Both Of New England Coach’s Beli-Chicks At SB?

We know, that’s a sh– headline. But thanks to our nickel slot winnings from the Miccosukee resort and casino last night, we’re feeling really smart today.

Bill Belichick Linda Holliday

Anyway, the BOSTON HERALD reports today that two ladies Bill Belichick’s had recent liaisons with, current girlfriend Linda Holliday and former flame Sharon Shenocca, will both apparently be at the Super Bowl on Sunday.

We wonder if Holliday, who has been seen this week in Phoenix with Belichick, knows that Mr. Happy still keeps *in touch* with Shenocca? Read more…

Bill Belichick Wrecks Another Marriage After Being Seen With Linda Holliday In Atlanta

BILL BELICHICK THE HOMEWRECKER STRIKES YET AGAIN: Not satisfied with breaking up one marriage (Sharon Shenocca - right in photo), Bill Belichick is working on gunking up another coupling - this time the marriage of someone named Linda Holliday (left in photo), who was seen with the Patriots cbilloach at the NCAA championship basketball game on Monday night.

Bill Belichick's Next Marriage Breakup

BOSTON HERALD: “Holliday, we’re told, is in the process of divorcing Eugene Holliday, a 53-year-old Arkansas businessman who is her third hubby.