Video: Serena Badmouthing Henin To Opponent

Friday, Serena Williams lost an Italian Open semifinal match to Jelena Jankovic despite what appeared to be a subtle attempt at gamesmanship by Serena.

During the match-ending, third set tiebreaker, Serena served an ace to go up 3-0. After the ace, Jankovic complained to the chair umpire that she hadn’t been ready for the point. The official disallowed the protest because Jankovic did not have her hand up to ask for a stoppage of play.

Minutes later, a Jankovic serve during the same tiebreaker was disallowed because Serena asked for a similar stoppage. Unlike Jankovic, Serena raised a hand before Jankovic’s serve. Jankovic disputed the umpire’s call but was rebuffed.

Though Jankovic did go on to win the next four points and the match. That’s when the real fun started.

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SI Swimsuit Couples Cursed?; Henin’s Had Enough

SbB is back on the beach, enjoying the calm, cool waters of the Caribbean.

• Does the SI Jinx also cover couples who appeared in the swimsuit issue?

Debbie Clemens Bikini Roger Clemens Jackass

Justine Henin pulls an Annika Sorenstam, but does it much quicker.

• Funny how one innocent cheerleaders-in-undies photo can destroy an entire athletic department.

• A San Francisco Giants fan tragically dies after a one-punch fight outside the ballpark.

• President Bush shows his solidarity with U.S. soldiers by giving up golf.

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World’s Top Women’s Tennis Pro Retires Abruptly

The world’s #1 women’s tennis player, Justine Henin, tossed her racket in her bag for the last time professionally, retiring immediately with a week before the French Open. We can think of numerous reasons to avoid France, but this is rather extreme.

Justine Henin

(And now there is.)

While some may choose to speculate about a Hingis-esque retirement party or a Jordan-like trip to field hockey, we prefer to compare it to yesterday’s news that Annika Sorenstam will be stepping out in her relative prime as well. We believe we’ve tracked down the reason for both women to bail on their respective sports at such an odd time.

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