Hangin’ Out: R-Jeff, Luke Walton, K-Rush, Kroenke

Heres a couple photos sent to me by a reader today:

Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, Richard Jefferson Josh Kroenke cruise photos

(Full size version of photo here)

The photos include NBA players Kareem Rush, Richard Jefferson, former Univ. of Missouri basketball player and son of Nuggets Owner Josh Kroenke and Luke Walton and two other men sharing a drink and a banana boat.

Kareem Rush, Luke Walton, Richard Jefferson cruise photos

The photos were taken on a cruise earlier this summer. Read more…

Luke Walton: “Trust Me, (Odom) Will Be A Laker”

Lamar Odom’s fake holdout was all fun & games until Odom’s incompetent agent, Jeff Schwartz, decided to overplay his cards. With his several lame attempts to squeeze a few more shekels out of O.D.B. (Ol’ Doc Buss), Schwartz has succeeded in alienating Odom from the Owner and the fans.

Luke Walton Kareem Rush With Playboy Bunnies

(Sorry Kareem Rush, Luke Wasn’t Talking About You)

But not apparently Odom’s teammates.

Longtime AVP announcer Chris “Geeter” McGee reported over the weekend on his Twitter that Luke Walton was at the AVP Manhattan Beach tournament, and that the L.A. Laker wasn’t shy about clarifying Odom’s status with the team. Read more…

Luke Walton’s Stalker Really Should Aim Higher

There’s a hierarchy to stalking targets. A complex formula involving the victim’s celebrity, charisma, and certain intangibles determines how worthy they are of being stalked. Last month’s Paula Abdul stalker should have known that Paula is just a third-rate Janet Jackson. That guy who attacked Lindsay Lohan in a club? She’s no Jodie Foster. And in the sports world, anyone who stalks Derek Jeter is clearly going for the high score. But Luke Walton? That’s just sad and demeaning for everybody involved.

Luke Walton and Stalker

(Actually, looks like a match made in white trash heaven.)

As you should have known even before you saw that picture, female stalkers are never attractive. But Stacy Elizabeth Beshear of El Segundo, Calif., is really scraping the bottom of the barrel when she decides to focus all her unhealthy attention on the Lakers forward, averaging a healthy 9.6 minutes a game this season. Beshear was sentenced this week to three years probation, counseling, and staying the hell away from Luke Walton.

Read more…

Walton Looks To Join Bill as Father & Son Champs

As the NBA Finals get back underway tonight, Luke Walton is hoping his Lakers can reel off three more wins to claim this year’s title - and in doing so, allow li’l Luke to join dad Bill in some elite company.

Luke and Bill Walton

Chris Tomasson of the ROCKY MOUNTAIN NEWS points out that in the 6o-year existence of the National Basketball Association, only two sets of fathers & sons have both captured championship rings - Matt Guokas Sr. & Jr. and Rick & Brent Barry.

And now Luke is looking to become part of the exclusive club, to embrace the satisfaction of earning such a special achievement - and to be able to shut his dad up: Read more…

Brog: What About Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra?

Found via the forum at Tripadvisor.com, a map of where some celebrities live in Miami:

Celeb Map Miami

(Map link - look at bottom of second forum response)

I’m also a little perplexed that Kimbo Slice’s Nissan Sentra parked outside the Dairy Queen on Alton Road isn’t push-pinned (if you’re one of the last living souls unaware that he lived in his car, we apologize).

Also, will someone, ANYONE give props to Dan Le Batard? Forget Youtube, he’s the man who manufactured and served up Kimbo Slice to the main media as legitimate (that means you, Kevin Iole).

Martin Rogers of YAHOO SPORTS reports on a crisis facing the tranny-owned Houston MLS franchise: Too many white players!

Team owner Oscar De La Hoya: “Right now, the majority of our players are Caucasian. We are looking at different options to bring in the best players from Mexico because of Houston having such a large Latino population. We want to maybe bring in a couple of players from Mexico and mix it up a little.

Saw this in a Fark.com thread on the cradle-robbing practices of the New England Patriots.

Cheerleader Photo Fake or Real?

Fake or real? I’m guessing real.

I added that “Brooks” navigation box to the front page (top left) of the site today. Quick links to my posts, and a map where you can effectively stalk track my every move.

In case you haven’t figured it out, my new “Brog” is essentially some of my own personal observos about sports, with some stuff about the SbB site and my life thrown in. I’ve found that there were a lot of sports items that were slipping through the cracks. And I also wanted to have a place where you could find out what some of the future plans for the site were - and get reader feedback.

Speaking of SbB plans, I’m seriously considering putting out calendars of the SbB Girls in time for Christmas. I’m thinking we’d do 2-3 of them, with individual girls getting their own calendars.

Who are the girls I should consider? I have a pretty good idea, but let me know your feedback.

Or maybe I’ll just do a Kansas City-themed calendar!


Uh, anyone?

I may also do some SbB merch (shirts, hats) and other stuff you can buy. Like wallpapers of the SbB Girls. We have a store setup thing that we’re working on. For .99 cents on Paypal, you can buy a single wallpaper. We may also sell credits. Once you purchase the wallpaper, an email link is sent to you so you can download it.

I have millions of photos you haven’t seen, so that sounds like a good use for some of them. FYI: I also have shoots coming up in the next two months with three new SbB Girls - stay tuned. The first shoot is in mid-June. Read more…

Kobe Bryant Says Hes Happy Being a Laker

KOBE NOW SAYS HE’S HAPPY STAYING WITH THE LAKERS: Kobe Bryant’s a happy guy these days - if you were to believe what he told ESPN:

Kobe Luke Walton

The Worldwide Leader writes that the Lakers superstar seems satisfied about staying at Staples Center. At least for now.”I’m happy to be here,” Bryant beamed after Wednesday’s practice. “When you get here in your element and you’re around your teammates and just having a good time with them and thinking about them and not about the business of the game, that’s when it becomes fun.”

Kobe Bowen Spurs

And the fun continued for the Lake Show Thursday night, when they brought down the curtain on San Antonio. It was the 4th win in a row for L.A., and the 2nd loss in a row for the Spurs - the first time such a streak happened this season.However, Kobe’s smile may be a nervous smirk. Even though the Spurs were without stars Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, the Lakers still needed an 18-5 4th quarter run to eek out a close 102-97 victory.

Although Kobe appears pleased to be playing in SoCal, thoughts of a trade may not be terminated yet. When asked about his earlier demands for a new location, Bryant replied, “I don’t get into that stuff.”

Just because he has no comment, it doesn’t mean he’s 100% sold on staying. So, there’s still hope for Bulls, Pistons, Kings, Mavericks, Suns and Knicks fans yet.

Isiah Thomas suit

Check that - there’s no hope for Knicks fans.

Peyton Manning For Vice President

• As Stephen Colbert prepares for his Presidential run, ASSOCIATED CONTENT has found his perfect Veep - Peyton Manning:

Peyton Manning Stephen Colbert

• Just like YAHOO! misplaced the Texans, OUR BOOK OF SCRAP finds that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED couldn’t remember the Titans, or their correct quarterback.

• Speaking of the sports mag, LARRY BROWN SPORTS cancels their subscription, as HBO jabs at SI about their lack of boxing coverage.

• THE SPORTING ORANGE gives the Buckeye State a black eye by recognizing their 2007 sports futility:

Indians bobblehead Ohio State BCS shirt

• 100% INJURY RATE runs into some turbulence, as 2010 Winter Olympics host Vancouver wants to fly the homeless out of their town.

• Andrew Carter of the ORLANDO SENTINEL cancels the moving vans, as Bobby Bowden’s house is *not* for sale.

• BIG TEN TAILGATE shows Nick Saban making an ass of himself, as the ‘Bama coach admits on-air, “I like butt“:

Nick Saban

• Signs, signs, everywhere signs: FOOTBALL JESUS BETTING CONSULTANT takes a look at this week’s comedic cardboard behind Corso & Herbstreit.

• Move over Segway, DEUCE OF DAVENPORT discovers the next marvelous mode of human transportation - motorized shoes!

• THE ASSOCIATION reveals one of the great perks about being a Lakers season ticket holder - the opportunity to watch Luke Walton stretch!

Lakers stretch practice

• STEROID NATION may have found the source of MLB’s HGH SNAFU - The Kansas City Royals’ dugout.

• THE ANGRY T calls the network, as they offer up their own sports-related reality shows.

Rick Ankiel-Mania Mark Cuban Gives In Grady Sizemore Whiffes

• DEADSPIN gets all twisted in Ankiel-Mania:

Rick Ankiel

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS throws in the towel upon hearing that Mark Cuban would let his team lose in certain situations.

• FAN IQ checks the personals, as Michael Vick is running out of friends.

• The ELYRIA (OH) CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM has a full (ac)count of Grady Sizemore whiffing against a 7-year-old:

Grady Sizemore Whiffleball

• Now that Barry has passed* Hank, THE BIG LEAD wonders what’s Pedro Gomez to do?

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING notes the NBA has unleashed yet another new slogan.

• The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER beef-tips us news that Luke Walton will have another chance to get burned, as Bill’s boy will appear at a BBQ restaurant grand opening:

Luke Walton BBQ

• The COLUMBIA (SC) STATE trades in o-lines for octaves, as a former South Carolina football player tries out for “American Idol”.

• TRUE HOOP is not pleased knowing the Sonics may soon skedattle from Seattle for Sooner Country.

• CBS SPORTSLINE does a 1040 in reporting that Darryl Strawberry is once again in trouble with the IRS:

Darryl Strawberry IRS

• ANGRY T is walking tall in presenting the big kids of the little league.

• SPORTSQUEE wishes more NFL players were like Warrick Dunn.

Kevin Garnett Trade To Lakers Could Well Keep Kobe Bryant In Los Angeles

WOULD LAKER DEAL FOR KG KEEP KOBE IN LIPSTICK CITY? Patrick Reusse of the MINNEAPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE lays out a reasonable scenario which would no doubt keep Kobe esconsced in Lipstick City - thanks to the acquisition of Malibu resident Kevin Garnett: “If Garnett does get traded, the logical location remains the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kevin Garnett

For the Lakers, that would shut up Kobe Bryant and make tickets inside the Staples Center almost as tough to get as they were when Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal were together.

Kevin Garnett

This would require McHale pushing Indiana out of the way in the Pacers attempt to trade Jermaine O’Neal to the Lakers for a package including Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton (sign and trade), Kwame Brown and the 19th pick in the draft. Throw in Brian Cook with that package and the money would work for Garnett to go to the Lakers.

Throw in Brian Cook? More like throw up. But it does make sense, considering Wolves fans are now well-acquainted with that involuntary bodily function.

Britney Spears Is Dating Los Angeles Laker Luke Walton According To Gossip Outlet

LUKE FEEDING BRITNEY BOUNCE PASS FOURS YEARS LATE? BANG Showbiz is reporting that “Britney Spears is dating a 6-foot 8-inch basketball star. The 25-year-old singer has reportedly fallen for Los Angeles Lakers player Luke Walton and has been showing her support courtside.

Luke Walton Britney Spears

Britney screamed Luke’s name with the rest of his fans during the game against the Phoenix Suns on Sunday.

Luke Walton Fans

Thanks to Walton’s superior basketball instincts (which will land him a big contract after this season), his supposed four-years-too-late back pass to the overweight, mentally ill former pop princess is a little hard to swallow.

Bill Walton

That is, until you count the company his Dad keeps.