Guerrero’s Big Jugs (Of Booze) Inspire Us, In Song

Mix Lisa Guerrero, Kentucky moonshine and John Daly and what do you get? An argument over who wears a larger cup size. That, and the hardest-hitting column this side of Charles Krauthammer.

Lisa Guerrero

(Eh, still better than Kornheiser.)

Guerrero was down south for Daly’s charity golf tournament, but she couldn’t resist sampling the local delicacies: home brewed liquor and country music. “Caught up in the spirit” of the moonshine(read: drunk), she confesses she wrote her own country tune about an aging pitcher who wants to play again. Husband Scott Erickson must be thrilled that his wife finds his feelings of physical inadequacy so inspiring that she wants to share it with the world. (Presumptive lyrics after the jump.)

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Mike Penner Throws Christine Back In The Closet

Kevin Roderick of highly-respected reports late Monday that “Eighteen month after writing a column about becoming Christine Daniels, veteran sportswriter Mike Penner has quietly returned to work at the Los Angeles Times, according to multiple sources close to the LAT’s Sports staff.

Christine Daniels Photo Mike Penner Los Angeles Times

Besides the LOS ANGELES TIMES itself, SbB was first with the news that Penner had changed his identity to a female. After that, he contributed to the LAT’s sports section and also wrote another newly-created column about his/her life experiences. ALL of those blog entries have been wiped from the site.

Christine Daniels Photo Mike Penner Los Angeles Times

Penner also did several interviews at the time, but never went national, though he had offers from the TV talkshow circruit.

Now the question is, when does Penner return? And what is management saying about all this? Read more…

Brog: Thank Goodness I Looked Above The Urinal

I’d heard from LAT moles that the sports dept. was preparing an upcoming piece on sports blogs for publish, but didn’t know it was out until I visited (and looked above) the trusty, upstairs urinal at Red Rock in WeHo today:

Los Angeles Times SbB Piece

David Wharton (Fight On!) penned the piece, which reports that sports bloggers are now being more responsible in their posting approach.

Truth is, we’ve been that way for as long as I can remember. We’ve a huge audience going back to 2003, and if we posted anything defamatory, we’d have had our a$$ sued off by now. Nothing’s changed here. Business as usual. Read more…

SoCal Papers Abandon LA Clippers Road Coverage

Ben Maller of reports today, via Fox Sports Radio, that “The LA Times and Orange County Register have decided to pull their beat reporters off the road in February. The Clips are in last place in the Pacific division and headed to yet another appearance in the NBA’s draft lottery.

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

We doubt it has to do with the Clips’ spot in the standings. More likely, they’re being assigned to vice investigation.

USC Makes Fake Threat To Move To Coliseum, Thanks To L.A. Times

LA TIMES SOMEHOW BUYS USC ROSE BOWL-MOVE THREAT: The LOS ANGELES TIMES makes the uproarious decision this week to report that the USC Trojans are considering moving home football games to the Rose Bowl (also home of UCLA, and a 30 minute jaunt from USC) because the school is getting pushback on an attempt to take over operation of the L.A. Coliseum.

Los Angeles Times USC Rose Bowl

For those of you outside Los Angeles, the L.A. Coliseum has been the home of the USC football program since 1923 (”the Trojans played in the first football game ever held there, beating Pomona College, 23-7, on Oct. 6, 1923“) and is located on the southern tip of the USC campus.The LAT reports the news with a straight face, and only in passing mentions a move to the Rose Bowl could be a possible “negotiating ploy“.

USC Fan UCLA Cocks Lost Again

Ya think?

Mark Mangino Borat Azamat Nude Scene

The chances of USC moving home football games to the Rose Bowl are about the same as a Mark Mangino Souplantation sighting (OK, no more postings of that pic for the rest of the week, we apologize).UPDATE: Like SbB, Scott Wolf of the L.A. DAILY NEWS smells a rat about the USC pseudo intrigue.

Lasorda Attorney Calls Los Angeles Times Prostitutes For Selling Out Lasorda

LAWYER: LA TIMES THE PROSTITUTE SELLING OUT LASORDA: The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that in a major book release due Thursday titled “Secrets of a Hollywood SuperMadam,” Tommy Lasorda is cited as paying for sex through her service.

Tommy Lasorda Photos

Lasorda denies the allegations, and his attorney Tony Capozzola appeared on Joe McDonnell’s show on KLAC-AM last night with breaking news: Tommy isn’t happy.Lasorda lawyer Tony Capozzola Audio cut #1: “This is nothing more than a desperate, broke, has-been prostitute who’s seen better days and now she’s trashing people’s reputation in order to make a buck.”

Lasorda lawyer Tony Capozzola Audio cut #1: “Speaking of prostitutes and selling out and pandering, it’s sounds like that’s what the (Los Angeles) Times did to be honest with you.”