Meet Olivia Munn, World’s Sexiest Hot Dog Eater

With another 4th of July in the books, it’s important that we as Americans take a look back and appreciate the things that best embody this great nation of ours. I’m talking, of course, about the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. As you no doubt already know (in part because we mentioned it earlier today), Joey Chestnut reclaimed our country’s honor with a record 68 hot dogs consumed. Hooray for America.

Olivia Munn eating a hot dog

But what you may not have known is that this record was far from the most impressive hot dog eating accomplishment of all time, and far from the sexiest. Oh, yes, hot dog eating can be disturbingly sexy. Check it out.

(Video & photos after the jump.)

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Brog: Joey Chestnut Beaten By Yardbarker Editor

By now you probably are (unwittingly) aware that a fine fellow named Joey Chestnut is the top dog in the (unfortunate) world of competitive eating. So I was a little skeptical when the folks at YARDBARKER told me their managing editor, Dewey Hammond, recently defeated Chestnut in a beer-chugging contest.

Joey Chestnut Upset In Beer Chugging Contest by Dewey Hammond of Yardbarker Dot Com

But, it’s true. Video after the jump.

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Chestnut Chokes Down Another Dog-Eating Title

As we continue to recognize the invention of new games, we fondly look back on an older attempt in a uniquely American flavor: conspicuous consumption of American meats in a blatantly capitalistic advertising venture. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to eat some Nathan’s hot dogs. FANHOUSE provides the play-by-play; we provide the results.

Joey Chestnut bests Kobayashi

Joey Chestnut (reigning champion of pork tubeage) and Kobayashi (vanquished foe) proved themselves to be the best in the world at cramming hot dogs down their magnificent gullets, posting record number of dogs downed well ahead of the competition. They were so evenly matched that they ended regulation in a tie, forcing the consumption of penalty dogs.

Chestnut then downed five hot dogs faster than Kobayashi, breaking the deadlock and continuing to hold the ever-expanding belt. USA! USA!
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Philadelphia 76ers’ Secret Weapon: Joey Chestnut

The ORLANDO SENTINEL is downright giddy about the suddenly buoyant fortunes of the Magic. So Brian Schmitz reported, probably with a chuckle, that the club was kicked out of Philadelphia’s Wachovia Center for its morning shootaround yesterday - before Orlando took on the Sixers later that evening.

Joey Chestnut Wing Bowl Wingettes

(Joey and the “Wingettes)

Schmitz: “They were unable to hold their usual morning shoot-around at Wachovia Center because of ‘The Wing Bowl,’ the annual chicken wing-eating contest scheduled for the Friday before the Super Bowl. Doors opened at 6 a.m. and the eating began at 7:55 a.m.

‘We didn’t get in on the wing thing,’ laughed Magic Coach Stan Van Gundy.
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