Seau: Felony Assault Charge, Minor Crash Injuries

Following his release early Monday from a San Diego jail after being arrested on a charge of felony spousal assault with injury, Junior Seau later drove his SUV off a cliff today.

Junior Seau drove SUV off cliff

CBS 8 in San Diego reports of the crash:

Seau drove his vehicle off a cliff in Carlsbad. A witness told News 8 that he was seen driving about 70 miles per hour and made no attempt to brake or slow down.

Seau Witness Statement

(UPDATE: It appears CBS 8 took down the above witness account but the Tampa Bay CBS affiliate has not yet removed it. It can also be accessed with a Google search - for now.)

Junior Seau drove SUV off cliff

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports the drop from the roadside cliff to the beach was approximately 30 feet.

Junior Seau drove SUV off cliff

San Diego 6 reports the SUV crash took place, “near Interstate 5 and Palomar Airport Road.

On if drugs or alcohol were involved in the crash, Carlsbad police Lt. Kelly Cain told the NORTH COUNTY TIMES, “At this point, it doesn’t appear that there was any of that involved.

KGTV in San Diego reports of Seau’s arrest and his current condition: Read more…

Junior Seau’s Rodeo Antics Fail To Amuse Bull

When Junior Seau said he retired to spend more time with his kids, of course he really meant cavorting with rodeo clowns and an enraged bull. Who wouldn’t do that if they were thinking of making a possible NFL comeback later this season?

Junior Seau

I guess one’s resume is never complete without “Guest Rodeo Clown” somewhere in there. OK. But how do you explain to Belichick that you won’t be able to help during the playoff run because you have hoofprints on your ass? Video, of course, following the jump. Read more…

Jason Elam Saving America From Terrorists Again

Jason Elam kicks up yet another thrilling pro football player-turned-special ops agent fighting terrorists and saving America novelization.

Jason Elam Falcons

It’s already sold 43 copies!

• The Boston Celtics reach 18 in a row. They must be pretty good.

• WWJD? He wouldn’t tap out, that’s for sure! And now you can wear the shirt that proves it. Buy it, or go to hell!

• A jerk at Gillette did what none of the Cardinals could do on Sunday - bring down a Patriot player.

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Nutjob Fan Puts Bigger Hurt On Seau Than Cards

As was clear to anyone who watched New England’s 47-7 dismantling of Arizona on Sunday, the Cardinals could not tackle anyone in a Patriots uniform. Seeing that inability to do something as basic as wrapping up a runner from a “playoff” team (that will be hosting a playoff game!) was pretty shocking.


In fact, if you were watching the game, you might have thought that any schlub from the stands could have done a better job tackling than the Cardinals’ defense. And you would be right. As the BOSTON GLOBE notes, a fan came down onto the field and took down the Patriots’ Junior Seau midway through the fourth quarter.

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