years there’s a renewal process that doesn’t take nearly as long as you thought.

Apolo Ohno Girlfriend Photos Allison Baver Photos

As Ohno’s quadrennial fame is fleeting these three weeks, I thought it noteworthy to explore what seems to matter most to NBCOlympics (no space) viewers: His girlfriend.

Apolo Ohno Girlfriend Photos Allison Baver Photos

Ohno’s longtime lover was Allison Baver, also a speedskater competing in the Vancouver Olympics. Though NBC’s Philly affiliate reports that Baver dumped Ohno: “In the last year or so Allison ended her relationship with Apolo so that she could focus on her skating.”

Apolo Ohno Girlfriend Photos Allison Baver Photos

But from the tone of the NBC piece, it’s pretty apparent that the fate of the relationship is still in question: “So what’s now for Allison? Will she get back together with Apolo? Will she turn to modeling full time? Will she keep skating?”

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Was Shaq’s Shaunie In 2 Live Crew Video At 17?

I was sent a video today by an emailer who claims that Shaq’s estranged wife Shaunie O’Neal (photos) appeared in a 1987 2 Live Crew video called Move Somethin‘:

Was Shaunie O'Neal in a 2 Live Crew video

After spending waaay too much time studying the video, I can’t decide if it’s her or not. So you make the call.

Is the woman in the ‘87 2 Live Crew Video Shaunie O’Neal?

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Rapper Says Bryant McKinnie’s A Pretty Good Guy

Despite beating up bouncers with metal poles, Bryant McKinnie is actually a good guy - if you were to believe Luther Campbell.

Luther Campbell Bryant McKinnie

The 2 Live Crew virtuoso & sometime radio show host appeared on Dan Le Batard’s WAXY-AM show on Tuesday. The Miami Hurricanes fan showed his support for the vicious Vikings partygoer, saying Bryant wasn’t to blame for blowing up. Read more…

WAXY Miami Radio Host Luther Campbell Calls Kobe Bryant Gay

BRIGHT IDEA! 2 LIVE CREW RAPPER AS SPORTS RADIO HOST We spent part of last week in Miami, and during our stay was treated to the sports radio wonderment that is WAXY-AM’s “Uncle Luke and Terry Kirby” show.

2 Live Crew Luther Campbell

“Uncle Luke” is notorious 2 Live Crew rapper Luther Campbell, who was debuting what is a weekly Saturday evening show. Former Dolphins disappointment (get in line) Terry Kirby is the co-host, but it was Campbell who dominated the proceedings.From what we heard, the show consisted of Campbell talking, sometimes incoherently, about the youth football teams he coaches (think Snoop), breaking down local high school football matchups, dropping n-bombs on Kirby, and calling Kobe Bryant “gay”.

MIAMI SPORTS BLOG recorded the latter moment, reporting that Campbell said, “Kobe is gay. Anyone who’s seen him out at the club know it, Kobe is gay.

The show was a major stinkbomb and we give it a couple months - until a major advertiser’s (car dealer) wife here’s a snippet of Campbell’s verbal diarrhea - and hubby threatens to pull his spots. Then again, that theory might be dead wrong, since the majority of sponsors on the station were local rub joints (including live remotes and live reads from hosts - classic stuff!). Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

790 The Ticketchick Miami

Outside of the Campbell debacle though, we must express our surprise at the quality of WAXY’s (790 The Ticket) local shows. The hosts we heard throughout the day (we missed Sid Rosenberg’s morning hangover show - drat!) were knowledgeable and entertaining. About the only show we found to be lacking was, ironically, the afternoon drive affair hosted by Miami Herald and ESPN personality Dan LeBatard.

Dan LeBatard

Like most print media guys, LeBatard fills the show with stupid gadget features designed to fill time - mostly user call-in parody songs. He also suffers from kiss-ass syndrome when interviewing high profile guests, like the exchange we heard with Pat Riley (after LeBatard had spent the previous two days ripping Riley’s ass for an idle offseason).LeBatard has strong opinions and can be funny, so it’s disappointing that he doesn’t give listeners more of what he does best.

If sports radio PDs want a lesson on the type of local talent to hire (besides the throwaway Campbell weekend show), dial up WAXY and take notes. But be sure to keep the wifey away from the station’s president:

Joel Feinberg