‘Canes QB Questions Tim Tebow’s Virginity Claims

You have to respect Tim Tebow’s decision to admit that he’s still a virgin. It can be very difficult for a superstar Heisman-winning college quarterback to resist the sordid temptations of the fairer sex - i.e. get it on with the girls. Especially at such an institution like the University of Florida, alma mater of such notable ladies like ESPN’s Erin Andrews and Playboy playmate Kelly Hemberger Carrington.

Jacory Harris Tim Tebow

(“It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYY-M-C-A…”)

But Tebow’s admission shows what a strong character he is, how he won’t let such desires distract from his football duties, how he steadfastly supports the sanctity of no sex before marriage.

Of course, the QB for the Miami Hurricanes thinks Tim’s not telling the truth.

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Okay - Lucy Pinder Is NOT Tim Tebow’s Girlfriend

In yesterday’s article on Wayne Ellington and his delicious piece of arm candy - also known as Amanda Altschuler - we added a little comparison to Tim Tebow and his not-really girlfriend.

Tim Tebow Lucy Pinder

As some of our readers pointed out in the provided photo, the gal in the bikini in the lower right is not the same woman seen smiling next to the Gators QB. (That would be Erin Drewes, who did in fact pose in a nude body paint pictoral covered in Tebow’s uniform colors.) The bikini babe is actually busty British model Lucy Pinder. And as far as we know, Timmy has not been living it up with Lucy, either.

We regret the error. And as a token to our faithful audience, please accept this pleasant pictorial of Ms. Pinder as our apology (click on pics for larger versions):

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Soccer Jerseys Sexier Than Lingerie, Nudity In UK

American fans can be pretty devoted, but there are times when you get the feeling that we can’t hold a candle to our brethren across the pond. A study from the British website MY CELEBRITY FASHION, as linked via FOOTBALL SHIRT CULTURE, claims that British men are significantly more turned on by seeing their girlfriends/wives show up for sex wearing their favorite team’s jersey, as opposed to skimpy lingerie or, more shockingly, nothing at all.

Sexy soccer shirt

It may seem absurd, but the Brits could be on to something, provided that you’re able to take some creative license with the aforementioned jerseys. Take the lovely lass above, for example. We have absolutely no ties to the Ukraine, but she sure makes us want to find one.

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