I’m From Watson’s K.C., But Stewie’s Is Still Cool

Anyone who takes his Twitter pic at SoCal.-based In-n-Out Burger is a G.:

Stewart Cink

(Still doesn’t make up for his final round Music Man pants)

As for us Kansas Citians (Watson’s hometown), we’re currently crying in our Boulevards at Kelly’s in Westport after the gack on 18.

Brooks Taking A Royal Expedition To Kansas City

Brooks is going to Kansas City, Kansas City here he comes. They got some pretty li’l women - and they’re about to get even prettier, as our fearless leader will be joined by SbB Girl Wendy:

SbB Girl Wendy Huge White Sox Fan

The dynamic duo plan on heading out to Kaufman Stadium this weekend to catch a couple of Royals games. Say hello to Zach Greinke for us! (He’s always good for a quip.) But beware the children’s playground area!

Brooks promises to offer us a full report later on. Stay tuned!

Brog: Here’s Anna Rawson’s Cell: (213) 785-7675

The MOBILE PRESS-REGISTER has a quickie profile of hottie Aussie golfer Anna Rawson.

Anna Rawson

As part of the piece assigned to P-R reporter Tommy Hicks *high five Tommy Boy*, we get this:

Rawson is the first professional golfer to establish a cell phone number her fans can call and leave messages for her. Only four weeks old, the number — 213-785-7675 — allows her fans to leave personal messages. She said she has started listening to the messages and is going to return some of the calls. She added she likes the personal touch of the cell phone contact with fans and believes it’s a more personal way to keep in touch with them than mailing an autographed photo.

When I think of LPGA fans, “personal touch” usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

So Rawson plans to return some of the calls? What’s the criteria for her call backs? Sufferer of a life-threatening disease? Honcho of a major corporation offering endorsement deal? South Korean LPGA tour member looking for English lessons?

Since Ms. Rawson went to USC, I’ve got a sure-fire way to elicit a reax: Trojans-Buckeyes tickets. (From My Boy Barry, of course.)

Speaking of hotties I’d like to touch meet personally, here’s some new photos of UTEP Bolivian baller baby Claudia Porras.

Claudia Porras

Claudia Porras large

Claudia Porras

Read more…

Scalabrine: NBA Doubters “Definitely Race-Driven”

ESPN THE MAGAZINE has a treatment this week on the perception fans have of the NBA. Of course, race is the central issue. Brian Scalabrine of the Boston Celtics, who is white, said this in the piece:

Brian Scalabrine

“The misperception of our league is definitely race-driven. Suppose that for a whole year, none of our players got into a fight, no one got arrested, no one got ticketed for speeding. Do you think the public would have a different opinion of the league? I bet not. But I do think public opinion would be completely different if 75% of the players in the NBA were white instead of black.” Read more…

Pro Athletes’ Restaurants: Just Stop Guys, Please

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports today that George Brett’s restaurant on Kansas City’s Plaza has gone belly up. This comes as no surprise to anyone from the area (like us). We walked by it dozens of times and never went in, because there was nothing compelling about it.

George Brett's Restaurant In Kansas City

(Next Up, Buddy Biancalana’s!)

Like most ill-fated restaurant concepts from athletes, George Brett’s tried to be all things to all people: sports bar, fine food, upscale atmosphere. And it apparently failed on all three accounts. Not to mention, the joint was placed in a space that had seen about five restaurants come and go over the years. So when it opened, locals all knew it had no chance to succeed.

We went to Mike Shannon’s in St. Louis awhile back, and that place rocked. Good location (in the summer, next to Busch Stadium) and a straight-on menu: Red meat, side of Crown Royal. Most importantly, Shannon himself was always there hangin’, unlike Brett at his place. Brett freely admitted to the Star that he rarely showed up at his joint, one more reason it was doomed.

Here in South Florida, word is that Dwyane Wade is opening several “D-Wade Sports Grills” throughout the area.

D-Wade Sports Grill

(Former Kenny Rogers Roasters?)

We seriously doubt #3 will be dragged away from Prime 112 and other assorted half-price affairs to wander 30 miles north to Aventura Mall, where one of the former Kenny Rogers Roasters franchises will be located. But we expect the food to be great, considering he’s got one helluva a menu-tester as a teammate.

$500M Lawsuit: Idea For WNBA “Stolen” From Man

WDAF-TV (FOX 4!) in Kansas City reports that a local man “has filed a federal lawsuit, contending he’s the one who came up with the idea for the WNBA. But he said he never got any credit.

WNBA Lawsuit

Yes, that’s amusing, but not as funny as the TV station promoting their coverage of the lawsuit: “In this story you’ll see only on FOX 4, the man tells FOX 4 why he believes the NBA stole his dream.

Well the only reason you’ll only see it on “FOX 4!” is no one else has seen fit to cover a kook lawsuit like that.

But the damages the man, Lightning Mitchell, is seeking make the coverage so worthwhile. Read more…

Blogs: SbB Mentioned in Kansas City Star

Jeff Flanagan of the KANSAS CITY STAR gives a shout-out to SbB and our ‘86 Royal adventure:

Charity Melissa SbB Girls KC hat

• SECURE COMPUTING gives a red card to ESPN’s Soccernet site, which has been attacked by viral banner ads.• 100% INJURY RATE discovers 19th century baseball players were quite colorful with their infield chatter.

• YOU BEEN BLINDED finds the Williams Sisters’ dad yelling at the court - the legal court:

• JEN’S FREE THROWS has the latest sports trend from Japan - human Tetris.• LARRY BROWN SPORTS can’t explain Cal’s complete collapse.

• Not that their complaining, but DEUCE OF DAVENPORT wonders why the Worldwide Leader would be offering up a Led Zeppelin video:

• GOING FIVE HOLE skates over with their NHL week in review.• THE ANGRY T isn’t sold on these questionable sports endorsement deals.

Sports Media Goes Crazy Overstating KU-MU Hatred

YES, KU VS. MU WILL BE A ZOO, BUT WE AREN’T ANIMALS: We’re back in our hometown to get set for the KU-MU game Saturday here in Cowtown. And based on the weather, we thank god for hollowed-out walking canes and Hennessy.

Arrowhead Stadium KU vs. MU

The rivalry, despite two perennially horrible teams, is remarkably intense and compares favorably with others that we’ve experienced personally (OSU-UM, UF-UGA, USC-UCLA, Clemson-USC). But some of the things we’ve been reading this week about the contemporary conflict between the schools (and states) is downright ridiculous and completely untrue.

KU MU program

We grew up and lived in KC, smack between the two schools. We never, EVER heard someone mention anything about slave state-this or Jayhawk-rape-that. We’re sure the folks in KSMO would like to think that this is the most important sporting event the Western Hemisphere has witnessed since the Royals absolutely trounced the Redbirds in the ‘85 World Series (thank you, Jack Clark!), but it isn’t. But you wouldn’t know that by following media accounts this week authored by Missouri and Kansas carpetbaggers.What Saturday really is, is an opportunity for Cowtown to bask in the ever-fleeting national spotlight. On the sports importance scale, Kansas City is a long-forgotten land, no matter how loud the local media yells and screams. And it isn’t getting better, thanks to a baseball team with a pauper for an owner, a football team with incompetent creton at the top and a future (minor league) NHL team in the town’s gleaming new arena. Woo-hoo!

KU MU fans

Yes, we hate to admit that our hometown is now fly-over ground for the sports world, but at least we’ll have four hours to sun ourselves in the light of high profile athletic endeavor on Saturday. Not to mention the chance to fawn over postgame fatties from KU and MU at Kelly’s in Westport.

Jayhawks Game in Kansas City Costing Lawrence Revenue

JAYHAWKS GAME IN KC COSTING LAWRENCE LOTS OF LOOT: As Kansas & Missouri fans and, surprisingly, the rest of the country, gets pumped up for Saturday’s Border War, one KU supporter isn’t A-OK with Arrowhead:

Arrowhead Stadium

Brandon Minster of the DAILY KANSAN bemoans the fact that the biggest game in the Jayhawks’ season won’t even be in Lawrence. Although still technically a home game, the KU-MU contest will be held in Kansas City at the Chiefs’ home stadium.With the move, Minster touts the money that will be lost for Lawrence businesses, especially bars and restaurants. One economist estimates that moving the MU game will cost the town $713,000 in missed revenue.

Mark Mangino

And that’s just for Mark Mangino’s pre-game breakfast.

Beer Will Be Available At KU-MU Game In KC

BEER OKAYED AT ARROWHEAD FOR BREWING BORDER WAR: The #2 Jayhawks and #4 Tigers did their part in setting up next Saturday’s showdown. And as if the Kansas-Missouri matchup wasn’t heated enough, one more addition will further fuel the fire - $8 beers:

Kansas Fan Beer

The KANSAS CITY STAR chugs down news that suds will be served at Arrowhead Stadium for the colossal collegiate clash. KU, MU and Chiefs officials all got together and gave the OK for beer sales at the game.

Mark Mangino pats helmet

(Mangenius trying to get to that creamy nougat center)

Like Mark Mangino, this sold-out contest is huge. Winner claims the Big 12 North title and heads to San Antonio for the conference championship. Win that, and it’s BCS glory in Glendale, AZ.Why, even ESPN’s College GameDay crew will be setting up shop outside of Arrowhead for the Border War.

Lee Corso fan with braces

With tensions between rival fans, available in-game alcohol & the presence of Lee Corso, expect KC-area jails to break new attendance records next weekend.