New Photos: Pete Rose’s Nudie Model Girlfriend

Three months ago I introduced you to Pete Rose’s girlfriend Kiana Kim. We’ve known for some time now that Ms. “Kim” was going to pose nude for Playboy, but to this point we haven’t had any hot photos of her at all - until now:

Kiana Kim Pete Rose Girlfriend Photos Pictures Playboy

(Eighty and the Vamp)

Kim now has her own website, replete with the obligatory generic bio and a “blog” in name only.

Pete Rose Girlfriend Playboy Kiana Kim Nude Photos

In fact, the only thing surprising about her website is that it isn’t yet credit card-enabled. Can you believe Rose still isn’t online? It’s 2010 dude.

¬†She’s a pretty lady but might want to dial down the makeup and photoshop.

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