Morton Post-Beatdown: Boozers And Bikini Models

Despite a stint in the NFL, Johnnie Morton is now undoubtedly best known for suffering one of the most cringe-worthy knockouts in MMA (and sports) history. In June 2007 at the L.A. Coliseum, Bernard Ackah put Morton on his back with one slug.

Overboard 911 Johnnie Morton Alcohol Recovery Drink

After such a profound beatdown, one might wonder how Morton is doing now. Thankfully, he’s (apparently) of sound mind and body and just launched an alcohol poisoning recovery drink product called Overboard.

Overboard 911 Johnnie Morton Alcohol Recovery Drink

Dunno about you, but if I’m looking for advice on how to recover from a knockout of any stripe - be it from Tanqueray or a swipe from Ivory Coast dude  - Johnnie Morton is at the top of that contact list.

Overboard 911 Johnnie Morton Alcohol Recovery Drink

Though instead of capitalizing on his notorious knockout, Morton instead is marketing the drink with bikini models.

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Remember that it was just a month ago or so that Strikeforce stunned the world of MMA by landing the services of Fedor Emelianenko, whose name I almost spelled correctly on my first try. Fedor is generally considered the last, best contender to Brock Lesnar, who’s currently chewing up UFC and spitting it out. That Emelianenko opted for Strikeforce and the EA MMA game instead was, to say the least, a shock.

Herschel Walker Biking
(He’d rather have been beating these people’s faces in. Not because he likes fighting, but as punishment for the outfits involved.)

So with that head of steam and UFC still reeling from Rampage Jackson eschewing a fight for a role in the A*Team movie, Strikeforce is set for the ol’ kill shot here, right? Like, here’s where they sign another big name and really establish themselves as equals, right? So… how about a retired football player in his late 40s, a full 12 years after his last game in the NFL? Wait, wait, there’s more. Let’s give him a history of mental illness. Perfect! Yes, Strikeforce have signed the Herschel Walker… and they’re so serious about this.

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Jay Glazer Official MMA Record Fox Sports Football Reporter

PESKY SUBMISSION GUILLOTINE GETS GLAZER EVERY TIME: MMA is sweeping the nation, so as a public service, we thought we’d update you on the status of Fox Sports football reporter Jay Glazer’s official record:

Jay Glazer

That makes exactly one more victory than Johnnie Morton.

Jay Glazer

Here’s hoping Jay, unlike Johnnie, has laid off the Juice. But based on the hat-size-to-torso ratio, we ain’t too sure.

Amanda Beard Met Current Boy Toy On Photo Shoot

SI COLUMNIST OUTS BEARD BOYTOY; BREAKS JENN AGAIN? Arash Markazi’s SI-FanNation blog is fertile ground today. He’s got more on Amanda Beard - including details about her boytoy-of-the-moment, who is seven years her senior and met her on a photo shoot (imagine that!).

Amanda Beard

Despite Beard’s claim that he is a working photographer, we have our doubts, considering Beard’s reaction when asked by Markazi if she wanted him to do her Playboy shoot (she laughed). And the fact that the only public photos on his official portfolio site are of Beard.

Johnny Buss

From that description you might be a little confused - no, her boyfriend isn’t Johnny Buss (our favorite fake photographer out to mud-hook barely legal babes).

Johnnie Morton knocked out in MMA Bout

Markazi also reports Johnnie “Juiceman” Morton scored $100K at that L.A. MMA event two weeks ago, while Bernard Ackah, the last-minute replacement who spiked the former NFL receiver in 38 seconds, made just enough to cover his minibar bill ($5,000).Any finally Markazi himself steams up a photo booth with Jenn Sterger in this shot:

Jenn Sterger Arash Markazi

The Trojan-turned SI columnist was the man who first broke Sterger big, profiling her on (which directly led to her a landing nudie mag shoot and regular SI column).Looks to us like he may just have broken Jenn again.

Johnnie Morton Video Knocked Out In First Round Of MMA Bout

JOHNNIE JUST MADE MATT MILLEN’S SUNDAY A HAPPY ONE: Johnnie Morton was beaten in his MMA debut last night in front of a smattering of bored curious onlookers at the Los Angeles Colisum:

Johnnie Morton knocked out in MMA Bout

Make that flattened. In 38 seconds.

UPDATE: OUR BOOK OF SCRAP reports via “Morton was indefinitely suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after the 35-year-old from Torrance, Calif. refused to take his post-fight anti-doping test.”

Johnnie Morton MMA Event At Los Angeles Coliseum Bordering Of Complete Disaster

MMA AT L.A. COLISEUM BORDERING ON BRINK OF DISASTER: SbB reported weeks ago that Johnnie Morton would make his MMA debut this Saturday as part of an enormous card at the L.A. Coliseum.

Johnnie Morton UFC Training

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports late Thursday that the event is bordering on becoming a complete disaster: “A week ago, the Japanese promoters promising the largest North American crowd to ever watch a mixed martial arts fight card had not received their license to stage Saturday’s Showtime and PPV televised show at the Coliseum.

Johnnie Morton

The promoters also have endured two fighters’ failed medical results, and they’ve told state officials of plans to hand out more than 70,000 free tickets.

Advice for those planning on attending the show: Don’t forget your tuberculosis mask and Raider fan-proof vest.

Johnnie Morton Trains For UFC Fight June 2 In Los Angeles Matt Millen In His Sights

LION FANS NOT ONLY ONES LOOKING FOR MILLEN PAYBACK: The NEW YORK TIMES reports Tuesday that former longtime NFL wide receiver Johnnie Morton is attempting to enter the world of Ultimate Fighting.

Johnnie Morton UFC Training

Morton, who was forcibly retired (see cut) two years ago, has been training in Orange County for a couple months in preparation for bout on a UFC card in Los Angeles on June 2 (his opponent has still yet to be announced - volunteers?).

Johnnie Morton

The 37-year-old former Trojan, not satisfied to retire from the pro football with his brain and body intact, is also supposedly still harboring hope of restarting his NFL career (move on already!)

Johnnie Morton

The NYT gives us a little insight into what might be motivating him: “Morton said there was only one person in the N.F.L. he would really like to see in the ring — Matt Millen, the Lions’ president.

Johnnie Morton

Millen directed a homosexual epithet at Morton after a game between Detroit and Kansas City in 2003, when Morton was playing for the Chiefs.

Maybe it’s the cynic in me, but this piece has a publicist’s fingerprints all over it. I don’t think Morton has any intention going back to an NFL training camp. Instead, he’s trying to use this notice as a springboard for a media career.

Jay Glazer Michelle Graci

As an aside, Fox Sports football reporter (and the closest thing to a human bobblehead that mankind has yet produced) Jay Glazer, is cited in the story as an Ultimate Fighter himself. I’m guessing that his number-one weapon at the local Fight Club is a headbutt that would make Zidane blush.