One Word To Describe John Daly Art Market? Flea.

Here’s a delightful photo Tweeted by John Daly over the weekend from the living room of his home:

John Daly Living Room Painting

(Make that, “flee“)

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Sponsor CEO Wanted PGA Tour Player Exemption!

John Daly is on the waiting list for a sponsor’s exemption into the field for the PGA Tour Turning Stone Resort Championship this week in Verona, New York.

Ray Halbritter

(”Qualify” for his own exemption into field? C’mon son)

Why is he out in the cold? Because the top executive of the title sponsor of the tournament, Turning Stone Resort CEO Ray Halbritter, had previously given himself a “sponsor exemption” into the tournament field normally reserved for legitimate PGA Tour players.

After somehow being blindsided by the obligatory criticism, the 60-year-old Halbritter, who claims a handicap of 2, backed down today. From a statement by Halbritter: Read more…

Death Of Daly’s Endorsement Career Premature?

Darren Rovell of CNBC has a piece on John Daly this week which documents an endorsement career reduced to ashes.

John Daly Smoking Is Glamorous Poster

Though as long as Daly keeps gripping the stick the way he has at the British Open the last two days, I can think of at least one organization that would surely welcome him as its celebrity spokesman.

Children’s Charity Sued By Daly In $100M Claim

The PALM BEACH POST reports today that John Daly is suing beneficiaries of the PGA Tour’s Honda Classic in Palm Beach (FL) County court for $100 million because of an injury suffered during the tournament in 2007.

John Daly

Originally filed two years ago, the lawsuit first sought financial damages from the owners of the PGA National Resort, the tournament’s venue. Daly has since named the PGA Tour and Children’s Healthcare Charity, a local non-profit funded almost entirely by Honda Classic proceeds, as defendants in his quest for nine figures.

The non-profit Children’s Healthcare Charity is co-chaired by Jack Nicklaus‘ wife Barbara, and their son, Gary. PGA Tour player Robert Allenby is almost a member of the Board of Directors.

So why is Daly making such huge financial demands? Read more…

PGA Event Bars Masters Runner-Up Over Sponsor

Sky Sports reports this week that the 2010 Masters runner-up and golf’s current world’s #4, Lee Westwood, was not offered a spot in the PGA Tour’s St. Jude Classic (June 10-13) field in Memphis despite John Daly being invited to play in the tournament.

Lee Westwood Barred From PGA Tour Event Because Of UPS Sponsorship

Westwood will compete against Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson this weekend at the Quail Hollow Championship in North Carolina, but had “hoped to warm up for the season’s second major (U.S. Open) at Pebble Beach by competing at the St Jude Classic.

In the last five years, Daly’s best finish in Memphis is a tie for 59th in 2009. He missed the cut in ‘08, finished 79th in ‘07, withdrew in ‘06 and tied for 72nd in ‘05.

Westwood has finished second (in the Masters), and tied for third twice in golf’s last three major championships. He’s made the cut in 13 of 13 events since the beginning of ‘09.

So why was Westwood not invited? He said today that one of his sponsorship deals was the reason. Read more…

Daly: Sponsor Docs Were ‘Killing Me’ With Meds

John Daly’s scroll-past quotient is such that I try to avoid items about him at all costs. But I couldn’t ignore the comments he made to ESQUIRE magazine recently about the company that once saved his career, Callaway.

John Daly beer can golf tee

(Forget meds, Daly knows what’s best for him)

With Daly completely off the rails personally and professionally, Ely Callaway signed Daly to a multi-million dollar endorsement deal in 1997 that literally prevented the golfer from declaring bankruptcy. The company also had the good sense to explore every treatment option to stem Daly’s self-destructive behavior. One option was anti-depressants.

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Developing: John Daly’s Followers Own Phones

John Daly lashed out at Garry Smits of the FLORIDA TIMES-UNION Tuesday on Twitter after Smits reported the news of his PGA Tour personnel file being released. All 456 pages of it.

John Daly gives out Garry Smits cell phone # on Twitter

 (JD’s file: Tour to need more horsepower for hole-punch)

Daly has since deleted two of the three Tweets he posted listing Smits’ cellphone number to his nearly 50,000 followers.

So why Smits?

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Photos Of Tiger Woods And Hooters Girls Surface

If you’ve ever been to Hooters, you’ve seen the crappy photos of celebrities surrounded by Hooters Girls occupying the walls of every restaurant. Up to this point I’ve been dismayed that no such photos of Tiger Woods and Hooters Girls have surfaced - until now.

Tiger Woods Photo With Hooters Girls

Aaron Hotfelder at snapped photos today of these delightful images posted on the walls of the Hooters in Aruba.

Tiger Woods Photo With Hooters Girls

Every Hooters has mostly the identical round of awkward, non-sequitur shots, with these pics appearing to be of Woods at the Palm Beach Hooters. (You can probably find them at your local Hooters.) Read more…

Ready To Hag Hang Out With Daly At The CMAs?

CMA-bound John Daly beaming upon learning he’s guest-listed @ Ronnie Milsap’s legendary after-party at the Murfreesboro Ramada Limited:

John Daly as Buddy Ebsen

Can’t blame her. Who can resist a man in his early 40s who already cuts a rugged, pre-Jed, Buddy Ebsenian figure?

So, Wanna Watch John Daly’s Stem Cell Surgery?

John Daly’s a weird cat. It’s pretty obvious that - well, if lonely’s not the right word, he’s definitely still seeking an emotional connection with the world, one that he’s probably not satisfied yet. His song about his dad pulling a gun on him on the 4th of July? That wasn’t really a cry for help, per se, but he was definitely trying to lighten its weight on his emotions by sharing with the world, even if said world didn’t really ask for that much information. It’s therapeutic.

John Daly Topless Chick
(This is actually a very pertinent picture. We swear it is.)

Plus, it’s not like he’s only sharing the worst aspects of his life - it’s just that many aspects of his life just so happen to be lousy at times. But he shares all the same, including his recent surgery for another torn cartilage in his rib. Want to know more? Want to watch? Yes, sit right there, he’s going to show you how these stem cells work. No, no, don’t leave, you’ll want to watch this, trust him.

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