Oxford Rugby Parties Like It’s Germany, 1944!

Apparently, the new sports fad making the rounds lately is people just being completely racist! Thanks to our friends across the pond, we now have a new story to put up alongside such recent hits as the infamous Spain basketball team photo, the Justin Timberlake joke that never was, and today’s story about ESPN’s canceled ad campaign: a “Bring a Pretty Jew” theme party sponsored by the Oxford rugby team!


(No word on if the team has scheduled a “Running of the Jew”.)

According to THE GUARDIAN, the rugby team members were encouraged to, as the title suggests, bring a pretty Jewish girl to the party. From there, things got even more hilariously racist as a few of the rugby players were reportedly sporting “sidelocks”, the traditional curly sideburns seen in the Hasidic Jewish community, and also carrying around “bags of money”. You know, because if it’s one thing the Jewish people love, it’s money!

One thing they don’t love: Being made fun of!

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Brog: Timberlake’s Racist Joke Cut From ESPYs?

Arash Markazi of SI.com and FAN NATION has the easily the only most interesting thing to come out of the ESPYs, which was taped I think sometime in February - and aired on ESPN for the first time last night. (And subsequently re-broadcast an upchuck-inducing 10,000 times today.).

Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYs at David Beckham's feet

Markazi notes that host Justin Timberlakewas teasing Paul Pierce about his “injured” knee in Game 1 of the NBA Finals during his opening monologue. In describing how quickly Pierce came back after being taken off on a wheelchair, Timberlake joked that Pierce was quickly back on the court, ’shucking and jiving.’ The comment, which was cut out of the broadcast that aired Sunday night, was met with silence from the crowd when the show taped on Wednesday before Timberlake transitioned into his next joke.

Apparently some of the suits at ESPN thought the joke was too racial in nature to air. If the joke was racist, how did it get by dozens of ESPYs writers? And we also know that if a black, or even latino host had said the same thing, everyone probably would’ve laughed and it would’ve been part of the promo highlight package for the show. I’m not saying it wasn’t racist, just food for thought.

Ozzie Guillen, who played for the White Sox from ‘85-97, on wearing throwback jerseys from ‘83 during yesterday’s Chisox affair with the Royals: “This is the first time I’ve worn this uniform that I wasn’t hung over.”

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Blog Jam: Brett Favre Night To Feature Flip-Flops

Darren Rovell of CNBC catches the Augusta GreenJackets getting ready to hold a Brett Favre Night, complete with a flip-flop giveaway.

Brett Favre flip flops

• SPORTS ILLUSTRATED’s Richard Deitch shows off his keyboard confidence by blogging for 24 hours straight.

• THE BIG LEAD finds Peter King unable to enjoy a cross-country flight due to a copulating couple next to him. At least he didn’t have to subdue any dangerous streakers.

• Matt Watson of AOL FANHOUSE is proud of Nate Robinson having his number retired - by the NBA Summer League?

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Romo, Timberlake Both Break 100 At Torrey Pines

Tony Romo plays quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, dates a beautiful pop singer, and hangs out with superstars in all walks of life, including Justin Timberlake.

Tony Romo golf

(Wow, I never play this well when Jessica’s here)

And Romo gets to play Torrey Pines before the pros step on the course for the U.S. Open next week. And of course, he played that pretty well, too. Read more…

Blog-A-Roni: Tom Brady’s Baby Mama Sexes It Up

• THE SUPERFICIAL presents photogenic proof of Tom Brady’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan sexing it up for single parenthood.

Bridget Moynahan sexy single mom

• FOOD COURT LUNCH dribbles over video of Chris Bosh spending his offseason as a NBA Finals correspondent for Jay Leno.

• The DALLAS MORNING NEWS tees off on Tony Romo trying to tame Torrey Pines with Justin Timberlake, Matt Lauer, and a Golf Digest contest winner with inoperable lung cancer.

• UNCOACHED raises their hand ’cause they’re sure about their choices for the NBA’s sweatiest players.

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Justin Timberlake’s Next Film Role Minor (League)

KRIS-TV in Corpus Christi reports that Justin Timberlake’s next film role will be a minor one - a minor league one, that is.

Justin Timberlake Corpus Christi Hooks

The pop star-slash-actor-slash Pepsi punching bag will be portraying a minor league baseball player in the upcoming movie “The Open Road” Read more…

SbB Faces Curt Schilling This Week in Strat-O-Matic Action

• This week, SbB’s Royals takes on Curt Schilling’s Red Sox in hot SPORTING NEWS Strat-O-Matic action:

SbB Girl Charity KC hat Curt Schilling

• CONSTRUDA lays it out, as Hawaii QB Colt Brennan gets bulldogged by Fresno State.• AWFUL ANNOUNCING gets down with Verne Lundquist doin’ tha Souja Boy.

• 100% INJURY RATE plops in front of the tube, as they enjoy these old-school athlete commercials:

Magic Johnson 7up TV ad

• THE GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS calls child services, as Lee Corso & Regis Philbin will make your kids hate you.• DOUBLE A ZONE explains how a team like Gardner-Webb can knock off a team like Kentucky.

• WAGGLE ROOM gets its groove on, as Justin Timberlake joins the PGA Tour:

Justin Timberlake Caddyshack Gopher

• MR. IRRELEVANT is bedeviled by Duke’s next Great White Hope.• NATION OF ISLAM SPORTSBLOG tries to let the echoes sleep, as they root for Duke over Notre Dame this weekend.

Trent Green, take note - Oregon State’s Lyle Moevao shows you how a QB should block a defender:

• ARMCHAIR GM has some fiscal tips on how A-Rod can spend his hoped-for $350 million.• GAMESPOT reviews NCAA March Madness 08.