Video: Barnes Throws Opponent Onto Laker Girl

As we’ve chronicled here, it was an eventful summer for Matt Barnes.

Laker Girl Ashley Turned Down Timberlake

During a summer league game in San Francisco in August, Barnes slapped an opposing coach - an offense he later acknowledged but did not apologize for.

Then last month, Barnes was arrested in Sacramento and charged with felony domestic assault after an altercation with his former fiancee Gloria Govan. Barnes is scheduled to appear in court about the case on Oct. 18.

Matt Barnes

So with that going for him, along with his previous reputation as one of the dirtiest players in the NBA, the Lakers shouldn’t have been surprised at Barnes forcefully throwing an opponent directly on top of a Laker Girl cheerleader during a preseason game in Vegas this week.
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Buss: ‘No playoffs? You don’t work here anymore’

Lakers Owner Jerry Buss to the ASSOCIATED PRESS this week:

Jerry Buss female Lakers fan

(Okay, you can stay)

“Some time ago, talking to some people, they wanted a bonus if the Lakers made the playoffs. I said, `Bonus? If we don’t make the playoffs, you don’t work here anymore.”’

Buss also opined on the derision borne of LeBron James‘ recent decision:

Given the devastating affect James’ decision had on the team and the city, Buss had “mixed emotions” about James’ departure and felt he “let down a lot of people and it seemed kind of sad.”

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Question: Were The Laker Girls Always That Hot?

Here’s some shots recently sent in by readers of the Laker Girls from the 1980s:

Laker Girls 2008 vs. 1988 Comparison

From the 1988 Lakers victory parade:

Lakers Girls from the '80s

Finally, the Lakers’ recruiting secret for Laker Girls revealed? …

Laker Girls From the '80s

Looks to me like the team has long been dipping into the Las Vegas Hilton’s waitstaff.

Now, like you, I couldn’t stop wondering who the woman in that first photo was.

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Phil Jax Can’t Stomach Elderly Buss’ Teen ‘Dates’

Acclaimed author Roland Lazenby, who wrote probably the two best books about the Lakers ever published, recently blogged of concern Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss had about 75-year-old Lakers Owner Jerry Buss.

Jerry Buss Is A Lecher

As for those teen-aged girls, Buss has long dated hundreds of them, usually only once or twice each, and then collected their photos in albums. He has not been above boasting about his conquests to some media and associates.

Buss and his elderly friends gather in his owner’s box at Lakers games with their young dates, a sight that’s increasingly hard for Jeanie Buss, the owner’s daughter and Phil Jackson’s girlfriend, to stomach.

One Lakers insider contends that only in Los Angeles could a team owner get away with such antics and basically get a free pass by the media.

Informed fans in this town have always known about the Hefner-esque lifestyle of Jerry Buss, which is particularly disturbing for some as he entertains his anonymous teenie du jour in the owner’s box during Lakers games.

Jerry Buss Walk Of Fame

Though I’d never heard the creepy part about Buss collecting “their photos in an album.”

While it isn’t hard to imagine that Jeanie and Phil are turned off by an elderly man seducing hosting barely legal girls at his place of business, their concern could also be viewed as ironic and perhaps even a little absurd.

Jerry Buss

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Topless Laker Girl Playing Guitar Pics Truly Heroic

When you’re young, the ultimate mashup of coolness would probably be close to Nelson Muntz’s “robot with guns for arms shooting a plane made of guns that fires guns.” When you’re older, it’s something even less realistic, like a topless Laker Girl playing guitar.

Jahnel Curfman topless Laker Girl

I must’ve been a very good boy this year, because that appears to be just what we’ve got above. Jahnel Curfman was a Laker Girl a couple seasons back, which might have drawn some interest to her Photobucket account. But aside from cheerleading photos, there were a few that she might not circulating the internet. Well, too late.

More photos, including Jahnel in her Laker Girl uniform, after the jump.

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Wild Week In Review: Sex, Swimsuits & Steroids

• Congratulations to Bar Refaeli for making the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Bar Refaeli Jeanene Fox

• And we already have a suggestion for next year’s cover girl - Rick Fox’s foxy sister Jeanene.

• But will we soon see full nudity in the sports mag’s annual edition? That could be a reason why the Laker Girls turned down a chance to pose for a SI photoshoot.

• We expected to A-Rod to come out sooner or later, but little did we know it would be about past steroid use. And who spilled the beans first? An alleged SI stalker? His ex-wife? No wonder he needed an escape to the Bahamas with two hottie companions.

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Flyers Pose w/Porn Star; A-Rod Bahamas-Bound

• A few Philly Flyers pose for some photos with porn star Gina Lynn.

Gina Lynn and Joffrey Lupul

• What do you do when the whole world’s on your case for lying about steroids? Head to the Bahamas with two hot chicks, that’s what!

Tyler Hansbrough may have defeated Duke four straight times, but he can’t beat the Blue Devils fans’ majestic mockery of him.

• NBA players Nene & Jason Smith get involved with a sister act.

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Report: Laker Girls Turned Down SI Swimsuit Shot

This week I haven’t sensed the huge buzz that normally accompanies the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED swimsuit issue. And apparently I’m not alone.

Lakers Girls turn down Sports Illustrated

(Perhaps trauma of this swimsuit encounter played a role in the decision)

Brian Perdue of the ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER reports that perhaps the SI swimsuit issue isn’t exciting high profile female sex symbols as much as it used to:

Lakers beat writer Janis Carr said that the Lakers turned down an offer to include Laker Girls in the spread. Still, the omission is comparable to leaving the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders out of an NFL cheerleader photo shoot.

The amazing thing about it, according to Perdue, is that it wasn’t the Lakers organization that scuttled the idea. Read more…

So Many Laker Girls, So Little Time & Cameras

While the dorkier factions among us were waking up early Saturday morning to stand in line and see The Dark Knight — which was awesome, by the way — Adam Rose over at the LA TIMES LAKERS BLOG woke up for a completely different and much nobler pursuit: Watching auditions for the 2008-2009 Laker Girls!

Lakers Girls Tryouts pic 1

Lucky for us, Adam was kind enough to document the historic event from just about every angle possible. Our favorite photo of the group, and our new desktop image, after the jump.

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Laker Girl Tryouts Dancing Our Way This Saturday

Attention, ladies of Southern California! Think you have what it takes to entertain Jack Nicholson & other only-there-to-be-seen celebrity fans at Staples Center this season? Well, now’s your chance to dance!

Three Laker Girls

The Los Angeles Lakers will be holding tryouts this Saturday for their 2008 edition of the Laker Girls. Hopeful honeys willing to shake it like a Polaroid picture in front of Kobe & crew need to report to the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, CA, at 9 a.m. sharp.

However, any ogling Laker fans looking to get a sneak-peek preview of this season’s squad are out of luck. Read more…