Anna Semenovich: Great Debate Gripping Russia

If you read SbB regularly, you know former world-class Ice Dancer Anna Semenovich. After a mildly successful competitive figure skating career, she’s gone from obscure Ice Dancer to Russian showbiz celebrity. (Apparently it isn’t the same thing after all.)

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Huge Breasts Huge Hands Dress

(That a scarf, or a tongue?)

I’ve posted plenty of photos and videos of Semenovich over the years, but hadn’t seen this absolutely delightful dress that she wore to one of her recent performances.

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Turned Huge Boobed Actress and Singer

(USA Idol: Sing for record deal. USSR Idol: Sing for exterminator spray can)

That conveniently leads me to the hottest topic of debate the past decade in Russia.  Does Vladimir Putin cheat on his wife the former World Figure Skating Championships competitor have fake breasts?

Anna Semenovich Ice Dancer Turned Huge Boobed Actress and Singer

(Russians bogarted our Titan missile technology)

After looking at photos from Semenovich’s skating days, the topic is apparently the Russian version of our own “Is Johnny Weir gay?” debate.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

(Does Anna Semenovich have fake breasts? Is Johnny Weir gay?)

Of course, that won’t prevent Anna’s *fans* from closely examining the evidence in order to relieve their suspicion.

Anna Semenovich Figure Skater After Implants Comparison

Along with entertaining Semenovich continuing to maintain her breasts are natural.

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Johnny Weir: “I’d love to have a baby someday”

Johnny Weir is currently doing publicity for his own eight-episode Sundance Channel reality series that, “that documents his life, work, coach, and family.

Johnny Weir

Excerpts from Weir quotes to Choire Sicha of

I will pretty much do anything and say anything I’m asked to do. I want to be a fashion designer and have a line in stores and a lifestyle. I love that world. I love high drama situations. I’m completely comfortable. I’m very much an open book.

Here’s Weir’s response last September when asked him, “What do you think when people ask, ‘Are you gay?’

The way I see things like coming out parties and being very theatrical and making such a big spectacle of things, I just don’t agree with making it a big spectacle. I was born Johnny Weir, whatever that entails. People can make their own assumptions and people can talk and people can chat, but it doesn’t change who I am and all of these things that contribute to my life. Being gay? I’m all for it.

I love gay people, I love African-American people, I love lesbians, I love Asians. To me, there’s no importance to making a show out of something that’s just you. I promote Johnny Weir and I’m as ridiculous as they come, but that’s what I want people to see is that I’m Johnny Weir. You can label me however you want to, but there’s not one thing in my life that defines me except myself. Everyone has a right to question things.

Speaking of open books, Weir to Sicha of The Daily Beast:

I definitely want to write a book. Not about figure skating! The dirt. I will name names. I don’t care who sues me after it. People will love it. As soon as I don’t need to be politically correct anymore, I will drop the bomb.

What dirt would that be? Can’t wait.

Meantime, Weir let Sicha know that he’d love to have a child.

Who reminds you more of Liza Minnelli?

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U.S. Figure Skating Epic Slapfest in the Making

The NEW YORK TIMES brings to America’s attention the brewing rivalry between the top two male figure skaters in the United States, Johnny Weir and Evan Lysacek. Alan Schwartz dances around the issue deftly in his open, but we can sum it up much more easily:

Tanith Belbin

(You wouldn’t choose sides because one of them is dating her, would you?)

One’s fey! One’s butch! One’s dating Tanith Belbin; one’s not talking about it, hmm okay? We smell sitcom! Someone ink Scott Hamilton as the wacky next door neighbor!

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