Lee Corso Always Keeps Things Light And Lively

From today’s show in Provo:

Lee Corso on GameDay They Shot Their Wad

(Surest sign Lee Corso has made a full recovery)

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Herbstreit’s View Inside College GameDay Truck

For those of you who wonder how the ESPN College Gameday crew tracks all those games on the road, here’s a shot inside the ESPN College GameDay truck today.

View Inside ESPN College Gameday Truck

(After the jump, pic of Trojans walk-thru at South Bend hotel this morning)

Gameday observations today: Corso looks good, hanging in there. He’s doing a lot better than I think people give him credit for. Not quite as razor sharp, but I don’t think there’s much of a dropoff. I wonder though if ESPN will ease him out after this season. Read more…

Lee Corso Stroke: Is It Affecting GameDay Show?

Michael David Smith today @ AOL Fanhouse: Lee Corso suffered a stroke in May, and on Saturday’s College GameDay, it was obvious from hearing him speak that he hasn’t completely recovered from it. But I admire him for staying on the air, and I admire ESPN for allowing him to stay on the air.”

Lee Corso on GameDay set picks LSU while Kirk Herbstreit gives Gator chomp

(Corso picks LSU today on GameDay while Herbstreit gives Gator chomp)

I actually think there hasn’t been much dropoff in Corso’s performance to this point. And I never thought I’d say this: I miss him on afternoon and evening drop-ins. He, for me, crossed-over into a living room personality long ago - type of guy you don’t realize you miss until he’s gone. A little like Leno. Read more…

Kirk Herbstreit, Burning Houses, The IRS And You

So here’s something I didn’t know: You buy a lot with a house on it, and you want to completely rebuild. But instead of paying to have the house razed, you can donate it to your local fire department, who will then burn it down for practice. And you get a nifty tax deduction for your efforts. At least that was the plan when ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit tried to do that in 2004.

Nope, said the IRS — not only will we deny your claim for a $195,394 tax deduction on the house, but we’re charging you an additional $134,606 in back taxes and interest. So the ex-Ohio State quarterback and his wife, Allison, are suing our government and its army of bespectacled number crunchers for that combined amount. Read more…

Erin Andrews to Be In EA Sports’ NCAA Football 10

Every July, millions of video game players flock to their local Best Buys, Circuit Citys, Gamestops, or wherever they buy their games to get their hands on the newest version of EA Sports’ NCAA Football. I know it’s an annual tradition for me. Still, with the economy rather shaky these days, the folks at EA realize that there’s a possibility sales may dip this year as some people might not want to drop $50 on a game right now, so they know they have to do something to make this year’s version even more appealing.

Erin Andrews Does She Have Breast Implants

Yes, once again EA has turned to the other EA to help get the job done. Joining Brad Nessler, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso in this year’s game will be sideline reporter Erin Andrews. Read more…

Wanna Get Shot? Wear Fresno St. Gear In Fresno

Now I know why the LOS ANGELES TIMES didn’t lay off Diane Pucin. She has a terrific hustle piece today on one of the tragic offshoots of the success of the Fresno State football program. Although the team is wildly popular locally, if you’re under 18 and live in the Central Valley, you probably don’t own a thread of Bulldogs gear:

Fresno State Bulldogs Logo Used By Fresno Bulldog Gang

Membership in a large and notorious Central Valley gang called the Bulldogs. Beginning in the 1980s Fresno State’s fearsome mascot became a symbol of gang violence.  About two years ago, city officials and the police department began a public crackdown on the gang and even now grade school and high school students here can’t wear Fresno State gear to school.

Bulldogs Coach Pat Hill and Fresno Mayor Alan Autry obviously aren’t happy about the situation, but have deferred to local law enforcement in the matter. Autry, who was a teammate of Pete Carroll’s on the now-defunct University of Pacific football team, did though declare that the city and the university have “declared war to get that logo back.

Have you noticed how little coverage Manny Ramirez’s disparaging comments about the Red Sox have gotten?

The reason: Ramirez is despised personally by most baseball reporters, which is one of the reasons his comments have been generally ignored. It’s also why he has absolutely zero shot at winning the National League MVP - as voted on by those same blackballing writers.

Ramirez is the sole reason I’ll be attending a Dodger playoff game for the first time in 10 years in Los Angeles this weekend, thanks to discounted tickets (use the code SbB010) from My Boy Barry. So obviously the people who pay baseball’s light bill don’t give a damn in Manny is an ass off-the-field.

Jon Solomon of the BIRMINGHAM NEWS has an embarrassingly puffy piece on ESPN’s College GameDay that reads like it was written in 1999. Lede:

Unusual but true fact about ESPN College GameDay: Lee Corso gestures with a pencil on TV to promote Dixon Ticonderoga, which is best known for its yellow No. 2 pencil. Corso is the company’s director of business development.

Lee Corso's Tired Act

Hopefully the good folks residing in Estonia take Solomon’s B-News, since I’m guessing they’re the only respirating souls left in the solar system who haven’t already been leveled by Corso & Co.’s public relations pablum express.

Solomon does slip in an interesting tidbit from Kirk Herbstreit though, who still refuses to admit he was wrong in reporting the Les Miles-to-Michigan hire last season (thank goodness for that LSU media guide!). Read more…

Erin Andrews Quells Rumors of Florida Favoritism

Ever since the Miami Hurricanes lost to the Florida Gators last weekend, they’ve spent the majority of their time whining about everything.  Head coach Randy Shannon talked about how he didn’t appreciate Urban Meyer opting to kick a field goal in the last minute even though his team was already ahead 23-3, and former Cane Warren Sapp quickly followed that up by saying that Meyer was a “classless dirtbag.”

Erin Andrews walk sideglance

Not content with solely ripping on Meyer, Canes fans now have a new person to blame for their team sucking: Erin Andrews.

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Husker Fan Gives Up Rose Bowl For Meal w/Corso

Which would you rather do - go on an all-expenses paid trip to the Rose Bowl, or host a barbecue with Lee Corso and pals? Well, if you’re Nelva Deeke of Hubbell, Nebraska, you get grilling with the Gameday crew.

Lee Corso eating at Hooters

(Lee had his own suggestions on where to eat)

The SCOTTSBLUFF STAR-HERALD cooks up the story of Deeke’s decision to turn down a free fight to Pasadena just so she could share some corn on the cob with Chris Folwer and some cole slaw with Kirk Herbstreit.

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Matsui Likes The Porno, ESPN Likes The Tebow

Hideki Matsui, collector of wedding bets & even bigger collector of porn.

Hideki Matsui Japanese porn dvd cover

Tim Tebow was able to tantalize Lee Corso & crew to come down and cover the Gators’ spring practice game.

• No bones about it, skeletons were discovered during digging for the London Olympics.

• A collegiate catfight may have been caused by couple of gals claiming an assistant coach.

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No April Fools: ESPN Airs UF Spring Football Game

Lover of blogs everywhere, Barry Jackson of the MIAMI HERALD, does his best to bury the lead today in his sports media notes column by reporting on an interesting ESPN programming decision:

Chris Fowler Pantied By Florida Gator Coeds

Largely because of Tim Tebow’s popularity, ESPN will carry the Gators’ spring game at 1 p.m. April 12, with Chris Fowler, Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit on the call. A two-hour edition of College GameDay will precede it.

Wow. That doesn’t sound like a great idea by the WWL. But we think we know the real reason why ESPN would make such a nonsensical decision. Read more…