Report: Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez Call It Quits

Website reports today, “it’s over for Hollywood hottie Kate Hudson and Yankee slugger Alex Rodriguez, according to sources in Miami.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson

A-Rod partied at Wall Lounge in the W Hotel Friday night, Dec. 11, “with two women,” said our source. “He was acting VERY single, and Kate Hudson was definitely not there.” Another insider confirms that Alex was with other women in Miami. Insiders tell us that A-Rod partied in Miami solo all weekend (and with other women!), while Kate was in New York promoting her new movie, Nine.

The same source also told the website, “Kate and A-Rod broke up.”

A-Rod Alex Rodriguez Kate Hudson

Saturday Rodriguez was reported at the Armani Exchange “Cool Shades of Style” dinner at the Solarium above the Delano Hotel - solo. Read more…

A-Rod Had Paintings Of Self As Centaur Over Bed

Much has been said and written about Alex Rodriguez’s mighty ego, but did we ever think that it would reach, literally, mythic proportions? In the greatest item I have read today, US WEEKLY tells us that a former Rodriguez girlfriend says that the Yankee had two portraits painted of himself as a centaur, and that they’re hanging over his bed. Enjoy that nightmare fuel, America.

Alex Rodriguez

As we know from our mythology, the centaur is a half-human, half-horse composition caught between the two natures, often pestering other gods such as Hercules. The ancient Greeks tell us that it was born when the god Centaurus mated with a horse. Yes, there’s a lot of that going around, even to this day. At least if you live in South Carolina. Read more…

Nastia Liukin Knows How to Tweet Sweet Self-Pics

• Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin puts Twitter to very good use - by putting up pretty pictures of herself.

Nastia Liukin

• Don’t you worry, Michael Vick - Chris Rock has got your back!

• Cyclists & joggers, be on the lookout for the Delaware Blow-Dart Bandit.

• Roadrunner’s revenge: A NASCAR driver going 190 mph gruesomely gets a coyote embedded in his grill.

• Colorado Buffaloes cornerback Ben Burley is banned from blogging after writing about the woman he woke up to in his bed.

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It’s A Kate Hudson-Minka Kelly Yankees Catfight!

Are you serious, Minka Kelly? You’re going to get into a tussle with the crazy chick who starred in “Bride Wars”? Apparently there’s some sort of rift brewing between Alex Rodriguez’s celebrity starlet girlfriend, Kate Hudson, and Derek Jeter’s celebrity starlet girlfriend, the aforementioned Miss Kelly. Yankee wives are choosing sides, Page Six is snooping around … New York will be out of first place within the month!

Minka Kelly Kate Hudson

It’s hard to know who to root against here. Hudson starred in “You, Me and Dupree” (minus 12 points), “Almost Famous” (plus 15 points) and “Fool’s Gold” (minus 1,000 points). Kelly has been in “Devil’s Highway,” (minus 10 points), “Friday Night Lights” (plus 15 points) and an episode of the Nickelodeon TV series “Drake & Josh” (minus 45,000 points). Knowing these facts makes me too ashamed to even do the math.

(More photos of the feuding females after the jump.)

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A’s Rod Must Impregnate Kate Hudson Right Now

Sure, when Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson started dating (and we dutifully lowered ourselves to covering it), we figured it was a matter of “aw look at these kids and their affection” style dating. As most new relationships go, y’know.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson
(Kate, you’re looking womanly. That won’t work.)

Oh,  but this is a story about men and women in their 30s. Specifically, women, aged 30. And when it comes to relationships, there’s one thing they want: BABIES. So incredibly, Hudson has reportedly approached A-Rod about a pregnancy - but as what appears to be a business deal.

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Kate Hudson, A-Rod Go Public With Their Love

Boy, seems like a while since we’ve had any crazy A-Rod news, doesn’t it? Turns out that when the Yankees are actually playing good baseball on the field, the New York media doesn’t need to squeeze back-page headlines out of every move Rodriguez make and every word he says.

A-Rod Alex Rodriguez Kate Hudson

The latest rumor to make the rounds about the Yankees’ purple-lipped slugger was that he’d been seen getting mighty close to actress Kate Hudson. But yesterday, it went from gossip page fodder to Real News, and so here we are.

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U.S. Open Finally Finished - Glover Gets The Win

• Your 2009 U.S. Open winner is someone not named Tiger Woods.

Lucas Glover

Mark Cuban would like ESPN to put together a blacklist of sports blogs.

• Did longtime NBA star-turned-Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson get a U.S. inspector general fired?

• Coming soon to delightfully dance on a collegiate sideline near you - the William & Mary Asparagus?

• Fed up with the whole Favre farce, Vikings coach Brad Childress escapes to Alaska with Andy Reid.

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A-Rod Rehab Plan Apparently Includes Lap Dances

Say what you will about Madonna; at least she had Alex Rodriguez home by bedtime. I wasn’t going to write anything about this brewing A-Rod late night carousing story, because staying out until 2:30 a.m. for a pro baseball player isn’t that big of a deal, even if you have been benched due to fatigue. One man’s 2:30 a.m. is another man’s 9 p.m., depending on when you started your day; it really doesn’t matter as long as you get your eight or nine hours of Sealy Posturpedic Beauty Sleep.

Kate Hudson, Alex Rodriguez

But this is too good to pass up. Our protagonist, apparently still not fully recovered from injecting illegal dr a hip injury, was struggling through an 0-for-15 electrical outage when he was benched for the Yankees’ two weekend games with the Marlins, due to “fatigue.” He was then seen out on the town Saturday night with girlfriend Kate Hudson. And not in the “let’s see a PG-rated movie and have a quick bite of dinner” kind of way, as it turns out. Lap dances, anyone? Read more…

Cuervo Girls Spiked From AVP Tour Appearances

• AVP fans will no longer be able to drink in the sights of the Cuervo Girls.

Cuervo Girls

(”Wait - we’re out of a job?!?!”)

• Brewers fans will finally get to see some great baseball at Miller Park - they’ll be showing “The Sandlot” in the stadium parking lot.

Michael Irvin sued for stealing reality show idea. Aren’t all reality shows stolen from something else anyway?

Cristiano Ronaldo shows off his macho fashion sense by sporting a pink cap on his head, a flower in his hair & pearls around his neck.

• Let the Lakers & Magic have their NBA Finals. Tony Parker will be just fine with a bikini-clad Eva Longoria in the French Riviera.

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So, Is Alex Rodriguez Taking a Dip In The Hudson?

I have sad news: Your oversized Madonna photos are officially obsolete (”Why?!” *sobbing*). But cheer up, Yankee haters, and get to work on those Kate Hudson masks, pronto. America’s favorite steroid abuser has been seen canoodling with the engine that drove “You, Me and Dupree” for the past couple of weeks, but now it’s more or less official. They’re a couple.

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson

Say want you want about Rodriguez, but it takes a brave man to invite both the taunts of Yankee opponents and the terrible wrath of Madonna. One can only assume that he saw “Bride Wars” and determined Kate was the more imminent threat. Read more…