Dana White Ends Video Blogs, Blames Economy

UFC front man Dana White is rarely one to shy away from self promotion, so it was a little surprising to hear earlier this month his announcement (via Twitter, natch) that he would be ending his regular video blogs on YouTube. What could possibly be the reason for such uncharacteristic restraint from White? Gee, it wouldn’t have anything to do with calling reporter Loretta Hunt a “f–ing dumb bitch,” would it? Or perhaps that advertisers, TV producers, and most of the non-tribal-tatted world frowns upon such vile, misogynistic behavior?

Dana White FBomb Meltdown Calls Loretta Hunt a F---ing Bitch

Well, not according to White, who held his traditional pre-fight press conference extravaganza yesterday in anticipation of UFC 102.  Of course not. So what was the pesky reason behind dropping one of his most popular features among MMA meatheads?

It’s the economy, stupid! Hey, at least he didn’t blame it on swine flu.

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Swine Flu’s Next Victim: Las Vegas Betting Lines?

Okay, the swine’s flu is getting a little out of hand. No, not for reasons involving actual health problems; H1N1 is still a relatively tame strain of influenza. But since it’s new, infectious, and having fun running through our immune systems before they know how the hell to handle it, it’s going to end up affecting plenty of aspects of society as the winter seeps in.

(A colony of fans already affected by the virus.)

Fortunately, though, there’s no instances where college football players might, say, congregate in the same room for hours at a time, providing a prime opportunity for the virus to spread. And they certainly don’t come into direct, repeated physical contact with each other without any sanitary options nearby nearly every day.

Wait… oh, crap.

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Stanford $$$ Flushed Down Coach’s $70K Toilet?

• While Stanford suffers through athletic budget problems, football coach Jim Harbaugh gets himself a new $70,000 private bathroom & shower.

Jim Harbaugh golden toilet

• The SEC is certainly a selfless b-ball conference. When the players aren’t giving up scholarships to allow other people onto the team, their coaches are giving up raises so they can afford team trips to Australia.

• UConn is taking the first steps to curtail catastrophic cheerleader injuries.

• Schools aren’t sold on Bud Light’s plans for college-colored Fan Cans.

• Are fantasy sports a nightmare for relationships & fan allegiances?

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Mayweather’s Car Part Of Vegas Shooting Probe?

We’ve got some wild business coming out of Las Vegas, where Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s training to fight next month. Among other things, maybe; that’s for the Las Vegas Police Department to investigate. See, while Mayweather’s not a suspect in a shooting at a roller rink (?!), his car’s a central aspect of the investigation.

CSI Las Vegas
(Say, we know some guys in the area that can get to the bottom of this…)

According to the LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL, Mayweather’s car was spotted at the scene of last night’s shooting. Is Mayweather involved? Well, no. Or maybe yes. Or just plain maybe. That’s why they do these investigations, y’know.

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Does Judge Soccer Mom Have To Cut A Biatch?

From the desolate, lawless land of Las Vegas comes the tale of Stefany Miley, shown below, who got into a bit of a fight with another woman recently (allegedly). It probably wouldn’t surprise you to learn that both combatants are soccer moms. But how about this — Miley is a judge.

Stefany Miley

Yeah, Stefany Miley is a 38 year-old district court judge in Clark County, Nevada, and was previously a family court judge. She was allegedly “involved in an altercation at a soccer field“, where she is rumored to have assaulted a soccer mom. A police report was filed alleging assault and battery.

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Antoine Walker Arrested, Still Makes AM Tee Time

Antoine Walker’s desperate, mercurial run from justice ended late last night at a Lake Tahoe casino, where he was placed in handcuffs by Nevada Sheriff’s deputies and hauled to the hoosegow. And really, who among us California residents cannot relate? Sadly, whatever happens in Lake Tahoe never seems to stay in Lake Tahoe. Mr. Walker, you may recall, had an outstanding warrant out for a little matter of over $800,000 owed to three Las Vegas casinos for bad checks. So when he showed up in Tahoe this week for the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship, they pretty much had a jail cell cleaned and reserved in his name.

Antoine Walker

Walker showed up at Harrah’s Tahoe last night to play a little of the poker and the blackjack, and a “Harrah’s employee” spotted him and made his presence known to a couple of deputies who were there making the rounds. Even though Walker didn’t owe the money to Harrah’s, if there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in Tahoe for the past 10 years, it’s that Nevada casinos stick together. Anyway, Walker dropped a little more money than he had probably anticipated.

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Antoine Walker Owes Las Vegas Casinos $822,500

When gambling at Las Vegas casinos, I prefer the Homer Simpson method: HOMER (on phone): “Hello, Vegas? Give me a hundred dollars on red. (Pause). D’OH! I’ll write you a check.” Former NBA star and man-about-town Antoine Walker has a slightly different approach — he shows up at the casino in person, and also pays for markers with checks - but the comical rubber kind.

Casinos: NOT AMUSED.

We’re past the days when Robert DeNiro hauled you into the basement of the Sands and had security break your shuffling hand with a mallet. But the Clark County District Attorney’s office can be nearly as brutal, and has charged Walker — who won an NBA championship with the Miami Heat in 2006 — with three felony counts for passing $1 million in bad checks at Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and Red Rock Resort.

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SI Moving Swimsuit Issue Release Party To Vegas

Sorry, David Letterman - you’ve been trumped by Vegas. For the last two years, the “Late Show” host has been lucky enough to make the official announcement of which lovely lady would be gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit issue. (For those who need a refresher, it was Marisa Miller in 2008 and Bar Refaeli in 2009.)

Marisa Miller Bar Refaeli SI swimsuit covers

Well, the suits over at SI decided that their big bikini-based announcement needed more pizazz than just Paul Shaffer on keyboards, so they’re taking their swimsuit show out west - to Vegas!

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Does Anna Kournikova Have To Choke A B****?

Of all the laws governing space, time & physics, one of the most important is that you never pick a fight with Anna Kournikova. Unless you’re an attractive girl, and I can watch. Many roughed her up on the tennis court, but on Monday night Anna proved that, while trying to relax at a club in Vegas, she is not to be trifled with.

Anna Kournikova

Kournikova, in town attending the Harbat Classic Table Tennis Tournament, was with friends at the LAVO Nightclub in Las Vegas when she got into an altercation with another woman. The woman reportedly threw a drink in Kournikova’s face after a verbal altercation, and then a catfight ensued. And all of this for only a $5 cover!

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LJ Buying Big Bottles To Get Ladies Liquored Up

Considering past events, you would think women might be a little more cautious socializing with Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson. Then again, it’s hard to be snooty when someone buys you a ginormous bottle of champagne.

Larry Johnson Milan Q

LJ was apparently in Las Vegas last weekend and came across a partying posse of lively ladies headed up by someone by the name of Milan Q. She appears to be some sort of aspiring model, and was kind enough to Twitter all about their misadventures while tossing up a few fun photos to boot. Guess what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas.

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